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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Front door - herb garden

I love this idea!  And I plan to do this at home by my front door.  I think it is so pretty, practical and I love welcoming guests with a fabulous fragrance as they come in to visit.


Use which ever herbs you like and are likely to use.  Seen here: sage, thyme, chives, rosemary, oregano, basil and parsley.  But keep in mind - if you want to plant mint just plant it all on it's own (in the top pot) because it grows very aggressively and will take over.  But it is so great in tea and mojitos!

Buying fresh potted herbs from a nursery is super inexpensive.  Plus they grow quickly and get really full and lush. 

To get started, you will need:

- potting soil
- herbs (assorted and any you like)
- 5 terra-cotta pots (large, medium and small, see below)

1.  Place the largest pot in the desired location.  Next centre one smaller pot inside the large one and put it up side down. Fill the empty ring with soil

2.  Repeat step 1 and follow the diagram

3.  Once all layers are fill of potting soil, start planting your herbs and enjoy!

* a neat idea to keep your herbs labeled, you can use chalk board paint on the pots and use chalk to label.

**don't like the colour of terra-cotta? No problem, purchase a paint (spray can is easiest) and paint over that colour.  You can get the look you want !

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Go Green!!

Happy Earth Day!  And in celebration of Earth Day (not to mention, it is finally feeling and looking like Spring is ACTUALLY here!)  why not add some touches of Green in your home decor ?  Emerald Green is one of the Hottest colours in 2013.

There are so many hues of green but this year Pantone has selected Emerald Green as one of the hot colours for 2013.  I love green it looks great with neutrals and I love the way it brings some of nature' s beauty inside.  It is calming but full of life, too!

A great and easy way to bring some green into your decor scheme is plants but if you don't have a green thumb...why not try these alternatives

1 - Glass vases.  Remember accessories should be in sets of three.  They do not have to match either - different shapes, heights and even tones are super stylish!  Look at garage sales of other home decor stores.  See below, these vases are from Pottery Barn and have a bit of a vintage look but Emerald green also looks great in a more contemporary style, too.


2 - Decor Pillows.  I Love green and white in any type of pattern - herringbone, lattice, stripe I just think it is so fresh and fun - perfect for spring!  I love this Ikat decor pillow from Etsy

Ikat Pillow Cover  - SAME Fabric BOTH Sides - Invisible Zipper - 18x18 20x20 - accent pillow, throw pillow, pillow case

3- Paintings.  I love how art can totally transform a space and really set the tone.  Any art piece using this gorgeous green will make a room feel calming and elegant at the same time.  This colour has so much range and so do art styles - you can lean toward a more traditional look or go bolder with a more modern style.  this piece by Jillian David is available at

4 - Bed Linens.  Add some colour to your bedroom this spring and bring in the green!  It will make your bedroom feel and look tranquil and soothing with a splash of fun! 

5 - Area rugs.  Another way to add some colour in your room is with area rugs.  You can add colour, pattern and texture with just one rug.  even if everything else in the space is neutral this is a great way to add some real colour pop.  One of my favourite on line stores for rugs is

7'6" x 10'4" Color Transition Rug

6 - A chair or stool.  Some times you just need a cool and funky piece and preferably something with function, too.  this cartoon-like stool is really fun and would work very well in a family room. 

Sugar Bench in Green

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hello, Colour!

Spring is here!  And if you are looking to give your home a little makeover, have you thought about something as easy as your front door colour?  Such any easy fix and now that the weather is getting warmer and drier (very soon) it's the perfect time!

So what colour to choose?  Here's a few great ideas...from Beauti-tone Paints

1- Beauti-Tone Wet Sands 3H2-7  a beautiful golden orange tone. 

2 - Beauti-Tone Green Conifer Hills 5141EC a classic and tradition colour but if you are a fan of green but want to stay understated this is mixed with black so it isn't too green

3 - Beauti-Tone Earthenware  3E1-8  I love a red door but finding the right red it tricky.  I also love an orange too but sometimes it can look too much like it's a Halloween decoration.  So this colour is perfect!

4 - Beauti-tone Direct Line 436  Purple is a great colour choice for an exterior door.  I've selected a variety of purple hues for condos and single family homes.  This purple is rich and regal but would also work well in contemporary design

5 - Beauti-Tone Grey Eyeshadow SC047  A great grey option, looks great in traditional or contemporary style door.  If you find black too intense this is a great alternative.

6 - Beauti-Tone Loving it 3C2-8  I love a red door, very classic and yet still fun!  This is the perfect red door shade.

7- Beauti-Tone Hidden Mountains 5135EC  Aubergine is a great alternative to Cranberry which was so popular.  this is rich, sophisticated but a bit different.

Other elements to consider when you are changing you door colour. 

- Think about your trim, if you really want the door to stand out go with a lighter trim like white or cream.  Keeping the trim darker is a more modern look and really look at the age/style of the home to see if modernizing it is the way you want to go.

-  Update your grip set too.  That should include the knocker, kick plate, numbers (address plate) and mail slot or mail box.

- a good cleaning maybe even power washing is a good idea too

- How about the exterior lighting?  It should match the grip set.  So if the grip set is black so should the other accessories be.

-  I love to see some greenery around an exterior entry.  Planters, natural wreath, there are so many possibilities

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Friday, April 12, 2013

A woman's touch....

can do wonders!  When decorating a home and especially if you are looking to sell said home, it is really important to have a balance of masculinity and femininity. 

When it comes to selecting interior finishes and materials, Men have a tendency to go with dark colours and hard materials.  Whereas women tend to lean towards lighter tones and they like to include softer textures. 

Recently, we staged a condo in Ottawa and it was a stunning space with over sized windows and sophisticated finishes but the whole space was very hard and dark - it was obvious that it was a total bachelor pad. 

So we added so colour, so lighter tones but neutral furniture, a mix of textures and artwork to help down play the darker colour palette. 


If you feel like your home could use a woman's touch, here are a few elements you can add that will help:

1- Simple colour palette.  Dark colours re fine in fact they can help define and anchor a space but too many make a space feel dark and cave like, add some lighter tones light white, cream, ivory even pale grey and silver are good options to lighten and brighten the colour palette.  It could be wall paint or tiles, stone counter top or cabinetry.

2 - Fabric choice.  Men tend to lean to leather when it comes to furniture and it is a good choice because it ages well and it is easy to care for.  But try added some more textures like wool, fur (faux), mirror, glass, marble and silk/satin.  If your furniture is leather, think about adding some throw pillows and a blanket, an area rug and maybe a glass or marble coffee table.  The mix of textures help create a warm and inviting space.

3.  Open shelving.  Is a great way to store items you would still like to display perhaps a collection or some pottery.  Because the shelving is open it has a lighter and airy feeling.

4.  Sparkle and shine.  Add some bling to the room (just like a woman would add jewellery to her outfit).  On the coffee table group some silver decor items together (groups of 3 and look for a variety of heights).


5.  Window dressing.  Yes, blinds are super practical and there is nothing wrong with having blind but to add some softness to the room or rooms, add some drapes to frame the window, it just completes the window and if done properly can make a window look even bigger. 

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Celebrity Style at Home : Reese Witherspoon

Home is where you can kick back and relax and where you can truly be yourself!  The same goes for celebrities.  A style and look of a home really reflects who we are. 

When I saw these stunning photos of Reese Witherspoon's Ranch Retreat in Ojai - I felt I saw a different side to her.  Relaxed, cozy and laid back - personally I love it!

The whole surrounding just have a tranquil look and feel.  And, the landscaping different from what I'm used to living in but I love the raw and organic beauty of the desert.

This is also the home that Robert Pattison was rumoured to be saying in after his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart was outed for cheating on him.  I must say looks like a peaceful place to hide and re-group. 

In the living room, I love the mix of textures and tones.  The dark and rustic texture and tone of the wood against the white walls offers contrasting without being too sharp.

The designer was Kristen Buckingham and I love how she still kept the home family friendly.  this kitchen is so perfect for relaxed and easy entertaining with friends and family. 

A soothing space for a candlelit bath any night of the week.  I love when bathrooms are decorated in light and layered tones. 

This home is also the site of Reese's wedding to Jim Toth

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The essential equipment for your kitchen

You just moved in or just bought a place, now it's time to load it up with the essentials.  Let's start with the kitchen - there are so many kitchen tools out there but what do you really need?

Here's my list of kitchen equipment essentials that everyone needs in their home.

1.  Cookware set.  A 10 piece will keep you covered - which includes 2 fry pans, 2 sauce pans with lids, saute pan with lid,  stock pot with lid.  I like the non-stick variety, it's easy to keep delicate foods like eggs intact.

2.  Measuring cups.  A must if you want to bake but also handy when making sauces and basics like rice.  stainless steel, stoneware or plastic -it's entirely up to you.  Stackable options are great if you are limited when it comes to storage space.

3.  Measuring spoons.  Again a must if you want to bake but also needed for sauces etc... These colourful ceramic ones are from Anthropologie. 


4.  Cutting board.  Really you should have two, one in plastic or glass for meat and one in wood or bamboo for fruit, veggies etc...  You can run the plastic board through a dishwasher but not the wood one.  Hand wash (but don't submerge in water, it will warp) use coarse salt and water to rub out stains (effective and Eco friendly)

5.  Cheese grater.  But you can also grate carrots for salad or baking carrot cake or ginger for sauces or tea!  Look for one with various grating sizes and some have a 'catcher' to contain what you have grated.  Like this one from IKEA


6.  A knife set.  I really recommend getting a high quality set.  A top quality set can last a lifetime and with a poor set not only will you be always replacing it but you risk hurting yourself.  a block set is a great way to go - especially if you are on a budget.  a set with a pairing knife, utility knife, bread knife, chef's knife, honing steel sharpener, kitchen shears and a block is perfect!  Makes a great wedding gift or house warming gift and worth splurging on! 

7.  Mixing bowls.  You will use them for baking, making salads, sauces, etc...and no need to splurge on mixing bowls.  This is a Joseph Joseph's Nest 5 Kitchen Essentials which comes with a large and small mixing bowl, colander, sieve, and juicer and they all stack nicely together for easy storage.  Love the bright colours too!


8.  Peeler.  Again, get a good quality one because you could really do some damage to your knuckles otherwise.  Great for potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables but also apples.  I also like a grip handle, too .  The Rotary Peeler by Joseph Joseph offers lots of options

9.  Corkscrew.  Wine anyone?  Not so easy without a corkscrew.  A must if you plan on entertaining...a rabbit ear wine pull is a great option and so easy to use, again a bit more expensive but worth every penny.


10.  Colander.  Needed to drain pasta or thaw shrimp etc...I love the over the sink options, no more struggling to keep the colander balanced while you hold a piping hot stock pot.  The arms extend to fit over any sink...once I finish posting this I'm going to buy one!

11.  Salt and Pepper Mills.  Salt and Pepper are the staples of seasoning just about anything!  So these tools are a must have.  The salt mill might be a surprise to you but with the amazing taste and readily available varieties of coarse salt you really need to break the salt down before serving, a big chunk of sea salt can be a big harsh.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Film and Fashion - Great Gatsby Style

film and fashion are a perfect match - the glamour, the luxury and the fantasy....but what about film and home fashion? 

The Great Gatsby is having some major influence on some home fashion designers this year.  The movie is set to release later his year and if you love a glamorous and luxurious look in Art Deco, that this is for you!  Like the book, the movie is set in the 1920's - the design and architecture of that decade is timeless...glitz, glamour, streamlines, clean lines and geometric shapes help define this style.

Want the look?

Try adding some art deco artwork in your home.


you can find art deco posters like this and many more on

Add some mirrored furniture like a console table and  bedside tables are great spaces to start.  these pieces add sparkle and of course, glamour.


Add even more shine with metallics and silky and satin fabrics for pillows and curtains.  Bouclair Home and West Elm have some great and affordable options. 


Add some art deco influence to your exterior with address plates,  the font style is so important to achieve that art deco look.  Etsy has some great and affordable options.


Mirrored furniture isn't the only way to get some sparkle and shine through furniture.  Try high gloss or lacquered furniture.  Again, armoires, dressers, end tables, consoles are all good options. 


Geometric shapes were a big element of the era and style.  Try wall paper for an easy way to get some geometry in your room.  I love designer wall paper in a small space like a powder room or just an accent wall in a master bedroom or dining room.  Look for a wallpaper with some shine, metallic or polish


Add even more reflective surfaces with your accessories like bowls, sculpture etc....I love this set of binoculars from Restoration Hardware, they are almost sculptural themselves. 


Lighting options should also include glass and metal two staples of the art Deco look.  i love to see chandeliers in unexpected places like bathrooms and bedrooms - it has a modern look but still a nod to the art deco feel.


Dress up your side tables, console table and even your make up vanity with some glass accents like bowl, perfume bottles and vases.


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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bathroom Renovation: Why not go Grey?

A bathroom renovation is a big job in a very important space.  We use our bathroom at the start an finish of everyday, so it should have the look and feel of a calming and refreshing space.  If you are looking at renovating your bathroom in the near future and don't know what colour scheme to start with, think about going grey! 

Neutral tones are always best for a space that you won't be updating often due to the level of work and the cost plus it is easy to blend in new accessories into an already neutral space. 

Grey getting a bit of a bad rep many people think it is too cool and unnatural but the colour grey is actually seen in many of nature's rocks and stones.  And, if used correctly you can have a very warm and nature inspired bathroom using shades of grey.  Grey can be very peaceful and calming, it can also work with some many styles ranging from modern to classic. 

Recommended palette of grey Benjamin Moore Paints from interview on Design Crisis

Grey is a great choice if you like colours or really anything that is a mid-tone.  Grey is a great neutral to work with because you can mix other neutrals with it (I love grey with white and navy blue)  but you can also add some great pop colour with grey (like orange for a sporty look or eggplant for a more dramatic look)

So how can grey be used in a bathroom?  It can be used in so many ways like cabinetry
Grey bathroom cabinets

or stone counterops

or tile

grey subway with calcutta marble, wood tone vanity

or paint

light fixture

Grey has a range of tones and possibilities.  So for your next renovation why not go grey and create a soothing and tranquil space for you to enjoy for now and for years to come....

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Monday, April 1, 2013

It's spring...time for a makeover!

So, spring has sprung and now it's time to update!  Put away the winter clothes, pull back the drapes to let the sun in and start with some easy ideas to freshen up your space!  Accessories can really make a huge difference in your space without busting your bank account.

1.  Colour.  Yes, pillows and throws are fun but how about some colourful furniture?  Like a coffee table, end tables or a credenza - this is truly unique and adds so much personality to your space.  Don't focus on which colours are "in", focus on what colours you like and you can work with in your space.


*This red credenza adds so much pop into this room but by pairing it with the blue and white tones in the room, it's a classic colour combination in a trylu special way.

2.  Wall art.  Some bare walls are great balance and put the focus on the prettier things in the room but sometimes the walls need some dressing up too.  Instead of your basic art or photography, why not try some vinyl decals?  they are super easy to apply and easy to remove (without any marks left behind).  You can find inspiring messages, cool shapes and scene and some great options for kids' rooms. 


*I love wall decals in a kids' room because they come in great colours and themes but they are also very safe and secure, absolutely no worries about a frame potentially falling on your little one(s).

3.  Your table setting.  A super easy and inexpensive way to make your table pop this spring is to update your linens and placemats/chargers.  You can find some great bright colours, and this season is all about colour.  Try adding some yellow or blue to your table top.


*With solid colour plates (especially white) you can transform your look so easily.  I love using orange in the Fall months, green, yellow and blue in the spring and summer and red in the winter. 

4.  Your scent.  Not you but your home.  You probably have some candles around the house and if you are like me you tend to have some heavier scents for the fall/winter months like pumpkin pie or apple cinnamon.  So for spring try to lighten up with lilac, clean linen or lavender.  Scents can help set the scene in your home, too.

* look at the colour of the candle too, does the colour work with your space?  You can also use fresh cut flowers in your home to add some fresh scents to the space.  Have kids or pets and are worried about an open flame? Look for battery operated scented candles - they are great!

5.  Your lamps.  Take a look at your lamps and maybe they need a makeover, too. 
There are so many great lamp options on the market - lots of colour, cool shapes and glass, these can really change a space.  Or, look at just updating your lamp shades.  A white shade can let out so much more light than a beige one.

*I love glass lamps, they are so light and fresh but really work all year long.  They are classic too!

6.  Your sofa 'bling'.  Pillows and throws are probably the easiest way to add some colour and freshness to your space.  There are so many options too.  I personally love some colour and pattern.  but texture is great, too!

*You can have a winter/fall set of pillows and throws and a summer/spring set of pillows are throws.  Just bring them out when the time is right and bingo! instant update.

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