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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Last minute decoration ideas

Yes, the holidays are here and although it is a fun time to celebrate with friends and family, it can also be very stressful! The food, the gifts, the drinks etc....can all be too much and add the decor too! I have found some great holiday decorating ideas and tips that are simple and make any home look fabulous for the holidays.

1 -- Put your glass vases to work or your cake stands by filling (or displaying) them with pine cones or Christmas ornaments .Use the vases/cake stands as a holiday decor piece on an end table, by the fireplace or on the coffee table. Group the ornaments by colour or shape.

2 -- A bright red tablecloth, with red candles or tea lights adds drama to the table but you can also add some kosher salt on the table. It looks like ice crystals. For the centre piece you could use some beautiful flowers (all one colour is a more contemporary look).

3 -- Turn off the lights and dine (and drink) by candlelight. It's romantic and festive but if you are serving a meal, I would recommend use unscented candles.

4 -- Add bows to the backs of chairs, door knobs, railings etc...but don't over do it.

5 -- Select a colour theme and stick with it. Gold and white is very formal, all red is bold and dramatic, silver is cool, red and green is very traditional - but you can also choose a funky colour palette such as fuchsia and turquoise. It's up to you!

6 -- Rosemary trees are very popular this time of year and they make for fragrant decor that can also be used in the kitchen (this is also a great gift idea).

7 -- Don't play with your food decorate with it. Large bowls of mixed nuts, clementine oranges, red and green apples and pomegranates make beautiful bowls come to life, add splashes or colour (and textures) and won't go to waste - encourage your guests to eat the decor!

8 -- Pine bows in a vase look very simple but elegant. You can add Christmas ornaments or bows for some flare.

9 -- Hang fishing line above doorways (or use twine) and paperclip or clothes peg your Christmas cards from this year (and/or previous years) to create a memory garland for the holidays.

10 -- Display your child's holidays art in frames or hung on the tree (depending on what they have created). The holidays are for everyone and children's art is always special and unique.

11 -- Keep it simple! Don't stress and enjoy your time together.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

D.I.Y - Headboard

Headboards add dimension to a bed and room but they can be very bulky and take up important and much needed space, so here's a simple, unique and inexpensive way to create a headboard. This is perfect for condos or small bedrooms.

1 -- You will need a curtain rod set. These can be found in most home decor stores from IKEA to Zellers. You will also need fabric. You can use pre-packaged curtains or go to a great textiles shop such as C&M Textiles and select a fabric of your choice to create whatever mood you like. The fabric panels should be at least 4 inches wider than the bed on either side (the rod should be at least 8 inches wider than the fabric).

2 -- The height of the headboard should range from 3 - 6 feet from the edge of the mattress. Go higher if you have high ceilings. Centre the rod over the bed and use a level to ensure it is installed and hung properly. Be sure to use the brackets as instructed.

3 -- Make sure the rod is completely secure before you drape the fabric. Make sure the fabric is straight and if weight is needed to keep it in place, use office binder clips at the bottom hem. Use an iron on steam set to remove wrinkles.

4 -- Now make you bed and keep the pillows fluffy to achieve a comfy yet chic hotel look and feel in your made over bedroom.

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