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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Celebrity style - Leonardo DiCaprio Palm Springs

This post was originally written by Melissa Allison for Zillow

You may never appear in a Leonardo DiCaprio period film, but for a price, you can rent his Mad Men-era compound in Palm Springs for $4,500 a night, as first reported by Curbed L.A. DiCaprio has been kicking back on the 1.3-acre estate since buying it last year for $5.2 million, but wants to lease it out by the night while filming The Revenant, his first big job since 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street.

The 7,022-square-foot main house was built in 1965 for Dinah Shore and is more expansive than most midcentury modern homes, with 6 bedrooms, 7.5 baths and multiple fireplaces. The grounds feature a guest house, pool and tennis court.

 Much of architect Donald Wexler’s original work has been restored. Mid-century modern restorations are all the rage in Palm Springs, where one developer is even reviving...

 Much of architect Donald Wexler’s original work has been restored. Mid-century modern restorations are all the rage in Palm Springs, where one developer is even reviving Joseph Eichler homes using archived plans from the iconic builder, who died in 1974.

via Curbed

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Contemporary Backsplash Ideas

“My home is mostly contemporary style with some pops of colour throughout. I am planning to add a back splash to my kitchen in the near future but want to make sure it’s a similar style to the rest of my home. What are some contemporary tiles I could consider?”

Great question! There are so many great products on the market, we know the choices can be overwhelming. A lot of these tiles can be laid in different patterns, some more contemporary than others. Clean lines and a monochromatic colour scheme are what helps to define what a contemporary design is.
Here are some great options for a contemporary back splash:

Subway Tiles: Probably the most popular choice for a contemporary space.. Subway tiles come in many colours and sizes. You can get smaller or larger. 4x16 or 2x3 and many sizes in between. They come beveled or with a slight texture. They can be laid in a classic brick pattern or for a more contemporary look, try them straight laid. These are a simple, clean option that will brighten up any space. The flexibility to lay them in a variety of patterns makes them a super versatile option for your space. 

 Kitchen Backsplash - Rittenhouse Square Tile - Desert Gray - #X114 | DALTILE:

Mosaic Tiles: Depending on the colour palette that you chose, this can vary from a traditional tile to a contemporary tile. Again, a monochromatic colour scheme is more contemporary than a variety of bright colours. Sticking to neutrals and shades is sure way to keep the style consistent. 

 Suzie: Amanda Teal Design - Chunky white floating shelves, taupe dinnerware, wood bowls and ...:

Textured Tiles: All tile doesn’t have to be flat and boring. Adding a wavy geometric tile that is raised adds a different dimension to your design. If you’re a person who likes a monochromatic colour scheme this is probably the best option for you.

 I like the shelf with the lights. I don't know if the shelves are truly practical....:   Dune Tile from modularArts®:

Slabs: Adding a solid slab to your back splash is definitely a pricier option, but it is very contemporary, depending on the piece you choose. A marble or solid colour (with subtle veining) is a great choice for a contemporary space. It’s important to ensure that that it complements the existing counter top. The colour and material needs to flow together to make the space look harmonious.

 Love the white recess-panelled cabinetry in this kitchen! {Photography by Donna Griffith}:

Glass Tiles: Adding a simple, straight or brick laid glass tiles with a subtle colour is a great look for someone who is a little bit more edgy. This option pairs great with high gloss cabinetry. Neutrals are great too! Glass tile comes in many soft colours such as sea foam, aqua and so many other shades. The colour options are truly endless!

 coastal chic kitchen. backsplash! I would totally do this sort of backsplash with more traditional door pulls and butcher block countertops, for a more rustic coastal cottage look.:

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How To Decorate with an Over Sized Mirror

We love what mirrors can do for a room - they can brighten and make a room appear larger all at once!

When it comes to decorating with mirrors, the mirror itself works with any style but you have an endless selection of frames - mirrors, thin, thick, lacquered,  colourful, aged, wood - you name it.  So when you are looking for a mirror you want to pay attention to the frame so that it works with the room style of decor.

We see mirrors in the usual spots - bathrooms and front entry ways are the most common places for mirrors but what about over sized mirrors? We see them in the home decor stores and some of them are just humongous - ever wonder who buys them and where they go??

We have some great ideas on how to decorate with over sized mirrors and some of these ideas might really surprise you. Yes, you can decorate with an over sized mirror!

1 - The Bedroom is an obvious choice for a mirror - it's where you get ready to start the day and you likely want to know how you look in your #OOTD. An over sized mirror can really help with that last look but it also adds a touch of glam and sophistication to your bedroom plus it helps make it look bigger and brighter.

 Would love to casually place a nice big mirror but my 3yo would knock ot down!:

Other ideas for large mirrors in the bedroom, try them flanking the bed and behind your night stand. it's like an instant face lift for your bedroom.
 Looks a bit like my room... however, my walls are light grey and we have blue accents for a calming effect.:                 full length mirrors behind nightstands, everything about this bed room is perfect besides the pic frames above the bed . . .but i still die for this room:

2- The front entry is another obvious choice but you usually don't see an over sized or full length mirror at the front entry and if you do it's usually in the form of a bi-fold door.  But this over sized mirror is so chic! We love the high shine simple frame - so clean! But we love it paired with the glass console in front of it. mirrors are a great back drop for furniture.  This is a great idea for a tight or small entry.

Niche in a small space? Foyer? Instead of the ol' console table with mirror, a floor to nearly-ceiling leaning mirror behind. Brilliant.:

3- The dining room can be a dark room and in some newer designs a smaller space.  We love the idea of mirrors in a dining room (it works so well wit candle light at a dinner party or dinner for 2).  We see these full length mirrors all the time, often on the inside door of a closet but we love this idea of hanging them in triplicate. It looks so much more expensive! So simple and effective and on a low budget - we are sold!  This is a great idea if your home is on the resale market - it fills up the wall space, makes the room brighter and bigger, too.

the treatment of the mirrors is especially great for a small dining room, as the room will instantly double in size:

4- The Living Room is a great space for a mirror because it usually has a lot of wall space options.  Above the sofa is a great choice so is above the mantle but if you have an awkward wall a mirror is a great idea - it almost makes that weird wall disappear. The image below is a great example of an odd wall space and we love this shabby chic window frame with mirrors it really suits the cottage country decor in the room.

Small Living Room Ideas : Page 03 : Rooms : Home & Garden Television:

Here's another great over sized mirror placement idea.  Behind the sofa - wow, does this ever make an impact!

9 Ways to Fake Extra Square Footage With Mirrors #theeverygirl - I like the mirror behind the couch idea.:

 5- The bathroom is a definite spot where you will find a mirror no shock there but try an over sized mirror above your vanity. But take a look at this image, yes there's a double sink vanity so the room has some size but if we put two mirrors above the vanity this room would look so much smaller. 

See more images from inside a dreamy, bohemian home redesign (that's family-friendly!) on

Other ways to use mirrors - add them to your gallery wall, or make a gallery wall of just mirrors or think about adding some mirrored furniture to your space.

 10 Pretty & Inspirational Bedrooms | J'adore Lexie Couture:

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

What's Hot in Textiles - 2016 Textile Trends

Textiles are a great way to switch up your look - this includes: drapery, pillows, bed linens, and even area rugs.  There are always certain prints that are in style.  Remember when we used to see chevron everywhere and on everything? Well, here's what hot in textiles for 2016! 

1- Fur has been 'trending' since about 2012.  It has been seen in living rooms, bedrooms and even dining rooms - pillows, throws and rugs. It is incredibly versatile - it works in a modern space, contemporary, rustic - any style!

 White living room - beautiful but maby not so practical :):

2- Jungle prints  - big and bold jungle prints really add a splash of colour and fun to any space. We have also see a lot of tropical prints in wall paper, too. Not sure of this trend - try it in small doses, a pillow on your sofa in a bold jungle print can really make an impact.  We love this bold pillow available on Etsy. 

This accent pillow wants to come home with me.:

3 - Stonewashed - the ultimate in relaxed.  Think soft texture, slightly crumpled and subtle tones - perfect for the bedroom.Check out restoration hardware's Belgian  linen collections. Layer it and add some other textures too like cable knit or fur to keep the room from looking flat

 Textiles by Nienke Hoogvliet // Stonewashed linen by Couleur Locale // Styling & Photography by Holly Marder/Avenue Lifestyle:

4 - Velvet is really making a comeback in women's fashion too, it's the whole nod to the 90's! But we will be seeing this luxurious textile in the home too. Velvet looks great in any colour but we love it in rich jewel tones like this emerald green. The texture really adds a touch of luxury to any room.

 Jessica's Downtown Boston Apartment — House Call | Apartment Therapy:

5 - Botanical print - soft and subtle and a little whimsical.  This print still makes a statement, we love it layered with other prints or echoed in botanical print art (not matching prints). It works with all neutrals too

 Botanical wall prints are echoed by textile patterns.:

6 - Soft and low contrast Damask prints - we have seen the Damask print for a few years now in big and bold colours and black and white, so old Hollywood glam (very Kardashian - esque).  We will still see the print but in lower contrast and more subtle tones. 

 Rugs USA - Area Rugs in many styles including Contemporary, Braided, Outdoor and Flokati Shag rugs.:

7- Colourful Geometric prints - if this looks like a bit of a retro throwback, it is! These colour combos and geometric prints have a bit of a mod vibe but refreshed and do you see the pops of rose quartz, too?

 I am loving geometric patterns for the home. This collection of goodies has great color too.:

8 - Colour Blocking - similar to the geometric print but fewer colours but still that mod look.We love this bedding set in white and soft grey with a pop of coral - it's a great balance of male and female elements too.

 colorful bedding makeovers / sfgirlbybay:

9 - Japanese tie-dye : Shibori.  Blue and white Japanese style tie-dye print is hot! We love this way this adds some organic looking print to this bedroom.This is fun and fresh plus we love the organic feel of this, it reminds us of your favourite jeans!

 Cool pillows:

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to Hang Curtains

"I can't afford custom drapery right now but my windows are too bare and I feel exposed without any coverings.  I'm going to purchase some pre-packaged canvas panels, but what length should they be?"

Drapery really completes the look of  a window.  It not only gives you privacy and can shield the sun and glare but it can really add to the look of the room.  You have different colours, patterns and textures to choose from.  A basic canvas panel is a great choice - it's clean, it's classic and the weight of the fabric will help maintain the tailored look.

Floor-length is the way to go, unless there’s a radiator or a deep sill in the way. Ready-made panels are available in lengths from 63 to 144 inches. Measure from the floor to where you’ll hang the rod, then round up. So let's say your floor to rod measurement is 81.5" hem at 82". You can always have the dry cleaner or seamstress hem them a bit if needed. You’ll get the most current look if the fabric makes contact with the floor (or sill or radiator). Too-short curtains can seem off, almost like high-waters.

 The tub, similar to Strom Plumbing's Solitude Acrylic Double Ended Pedestal Tub, is accented by turquoise curtains and gold finish.

The image above is an example of cafe curtains.  This is best for kitchen windows, bathrooms and any window with a deep sill or radiator; these can also work in a bay window. It's a great way to add privacy but still allow some natural light plus you get that pop of colour, soft texture and/or print in the space. 
Here are two surefire approaches. Personally, we opt for option 1 in most cases

1: Just Hitting the Floor or Sill
This look is classic and tailored; it makes sense if you’ll be opening and closing the curtains a lot (they’ll easily fall back into place every time you move them). The fabric should just touch the floor or hover half an inch above. This is also a great approach for café curtains (short panels that cover only the lower portion of a window and hit the sill - see image above), which work well in spots like the kitchen and bathroom, where long drapes aren’t practical. This is a clean look and you won't collect dust bunnies or pet hair at the base.

 Great idea to use short curtain rods when you don't intend to close them.:

2: Breaking Slightly at the Floor
Panels that extend onto the floor by one to three inches are the most stylish right now. They’re more relaxed than those that graze the floor (above), but they still feel tailored—think of a pair of dress trousers. If you have uneven floors or are worried about precision measuring, this style is more forgiving. In formal rooms, an exaggerated take—six or so inches of fabric pooling on the floor—can look romantic but is also high-maintenance; curtains need refluffing every time you vacuum or the cat lies on them. It is also prone to 'collecting' pet hair and dust bunnies. The image below is a good example of breaking slightly at the floor (not the exaggerated version).

50 Shades of Aqua Home Decor - The Cottage Market:

 There is nothing wrong with pre-packaged curtains just be sure to get the length right (so buy longer and hem) and if you love the look of your curtain but want more privacy, you can always add some blinds and keep the drapes installed.  It really creates a more luxurious and designer look (see the image in our 'just hitting the floor' explanation). And remember the location of your rod can make your windows look bigger or smaller, so pay attention to that too! Quick tip: aim to hang your curtain rod at least 3 inches above the window casing but if you can hang it 5-7" above do that.  And for width, you want 3-6" beyond the window frame. Hanging your rods higher and wider makes the window look larger and the space look bigger too!

 Here is an example of the exaggerated breaking or puddling. This is often seen in formal formal decorated rooms as it has an elegant, romantic and luxurious feel and it works much better with certain types of fabric. Seen below are raw silk custom drapes.

Just bought these, Ilove the blue:

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

White Hot!

White is a classic.  Some say it's boring but we think it is chic and timeless plus it is totally transitional and works with all styles of decor.  Benjamin Moore even picked their 2016 paint colour of the year as 'Simply White'. White is so clean, crisp and fresh!

In honour of today's #snowday - here are some of our white on white rooms:

Love this winter white farmhouse style bedroom refresh! Find affordable ideas for a beautiful guest room with neutral colors at

Monotone decor is so stylish but the key is texture.  We love this white on white bedroom. The mixture of  subtle print in the throw pillows, the antler table lamp bases and that over sized cable knit throw blanket is unbelievable cozy - why would you ever want to get out of bed if this was your bedroom?

This calming living room is pale blue with a white couch and bookshelf, a wood and black coffee table, and greenery.:

This white on white condo living room is so chic.  Not ideal for a family (yikes the stains!) but we love the layering of pillows and soft prints but adding a few natural elements really ground the room.  The banana leaf plant and wood/iron coffee table break up the white. Light tones really work well in a small space.

25 beach house interior design ideas perfect for your summer home.:

 White works so well with a nautical theme.  This stylish beach house has that white washed and drift wood look and a few pops of blue add to the beach house look.  This is the perfect balance of relaxed casual and elegance.

101 Amazing Pieces You'd Never Guess Were From HomeGoods: If you're anything like us, you've aimlessly entered HomeGoods only to walk out with 12 new decor items that you "just had to have.":

See how glamorous white can be?! Paired with touches of gold and a pop of cheetah so luxurious and glam! We love this combination.

South Shore Decorating Blog: 50 Favorites For Friday (#109) - ALL WHITE ROOMS EDITION!!:

When you think of farmhouse you may not think of white, but why not? We love the touches of white in this farmhouse kitchen and dining space.  The white kitchen is so timeless but the harvest table with the white wash treatment paired with the  white metal chairs - it is spot on!

RUSTIC CONTEMPORARY white room with wood table  #livingroom #homedecor #interiordesign:

Who says white and rustic don't work well together? We love this combination - the white 'canvas' really helps the rustic character stand out.  You really notice this incredible coffee table and the other wood elements in this room.

White and grey - Could NEVER have a white bedspread with puppies & kids....LOVE the back of the bed though!:

White decor can also be dramatic - it's all about the pieces and the combinations.  This elegant bedroom has a subtle and soft combination of grey and white tones.  The room is so tailored and just stunning.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Low cost Home Staging Tips

"We are selling our home and moving to a new city due to a job transfer.  I know home staging sets you apart from the competition.  We want to sell quickly and make the move to the new city easy.  We are on a tight budget, do you have any quick, easy and low budget home staging tips to share?"

You are absolutely right! Home staging sets you apart from the other homes on the market and you want to stand out in the crowd especially if you are in a market with lots of competition.  Every style of home can benefit from home staging.  Home staging can get you more money and help you sell faster, so the extra work to get the home prepared for the market will be worth it in the end.  Less time on the market means you can move forward with your new chapter in life without the extra stress and worry.

There are lots of quick and easy, low cost (and no-cost) staging tips.  Here's what we suggest:

- Clean.  I'm sure your home is clean but is it spit shine clean? Really get in there and clean that house.  Give it a good scrub down.  Buyers will notice and the home will feel great.  There is nothing like a super clean home.  Having said that, pay attention to the scent of the home.  You don't want it to smell like harsh chemicals of bleach - that can be a turn off. Stick with scents like clean laundry, vanilla or cotton.

 HOW TO STAGE A KITCHEN - Take everything off the kitchen counter tops that you don't absolutely have to use every single day! (there are a couple of essentials in this picture) Next - Put out some colorful fruit on the counter top. Finally - Kitchen must be sparkling clean! These are the kinds of things you need to do to increase buyer appeal and maximize the price you can get for your home.:

 -  Repair.  This may cost a bit, it depends on what needs to be repaired and how handy you are.  Any burnt out light bulbs? leaky faucets? cracked tiles? chipped paint? You need to spend a bit of money here to tend to these issues.   Has it been a while since you painted the house? You might want to consider a paint job - a fresh coat of paint goes a long way and make a huge difference! Over look these repairs or just leave it? Buyers will think you maybe left other issues unresolved, bigger issues. If there are too many repairs to pay for and maybe you don't have the time, consider that when pricing your home with your agent.
BHG's favorite gray paint colors that have a lot of depth and rich undertones. BHG:

- De-clutter.  We all have junk.  Since you are moving anyway this is a great opportunity to lose some weight.  Go through your stuff and get rid of what you don't want/need you will be surprised how much you can accumulate in a short period of time.  Go through everything - drawers, closets, cabinets etc.  Don't spend the time, money and energy moving to the new place to just to toss it - get rid of it now.  The house will feel lighter. Plus when buyers see clutter it is a stresser and it sends a message that there isn't enough storage (one of the top things buyers are looking for is storage).  One area to really pay attention to is above the kitchen cabinets - don't store anything up there, it's distracting and looks messy (even decorative items) and bathroom counter tops, we tend to 'collect' soap, lotions and more. Clear off surface spaces - kitchen counters, your coffee table, end tables, kitchen table, desk etc...Clear out the clutter!

home staging with flowers:

- Pre-pack and depersonalize.  You know you are moving , so pre-pack certain items that you know are going to come with you.  For instance family photos and collections - we don't want them in the space because they personalize the space - you don't want buyers to feel like they are visiting, you want them to mentally move in - your memories will block that from happening.  Collectibles should also be packed up - again they are personal plus they can clutter up the space depending on the size of the collection.  Have a lot of art or books? A few are fine but if you have too many they can add bulk to the room making the space feel cramped, so pre-pack some of those pieces (at least the ones coming with you)

 AMAZING before and after pictures of well-staged homes.  Don't brush it off when your REALTOR suggests staging!:

- Let there be light! Pull back the drapes, clean those windows and be sure to replace burnt out bulbs or up the wattage.  Light makes a huge difference in a space.  If you have a dark room, add some table or floor lamps. When it is time for your photos, be sure to have your lights on - over head, task lights all of your lights - it looks so much better in photos! Take a look at the two images below - image 1 has all of the lights on - even though they have beautiful natural light streaming in from the patio doors and window.  Look how bright the room is. Image 2 - no lights on at all.  The light from the window just isn't enough.  Yes, it is a beautiful room but it looks a bit dull without the lights on.

House of Turquoise: Harper Construction I have these chairs, great idea with the cushions,  love the long farm table, have been looking for a smaller round table with wood and black stain. Great light coming in from windows!:           Bright Scandinavian Family Home - NordicDesign // Protected Species -

- Curb appeal.  Make sure the exterior is maintained, it's your home's first impression.  So trim the grass and hedges.  Make sure exterior lights are in working order.  Is the address plate visible and in good condition? Does the door bell work? Shovel or sweep the porch and walkway/driveway. These details are important.

 If you live in a modest home, chances are your front yard is a modest size as well. (Although we fully recognize that everyone’s idea of “modest” when it c:

- Set the scene.  This is the fun part and the creative part. Use magazines as your inspiration -make the bed and make it look inviting like you would see in a chic hotel.  Have a great dining room space? Set the table to help buyers visualize entertaining in the space.  Add a touch of colour in the kitchen.  Some flowers or a fruit bowl on the island or kitchen table make the room look fresh. Take a look at your furniture or better yet get a friend to help - is there too much? Is there flow? You may need to re-arrange some pieces, so try to find a way to create a comfortable set up that encourages conversation but also shows off the space.

Home Staging, Home styling, Styling for sale, Iluka Road Collection one sale:

Be sure to keep the 'creative' stuff last and follow these steps in this order. Remember, home staging isn't just about fluffing pillows  - it's a step by step process to make the home look it's best.  Buyers are looking for their new home not your old home so follow these steps and your house will shine!

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl 50 - Football Decor Ideas

Today is Super Bowl SundaySuperbowl 50 between the Denver Broncos  and Carolina Panthers....who are you rooting for?

If you love all things football, today might be a bittersweet day for you but you can embrace your favorite sport year round with these great Football theme room decor ideas.  Here's a few of our winning picks:

Football themed boys room. Back wall painted to look like a football field. Easy and quick how-to on

Love this accent wall for a boys' room. and of course, the NFL bedding is a perfect touch

DIY do it yourself chalkboard ideas, vintage jersey by Aaron Christensen includes chalkboard paint recipe.  I have one of these from our work float a few years back.

This DIY jersey chalkboard is perfect for any future hall of famer.  This works in a bedroom or even a mudroom!

Walmart $28 football bean bag chair.
This bean bag chair is perfect for the family room or rec room to watch everyone's favourite game!

Personalized Football Vinyl Wall Art by designstudiosigns on Etsy, $29.50

This vinyl decal is great and you can personalize it, too!

Navy blue & orange Bears themed boy's bedroom design with blue & orange walls paint color, twin beds, orange & blue bedding, drum set and Chicago Bears collectibles.

Dedicate any room in your home to your favourite team.  Try adding some life size wall decals, like the Urlacher ones seen here.  You can even colour match your walls to your favourite team colours

 NFL© Quilt + Sham, AFC

Have a favourite conference? Can't ick a team because you just love all things football? Check out these NFL conference bedding don't have to pick a team!

This room's perfect for the loud-cheering, face-paint-wearing, referee-instructing football fan!

Now this is a stylish way to add football to your decor.  The gallery wall and  the leather arm chair with football themed pillows this would look great in any space

Customized Football Theme Nursery Print  8x10 by lovelylittleparty, $18.00

Want to start the little ones early? This framed football themed art piece is perfect in a nursery or any child's bedroom, you can personalize it too

And Football! Throw Pillow |

For something a little more subtle and contemporary, check out this black and white pillow - it says it all!

Dallas Cowboys Logo Themed 3 Piece Chrome Metal Finish Bar Table Set with 2 Swivel Seat Cowboys Logo Themed Bar Stools by The Furniture Cove,

Ideal for a man cave but could also work outside.  This pub table with stools dedicated to your favourite team

Brand new pillow covers made from "reclaimed" tees, new and older, pretending to be vintage on mendacious Etsy,

Recycle old jerseys, your kids jerseys and any other football (or sports related) shirts into pillow slipcovers

Football Play on Chalkboard or basketball, how cute for sports theme bedroom

Another cool and contemporary way to add some sport theme items into your space, with this football chalkboard play art piece

Sport Nursery deco - name @Valerie Avlo Nowotny Nowotny this would be perfect for Zachees room

Cute for a boys' room, football inspired personalized letters.  You could easily spell out the family name and use it in the family room or rec room

Using footballs to make a headboard is a great idea in this boys bedroom.

DIY headboard,  a fun project during the off season....

old fan made new for my son's sports themed bedroom :)

Another fun DIY project with a football theme, great idea to update old ceiling fans

Personalized boys room art  Football Sports by inspiredartprints, $37.50

 Another beautiful and subtle football themed art piece, could work in a nursery, an office, living room, family room or man cave.  This would look great in a gallery wall

3d466fd62942be5a88909e5a197b9538.jpg 580×348 pixels

 The ultimate Football man cave.  You've got everything you need (and more) all the TVs, lots of seating, a pool table for in between games, jerseys and more collectibles.  The ideal super bowl party spot!

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