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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

We answer Wednesday - Selling and Staging during the Holiday Season

"We are selling our home and our agents wants to book our photos.  Should we have them done before or after we decorate for Christmas? Our house looks so beautiful with the tree up and the stocking hung on the mantle. We love it and we think others will too!"

Christmas is right around the corner and it is such a wonderful time of year!  Decorating is one of our favourite parts of the season, too - it's festive and fun! But when it comes to selling your home, holiday decor presents more negatives than positives....and there are definitely buyers out there looking for their new home during the Christmas season, so you don't want to turn them off!

Mallory of Charming in Charlotte decked out her front door with a magnolia leaf wreath and garland. Bright ornaments in red, silver, and gold tones add a pop of color to decor.:

We love the welcoming exterior - it's seasonal but not over done.  But be sure not to leave it up too long....

What are the negatives of  seasonal decorating (for any holiday) while selling your home:

1. Distracting.  Yes, Christmas and other holiday decor is beautiful but it can really distract buyers from seeing the beauty and features of your home as they will be focused on the tree, wreath, lights, stockings and more.....and not the flooring, windows, layout....

2. Clutter.  Although we never really view or consider holiday decor pieces to be clutter when they are out on display they do take up room and can make a space look and feel cluttered and over stuffed.  Think about how much smaller a room looks with a 7 - 8 ft tree in it - it takes up space!

 The Best, Most Beautiful Christmas Tree Base Is... — DESIGNED w/ Carla Aston:

The most beautiful Christmas trees aren't necessarily the largest trees!  Consider a smaller tree - you still have a stunning Christmas tree to decorate but it visually (and physically) takes up less room.

3. Dating.  Holiday decor can really date your online photos and make your home look like it has been sitting on the market a lot longer than it has.  Let's say you have your photography done in early Dec with all of your decorating done.  By mid January these photos will already look dated and it will send the message to buyers (and their agent) that your home has been sitting even though it has only been 30-40 days. 

4. Personal. When you decorate for Christmas or really any holiday, it can be a very personalized touch to the space especially if you have family heirlooms, religious items and handmade ornaments and other crafts made by your children or grandchildren.  It personalizes the space and that can make buyers feel uncomfortable (or like they are just visiting) as they are trying to picture their lives and building memories of their own in this house.

So definitely have your photos take BEFORE you decorate.

When it comes to seasonal decorating before showings and open houses - really try to eliminate or at least limit the decor - for the same reasons listed above. But if you must decorate for Christmas while your home is on the resale market - here's what we suggest.

 Casual Elegance  For a formal space, keep things simple with low-key Christmas decorations. Here, the stately tree becomes the room's focal point, bearing a graceful assortment of red, gold, and silver ornaments. Sprigs of greenery, gold pinecones, and leaf vines lounge on the mantel, and candle and ornament arrangements add sparkle to the side table and coffee table.:

We love the simplicity of this room's Christmas decor.  It celebrates the season, it has a consistent colour scheme and style and it doesn't over power the room.

1.  Do NOT decorate BEFORE your photos.

2. Do keep it simple and tasteful with a consistent theme (for example: mixed metallics or traditional green, white and red; or country or modern).  This year keep it simple by only bringing out some decor - the house shouldn't look like Christmas town!

3. Do NOT keep the decorations up too long or too late. Or decorate too early either. Aim to have the decor packed up by Jan 4 (approx)

4. Do NOT hang up or display really personal decor such as family photos, religious items, handmade ornaments and crafts by children or grandchildren

5. Do keep it welcoming and inviting with a small vignette by the front entry and then some decor in main living areas (try to limit to a room to two, for example the family room as the main Christmas decorating space and maybe a few items in the dining room and/or formal living room - stay consistent with that theme)

Celebrate the season without going totally over board. Remember in your new home (the next one), you can decorate as early as you want and keep it up as long as you like and you can go all out! 
 A Country Christmas: Small Tabletop Trees with Burlap // from Better Homes & Gardens:

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Christmas decor for everyone!'s about 1 month away - Christmas day! Have you decorated yet?

If you love to decorate but feel like Christmas just doesn't blend with your style we have some news for you - this year there is something for everyone!

In the past, Christmas decor was all about a traditional look and sticking with a white, green and red motif with a touch of silver or gold; or, it was very child like and full of animation.

But in recent years we have really started to see a huge change toward more stylish and fashion forward Christmas decor - so decorating for this festive season will mesh well with your current style and not fight it.

For the person that loves bright colour and even neon hues - options for you....try a white tree with lots of bright and bold colour decor items! You can even find bright colour trees like aqua or pink.  We love a fun punch of colour and colour is so festive so why not opt for colour and fun this holiday season? Try adding some different elements to your tree to make it really unique like bright bows that are oversized and full or print, bright colour feathers from a craft store, bold neon baubles, ribbons, pompoms and so much more!

colorful christmas decor via print & pattern

For the person that loves glitz and glamour...why not dress up your home for this Christmas in metallics? The shiny and reflective surfaces look so chic and sophisticated (timeless too).  You can stick with one metallic like silver and keep it so cool and clean or blend them all.  Mix in some glitter and crystals for a total glam look.  We love to see metallics mixed with white twinkle lights.  Paired with a white tree gives the look a more modern feel but paired with a classic evergreen makes it a bit more elegant, it's up to you!

Pier 1 has already selected everything you need for this fetching look—so all you have to do is have fun decorating your tree. An indoor winter wonderland awaits you with our Frosted Noel Christmas Tree. The branches sparkle with a touch of frost. A reindeer tree topper provides a personal touch. Frosty ornaments shimmer like icicles, while a faux fur tree skirt makes a cold day feel warm.:

For the person that likes a more rustic look, you can incorporate your favourite woodland animals like owls, deer and moose along with wood textures like birch, mix in some plaid and knit textures for a cozy cabin Christmas vibe. Burlap garlands around the tree, grapevine accessories and pine cones are easy and simple additions to any evergreen tree and will give the look that rustic country feel. 

Christmas Home Tour part 2:

For someone who likes a more modern look, try a minimalist and monotone look.  Grey is a hot neutral and why not incorporate it into your Christmas decor motif? Pair it with some silver decor and you do not have to fill the tree with decor - keep it clean and simple. If you have grey in your home currently and like a tone on tone look this is a great option for you.

53 Wonderfully modern Christmas decorated living rooms:

For the sports fan why not find a another way to display your team colours?  Try a sports themed tree celebrating Christmas and your team! You can find logo decorations for all of the professional teams and college team plus you can easily find lights, ribbon, baubles and more in your team colours.  Go Team! Go Christmas!!

Dallas Cowboys Christmas Tree:

For the person that likes something a bit different but you want to nod to tradition somewhat...why not decorate with an unexpected colour combination? Black and white are not your traditional Christmas colours but they are a classic combination, they look great together even on a tree. Add a fun pop like yellow or even aqua (Tiffany Blue like the tree here) for something really unique and eye catching.  Make the Christmas a part of your decor scheme!

Easy—and inexpensive—Christmas decorating.   Lots of good stuff in this designer portfolio.   So many great Christmas tours this week, but Michael’s house just makes me happy.     Such a great house via Southern Living.   How to make these mini cranberry wreaths.   Jillian’s sale on Joss & Main is really good. …:

 For the fashionista or aspiring fashion designer, show off your flare for fashion with this dress form tree.  Dress this tree up how ever you like! Add as much bling as you like and in any colour - you can really take this idea to the next level and completely customize it! This tree truly has a style of its own!

For a tutorial on how to make this dress form Christmas tree, click on the photo:

For the person that loves the beach...try a coastal Christmas tree! Shells, starfish and silver dollars look amazing on a tree paired with soft pastel tones.  If you love Christmas and you love the beach this is perfect for you or if you live on the coast and want to compliment the surroundings this is a great look, too!  The beach themed items pair so nicely with the green tree and the silver tones and glass baubles.

fill tubs with gifts . coastal tree:

 For the person who loves the traditional colours but want to make a statement - make your tree a total designer showpiece and go over the top with oversized decor items all over your tree! To get this sculptural look you will need time, patience plus lots of floral wire but you can definitely achieve this fabulous look and it gives a fresh take on the traditional colours.


For the person that loves the snow....a snow flocked tree is for you!  Take the look of nature, those stunning snow covered evergreens and bring it indoors - this is a great look with any colour scheme or style.  It works beautifully with bold and bright neon hues, the rustic look and even the more elegant and traditional looks. You can even transform your current artificial tree to a snow covered one with a little DIY 

 Purple Decor for New Year | Design & DIY Magazine:

Remember when you are decorating for the holidays, keep the theme consistent - that will give your home that designer holiday look no matter which style you prefer.  Make sure that no matter your style - have fun!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Where to save and where to spend when buying furniture

"We have bought our first home and we need to make a lot of furniture purchases.  We see the price tags and the costs add up, and quickly.  When it comes to buying furniture - which pieces are worth splurging on and where can we save?"

Congratulations of your home purchase ! What an exciting time! Furnishing and decorating your first home is a fun experience, it is a great way to bring your sense of style into
YOUR space.  But you are right, the costs can really add up and very quickly.

The first thing you need to do - is figure out your budget.  Your budget is determined by what you feel comfortable spending.
Figure out:
What you need to buy?
What (if anything is coming with you from your last place)?
Are you getting any furniture pieces from friends or family?
What would you like to have but it's not needed now.
This is a great guide to figure out what you need to spend now and what to focus on later.

Mini living room re-do! Classic black, white, and gold with pops of navy. Gallery wall & large velvet tufted ottoman add some cute finishes. So happy with all we did on a $500 budget. [Decor from Homesense, Urban Barn, and Target]:

When it comes to actual items that are worth the extra cost, we have some suggestions.

- Sofa, it is worth to spend on a sofa but again be sure it is an amount you feel comfortable with.  Not everyone feels good about spending $5,000 on a sofa.  But when it comes to sofas, there is a quality and comfort difference that is attached to price.  We also suggest 'test driving' a sofa in person - make it is comfortable and supportive - don't just buy a great deal because it is a great deal.

- Mattress, you will sleep every night on that mattress so find the right one and be sure to check them out in person.  Buy the best mattress that you can afford.  You don't want to live with neck and back pain everyday because the mattress was a great deal!

- Flooring, if your current home has ugly or dated flooring or flooring that is is terrible shape, it is worth spending now on the update (before you move in). 

- Labour, when it comes to work that's being done in your home, don't skimp - it will be noticeable and you will end up spending more to have someone else come in and fix what was already done. 

- Window coverings, we would put this on the 'maybe later' part of your list but that does depend on your size and style of windows.  If you have a standard size window, store bought pre-packaged panels with a rod will be just fine.  Custom window drapery varies in price but if you have oversized windows, or odd shaped windows - the extra cost is worth it.

Gray and yellow in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gray and yellow continued to be a popular color palette for homes in 2012, and Houzzers loved the inspiration that this living room provided. Even though the room uses several very different patterns, soothing gray tones help tie the entire space together.:

Where can you save?

On just about everything else.  You might be at a point in your life where you are figuring out your taste and style and this is a great time to experiments with less expensive pieces like dining chairs, armchairs, rugs and bedding.

Cool mix of modern and vintage:

When you move into your first place it is exciting but also a bit overwhelming.  Many feel that they need to drop a fortune to furnish their place.  Don't spend anymore than you are comfortable with and don't invest in anything that you don't love or is uncomfortable - it's not worth it!  True personal style comes from mixing the pieces, colours and textures that you love and building that 'nest' takes some time....Rome wasn't built in a day!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to mix formal and modern decor styles

"I have inherited a more formal style dining table and chairs.  I like it but my own style is a bit more modern.  How can I use this furniture without completely changing my style?"

This is a great question! And this is something that we are seeing more and more of...whether it's inheriting family heirlooms or the merging of two people - mixing different styles of decor can seem very overwhelming but don't let it stress you out!  What we love about merging different styles together is that you get a different end result every time.  Say good-bye to those cookie cutter rooms - this is where true individuality blooms!

 A modern painting and upholstery on chairs will amp up a traditional dining room

Now that you know our own style is more modern, we assume that you have some modern pieces in your space already or you plan to purchase.  You have options how to incorporate this set into you life depending on how open you are to change. When it comes to modernizing a space you don't necessarily have to change the furniture sometimes just updating the pieces around it can be enough!

Upholstery - a traditional set of dining room furniture would have some pretty traditional upholstery on the chairs so to make it more modern, get those chairs re-upholstered in a modern fabric.  You really can do anything - pattern, print, texture, colour - it's up to you! This gives your dining chair a fresh look. You don't have to go totally wild, you could stick with a timeless stripe but in a more current colour way or try an animal print like cheetah, oversized and bright florals can also modern up a more formal chair.

black tie dyed vintage mud cloth . antique frame
* This old chair gets new life with a tie-dye upholstery in a charcoal and white - so unique, truly a one of a kind piece.

New chairs - adding some new chairs with a more current look with give the whole set a new feel.  Matching sets are a bit more traditional so this one change will give the whole space a modern look.  You could mix up this option with the first option, and have more modern captain chairs and keep the traditional ones with the rest of the set.  Find a common thread between all of the chairs, so this is where upholstery comes into play.

Here, There, and Everywhere: Walls of Books in Every Room of the House | Apartment Therapy:
*Look at how modern this room looks! The fresh white tulip chairs with pink seat paired with this dark stained traditional table - so unique! 

Paint - we all know that paint can completely transform a room so imagine what it can do for furniture!  This is a big step, so if this is a valuable heirloom you might not want to exercise this option.  You will also want to get this done professionally.  Painting a traditional piece will give it new life and a whole new vibe in your space. 

Personal style through color, pattern and texture- Dimples and Tangles: MY THANKSGIVING TABLE: BLOGGER STYLIN' HOME TOURS:
*Pairing this China cabinet in a Kelly green gives it a punch and an update in this space.  Also note the mix of chairs and varied prints in the room.  The pops of colour bring the more traditional pieces to life!

Statement piece -  so lighting makes a huge difference in a home.  When light fixtures look dated the whole space looks dated.  So to give your room a modern look, update that light fixture and make a statement! A modern traditional table with an interesting light fixture above it will give the whole room a fresh look plus it really shows off your decor style! (Always have your chandelier switch on a dimmer)

The modern bulb chandelier and artwork pairs perfectly with this traditional pedestal dining table:
 *This traditional table and area rug paired with a more casual chair makes the room less formal in look and feel.  Adding the industrial light fixture and the black and white abstract over sized art really gives this room so much flare.

Over sized art - this much like the light fixture can really give a room a fresh update.  Something about an over sized art piece not only looks expensive but it also looks fresh and current.  Think about displaying your favourite pieces in a different way - a gallery wall mixing old and new, or a more casual display where you lean and layer.

Black and white floral
* sometimes is all about the presentation.  This room would have a very different look and feel if these art pieces were hung as opposed to the layered leaning style on the sideboard. 

Paint colour- to give your dining room a more modern feel look at your wall paint colour.  Is it a mid tone? More modern looking spaces tend to choose a paint tone on either side of the spectrum - either dark or light. Before you pick a side, be sure to look at the items going in the room, like the furniture and the art pieces and of course, don't forget about the light!

| EA | Antique with Modern  Modern chairs with antique table.:
 *The light walls allow for the table and the art to really pop in this space.

Wallpaper - adding some visual interest to a wall in your dining space is another way to give that room a modern look.  You can still hang your art pieces over the wallpaper - this will give the space a very designer look.  This is a great option if you don't have a lot of wall space to hang art or if you have traditional looking wall panels that give the room a more traditional feel.

Saarinen table and bold wall covering, pair perfectly with the warm leather side chairs and traditional wainscoting.:
 *In this room, because of the windows, there isn't a lot of wall space for art so wallpaper on the wallspace is a perfect choice.  This also plays down the more traditional wall panels.

 Area rug - this is like art on the floor and it can really help set the tone for your dining room.  The possibilities are endless in terms of design, texture, colour and print.  Find something that you love and paired with a more traditional set this will  really give your room an updated look. One style that we are seeing a lot of is a perfect blend of a traditional rug but the colour has almost an ombre finish - so you get a traditional or even vintage vibe with a modern twist, so transitional!

Find dining room rug and decor inspiration with these photos selected by the experts at domino magazine. The rugs in these rooms are gorgeous statement rugs, including dyed moroccans, persian rugs, and quite a few bold patterns and colors.:
 *This area rug is the perfect mix of traditional and modern - the ombre effect makes it more current looking and also less formal.  It pairs nicely with the simple art, vintage furniture and modern light fixture 

Don't feel that a more formal or traditional dining set will limit your style or change it completely.  Get creative! Incorporate that inherited piece with some modern elements to give your dining room a look that is totally unique and totally you!

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Top 10 Headboards

A headboard is an important elements in a bedroom.  it really is a centerpiece that helps anchor the room.  It gives the entire bed presence and can also set the tone for the style you want in your bedroom.

Here are some of our favourite headboard and tips on how they work with your style:

1. Headboard with 'floating' storage.  So this is a very clean look.  It's perfect for anyone looking for a bedroom that's easy to clean (no dust will collect under end table legs) and because the end tables are floating they give the whole room a calm and zen like feel.  We love this look in a wood tone ad paired with soft tones and clean white.

King Size Floating Headboard with Nightstands in Espresso:

2. Tufted Headboard.   This look is a true classic and we have seen a real 'comeback' of this style.  It is great because it really works with any style - you can opt for a classic contemporary or even a vintage style.  It really depends on the colour of the upholstery and what you pair with it.

How to make a tufted headboard tutorial. Sooo good!!:

3. Rustic headboard.  If you love the country or farmhouse look, than this is for you! These old windows have been converted into a headboard.  The aged paint give it a relaxed look and the window panels make the headboard look and feel lighter in the room.  Pair these with soft layers of linens or for a true country look opt for some small florals or even a gingham print.

Window headboard:

 4. Fabric panel headboard.  This is an easy and affordable way to make a headboard.  This is also a perfect solution for a smaller room.  When you are tight on space, you need to be smart with your furniture choices.  We love a simple curtain rod with a drapery panel, it adds softness to the space and your choices of colour and pattern are endless, so you could even switch it out with the seasons or trends. This is also a great way to display a treasured quilt.

h: headboard idea (rug, tapestry or heavy fabric) would help with sound:

5. Rattan (Wicker) Headboard - if you love a laid back natural or beach inspired look in your bedroom, this is a great option for you.  The texture adds some visual interest to the space and the natural material and tone give the room a relaxed feel. This looks great with lots of soft tones, especially blue tones.Pair the headboard with distressed finishes in cream tones to really maximize the laid back look in your room.

Found it at Wayfair - Imelda Headboard:

6. High headboard. - this really makes a statement in any bedroom.  We have seen these extra high headboards for a while, they aren't as popular as they were a few years ago but they are perfect if you really want your bed to have great presence in your space. These come in a variety of styles, too.

Benjamin Moore Sterling. Benjamin Moore Sterling with Benjamin Moore White Dove on Headboard and Trims. Benjamin Moore Sterling. #BenjaminMooreSterling The Good Home - Interiors & Design:

7. Old Doors as a Headboard - this is a rustic yet romantic look for a bedroom but depending on how your style it, it can look country or vintage.  We love this headboard with a statement light fixture over the bed. The aged paint adds character, texture and a softness to the space.  If you love the shabby chic look - this is for you!

wall paint color: a warm white called country dairy, it is a Ralph Lauren color ~ Home Depot still has the Ralph Lauren colors in their system. Love the old doors as a headboard.:

8. Decorative carved wood headboard - this is all over instagram!  We love the romantic look of this headboard and the detail work is just gorgeous - no need for an art piece over the bed when this is your headboard! Painted or natural this is spectacular.  When it comes to styling the room - go with your style, so keep the tones light or go dark on the walls to let the headboard really stand out - it's up to you!


9. Wing back headboard - the ultimate in luxury and sophistication! This style is a true classic but like anything else you can add your own spin to truly make it yours.  We love this style in any colour or tone - dark or light, it's up to you! This works with really crisp bedding, so not the best for anyone looking for a more boho look in their room.  This clean, crisp and balanced - tailored

Spring Home Tours 2016:

10. Low Headboard - this is great for a smaller room as visually the headboard won't be taking up as much room.  this is a great option if your like a soothing almost zen style and feel in your space.  this is also a great option if you want larger art above your headboard. Try adding a floating shelf with some display decor items (ones that have meaning to you or just add to the overall look of your room) a low headboard gives you space for that, too!

See how Jen Bishop redecorated her bedroom with the help of a west elm Home Stylist!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How home staging helps sell your home

"My fiance and I are now living together, and we want to put my place up for sale. Is it worth it to stage the house? It is empty, so doesn't that make it look bigger and that way a buyer can picture themselves in there? We just want to know what staging will do to help us sell."

This is something we can definitely help you with.  We have staged lots of properties for clients to help get them sold.

Home staging is a great tool to help buyers visualize how to live in the space, it helps to highlight the features of your home and also show off the size of your home.  Home staging isn't just about furniture that's only one part of it. Selling an empty or vacant property is actually really tough.  Empty rooms are cold and emotionless - that means buyers aren't connecting with the house.  Have you ever seen photos of an empty room? It's really hard to tell if the room is large, small or just the right size...Many people do not have the ability to picture their things and their life when looking at a vacant property. There is no WOW factor with a vacant property so buyers don't take notice.

 Home Staging before and after photos

A good home stager will come and view the vacant property (usually with you and often with your agent) and he/she will give suggestions on any repairs, cleaning, depersonalizing, decluttering and updates that are needed.  A home stager knows what buyers are looking for, your agent can also give you some insight as to what your competition is offering (flooring, counter tops etc...) but also what the buyer expectation is at your price point. Buying a home is an emotional connection - it is something the buyer feels when they walk in the door.  Home staging helps with setting the scene and connecting with buyers on an emotional level. Plus buyers are looking to buy their NEW home, they don't want your old one - so the prep work to get it looking it's best!

 Lovely Staging Props and Room.      -The KormendyTrott Team - Century 21 Miller Real Estate Oakville:

Your home stager will work with you and your budget to get the property up to par before moving in any furniture items.
 Details are so important when selling:

 - A fresh coat of paint in a current tone can do wonders for any property.

- Small updates like new cabinet hardware and a tile back splash can totally transform a kitchen

- Brighter light bulbs in existing light fixtures can really help any room

-Fixing up any small repairs will give buyers a good feeling about 'their new home'

-A good and thorough cleaning feels great! You want to make a fantastic first impression on your potential buyers.

When it comes to the final step of furnishing the home with staging furniture, your stager will have a plan.  He/She has figured out how to best show off this property by making it look clean and bright but also large and current.  The proper scale and placement of furniture make a big difference in flow plus using the right accents like colour and texture really give your photos a 'pop' and set the scene!

I love a good before and after home staging by

So why would staging help you?

Well, having your home professionally staged will set you apart from the competition. Having the right pieces, colours, updates and more will make you stand out from the crowd in any market.

1. Your staged property will always photograph better and in this day and age, your online photos are basically your first showing - when your photos look great, the phone starts ringing and the private viewings are booked!  Home staging will increase the amount of showings at your property.

2. Now that you have more showings, the agents start to take notice and that piques everyone's interest  - your property is hot!

3. A hot property means offers - could be a quick offer early into the process because the buyer agent knows this one won't last long or it could mean you have a number of interested buyers leading to multiple offers.

Home staging helps :

-make your property looks its best and present what buyers want

- by giving you the best online photos to be used in marketing materials and social media

- get more interest in your property and more viewings

- get the property sold for top dollar and quickly

While house hunting can be tiring, it's not a good idea to relax on the seller's furniture.:

Best wishes on the sale of your home and remember it's really important for your own stress level and bottom line to work with true professionals who will help you feel good about the presentation and sale of your property.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hot Home Decor Trends for 2017

As we slowly approach the end of another year, there is an excitement in the air! A new year means renewal, a fresh start but also new and fresh ideas! For home decor, we are excited to see what 2017 will bring to store shelves and magazine pages but we do have some predictions as to what we will be seeing in the new year for interior decorating.

1.  Neutrals: usually there is a 'hot' colour that we see emerge each year but this year expect to see a lot of neutrals.  White and black are classics and are never out of style but expect to see a lot of black and white trends for home decor.  Shades of grey will still be popular as well as cooler beige tones.

 Step inside this photographer's light-filled family living in Sydney's Queens Park complete with neutral muted hues and natural materials.:

2.Wood: we have already seen a comeback of wood in late 2016, we expect that trend will continue.  We will see wood in flooring, furniture, art and accessories.  Wood with lots of texture and tones.

 Decor Zone        • interiors • interior design • design • home • architecture          — aestatestudio:   Daily inspiration. Learn more...:

3. Global influences: every year it seems that interior decorating takes on some inspiration from somewhere in the world.  this year is no exception, this year expect to see a big surge of Scandinavian design.  There is more to Scandinavian influence than IKEA - white (like the snow), wood, simple design with a modern minimal edge are just some of what you can expect to see.

 This board must look super boring to anyone who isn't obsessed with black and white.sorry (I guess I'm just super boring):

4. Ashy filter: all of the woods, fabrics and other textures will all have a touch of a grey to them.  Almost as though they have been grey-washed or a grey filter to them.  This gives everything a toned down and cooler look - like driftwood.

 House of Turquoise: Harper Construction Another view, love the table and Chairs!:

5. Finish: expect to see a lot of matte or dull finishes in metals but also wood stains and paint.  High gloss is out.

 Milo Baughman Burnished Brass Bar Stools in Grey Leather image 4:

6. Warm textures: smooth and sleek textures like glass and marble were once the hottest trends on the market but this year warm and natural textures will be hot for 2017. Such as wood, cork, sisal, rattan  leather, and knits.

 Scandinavian inspired girls bedroom. Styling and photography by Justine Ash:

7. Defined living spaces: the 'super' open concept plans for living spaces where everything is in one big room won't be as popular.  We won't have tiny compartment rooms but we will have floor plans that are a mix of open and more traditional living offering some privacy and also designated spaces.

Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces - 46017HC | Country, Farmhouse, Hill Country, Narrow Lot, 2nd Floor Master Suite, CAD Available, PDF, Wrap Around Porch | Architectural Designs:

8. Purple, Blue and Green : although 2017 will be very much about neutrals we predict that purple, blue and green will be very visible this coming year.  This deep jewel inspired tones such as - plum, eggplant, blackberry, emerald, sapphire and amethyst. We will see this in accessories more than furniture.

Jewel Tones Master Bedroom - Love all the color! Click for sources. Teal, purple and cheetah print!:

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Matching Wood stains : furniture and flooring

"We are looking to buy a new dining room table.  We like the idea of wood (but it doesn't have to be wood) but we have wood floors - do we match the wood table to the floors?"

A new piece of furniture is a great update for any space and any style of decor. Wood is always a great option as it is durable and adds a natural texture to any space.  When it comes to wood, you don't need to match and we really recommend that you don't match it makes everything blend and look a little washed out and you won't draw attention to the new dining table.

We suggest adding some contrast with your new table.  So if you have light floors opt for a darker stain table and vice-versa.

 farmhouse interior white dining room with wood table:

Other ways to get contrast with your wood flooring is to opt for a table that isn't wood at all!  Metal or glass are ways to get contrast and add some interesting textures to your space.

 dining room / via poppytalk - those chairs are amazing. am liking the contrast of black and dark wood...:

when it comes to your chairs, try a chair in a different tone or a different material all together - this gives the room some contrast as well but also shows off your personal style.  Depending on the style of chair you select this can either dress up or dress down your stable and give you the feel you want in your dining space. A dining room set with matching pieces tends to make less of a statement.

Eos Pendelleuchte von Vita. Auch überm Esstisch zu Eames Chairs eine gute Wahl, da blendfrei gefiltertes Licht:

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