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Friday, August 29, 2014

Outdoor Spaces: Autumn Refresh

 As much as we would all like to deny fall is approaching us, it’s time we face facts, the end of summer is near. So let's embrace Autumn!
Fall is a fabulous season for so many reasons: the warm sweaters, cozy fires and of course, the beautiful fall hues that surround us. Lucky for us, we still have a few more weeks to enjoy our outdoor living spaces. Here are a few suggestions to get your patio and exterior décor ready for the change of seasons.


Start at your front door. Add a fall wreath with the rich fall colours throughout it. There are so many great colours, materials and textures available to refresh your front door.


A new door mat. No more pinks, yellows and brights. Time to bring in the browns, reds, orange and purple hues. Ahhh, finally. Geometric patterns are a still a hot trend and will be out in full force this fall!

Swap out your summer patterns and colours on your deck for a new colour palette. Throwcushions and chair pads will get a welcome refresh with deep colours and new patterns. 

Decorate with fall lanterns! Not only are they a great accessory but they serve a purpose. These lanterns look beautiful and will keep things bright & warm for the cozy nights outside.Time to change out those citronella candles for some pumpkin spice scents! Or cinnamon apple scents.. or vanilla!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Exterior Facelifts

As the years pass, many homes and home owners require an exterior facelift. With so many beautiful magazine photos and websites now at our disposal, many home owners are getting bored quicker of their home’s interior and exterior. Sometimes, a quick facelift is all we need to satisfy our want for change.  Here are a few great colour combinations for your front door and shutters to give your home the update you crave!

White Houses: There are a million options with white exterior homes. You could chose to paint your front door and shutters in so many different colours! Black and white is an ever classic choice and looks fantastic. A red or turquoise door looks great and having a pop of colour looks fun. Depending on how bold you want to be, a bright yellow or orange would be a fabulous option as well.
#Black makes a great shutter color paired with white and a beautiful red door
Brick Exteriors: A lot of times, Brick homes have a very traditional, elegant feel. There are a lot of timeless colour combinations that complement brick beautifully such as black, white, and navy blue. Any of these colours are classic combinations and will keep your exteriors traditional curb appeal.
If your are looking for a more adventurous colour palette to complement your brick exterior, here are a few colour options that would make it a little more funky.
Beige and Brown: These exteriors are very versatile, almost as versatile as white. Depending on the shades of brown on your house, anything that looks good with white will also look fantastic with browns.
When it comes to paint - the options are endless! So make your personality shine through on all aspects of your house - even the exterior!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Get your Home Back to School Ready

If you have children, then fall is extra busy -- not only do you have to get yourself organized and your home prepared for the oncoming cold, but you also have to get ready for back-to-school. Here are some of the  best (and simplest) home organizing tips to help get you and your family ready for school.
  • Set up a station in the entryway or mud room to store the children's backpacks. This will minimize back-to-school stress, especially in the morning.
  • Create a study area for your kids. This can be done in a communal room or in their bedrooms and helps keep books, homework and stationery all in one place. Look at shelving ideas and baskets for easy access and clean up.  Think about a homework area in a room near where you can keep an eye on them, like the kitchen nook or the family room
 Unify Areas Through Color    When merging pieces from different design styles, a coat of paint can easily help you unify pieces. Notice how the modern white floating shelves look right at home with the vintage desk. Originally the desk was black, but after a couple of coats of high-gloss paint we have a duo that is not only functional, but also easy on the eyes. Photo courtesy of Camila Pavone.
  • Make sure you start tomorrow on the right foot by organizing backpacks, making lunches and updating the family calender the evening before.
  • Minimize the morning routine by picking outfits the day before. If you're really proactive, use a clothing organizer to lay out a week's worth of outfits.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Celebrity Style - Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis and her finance, Ashton Kutcher are always in the spotlight and their lives will be even more center stage once their little bundle of joy arrives this Fall. 

The hot is couple is often praised for their easy yet chic sense of fashion and you might be wondering what their California home looks like.  well wonder no more check out this slideshow for a sneak peek into the couples' surroundings.

Located on a private cul-de-sac, this incredible property spans an impressive 14,554-square-feet and carries a laid back Mediterranean vibe and look. The home itself, built in 1958, is fully outfitted with five bedrooms, four full bathrooms, one half bath, movie theatre, two car garage, outdoor pool, spa, hot tub, and so much more we can hardly handle it.

Up in the Hollywood Hills West, in a gated community, it's a coveted location and this compound is ready to sell! With a baby on the way, this home is looking for a new owner as Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher start a new journey together, leaving this suped up pad for the next bidder with $3,995,000.

Interested? Here are the details and listing:
- Split-level home
- 5 bedrooms
- 4.5 bathrooms
- 2 car garage
- Home movie theatre
- Chef's kitchen
- Indoor/outdoor living room
- Spa
- Full service cabana
- Outdoor pool
- Hot tub

throughout the home you will notice lots of layering of neutral tones, elements of nature like reclaimed wood and jute and subtle pattern in the upholstery accents and even wall paper.

 The kitchen is perfect for entertaining but also for a gourmet at heart.  The colour palette is timeless but still chic.  A great balance of contemporary with some classic elements, masculine and feminine.
the over sized island offers a lot of workspace and storage but it's also perfect for guests

 You will notice a mix of soft and hard materials like the linen upholstery and wood beams with some real natural materials mixed in like the jute area rugs.  The rooms are designed for entertaining but also comfort

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Budget Friendly Bedroom Updates

So often we hear of people who are getting bored of their surroundings. Many can’t afford to completely gut and start from fresh with their existing style and are looking for fun, inexpensive updates to spice up their bedroom décor. Here are a few budget friendly, simple fixes for those who need a little change!

1. Change out your existing drapery. There is so much great pattern and colour out there that this is an easy and effective change. Ready to hang blinds and drapes are in tons of big box stores and come in great fabrics, colours, patterns and at an incredibly affordable price!


2. Purchase new lamps or lamp shades! This is a great, and inexpensive swap as well. Of course, there are some lamps that are crazy expensive, but there are also a lot of really affordable options. So many great stores offer colourful lamp bases, colourful shades and shades with patterns. These touches will make a difference, even though they may seem minimal. A new lamp or lamp shade will freshen up the space.


3. New throw pillows and throw blankets. Add pattern! Change your existing colour scheme! Do both! There are zillions of options for great throw pillows, and will be a welcome addition to your existing décor. Remember, we are freshening the space, and this is probably the most inexpensive way to do so. And don't be afraid to mix colours and patterns! The easiest way to do this is to have one common element through your selections. Maybe they all have the same pattern but come in different colours, or have the same colour but come in different patterns. The combinations are endless!


4. Paint an accent wall! Of course, a new paint job is also a fabulous option, but depending on the size of your room, this has potential to soar into the hundreds. Painting one wall can add new life to the room and is not overly expensive. This can most likely be done with one can of paint and will make a huge difference. You can chose to go bold and make a drastic change, maybe paint some stripes into a pattern on your wall, or maybe chose a shade that is a tad darker than your existing colour. Either way, change is change! It will be different than what you’re currently bored of and that’s what we’re trying to achieve, right?


5. New comforter or duvet cover. This is an easy change. It will run you less than a hundred dollars if that’s what you are aiming for, and the bed is typically the main focal point in the room. It will be hard not to notice (and LOVE!) brand new bedding!

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