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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

We Answer Wednesday - Spring Home Decor Ideas

"Spring is almost here.  What are your favourite spring home decor ideas?"

Spring really is a wonderful time of year! Both us of have spring birthdays...but that's not the only reason why we love spring!  Spring is fresh, fun and a new start.  Spring offers so much colour - just look around and you will see it every where.

We have a few favourite ways to bring spring into home decor.


Kristi's favourite spring home decor ideas:-


Greenery -  

yes, this is THE colour of the year but for me, the first spring home decor piece I add to my home is a beautiful floral arrangement (or potted plant).  It just brings a burst of life into your space especially after these long and snowy winters.  It's so fresh to see 'green' again! I love to see fresh flowers on a kitchen or dining table but I also love them in my bedroom - it's so lovely to wake up and see a touch of nature!

 #NationalGrouchDay #GreenDecor This room makes me feel like I am breathing in the freshest air ever. It delights me!:

Let the light in (and the air, too) -

we are stuck at home all winter long and when that warm spring sunshine is out I want to bring it in - along with the fresh air.  I pull back the drapes and pull up the blinds and open the windows (even if it's just for a little bit).  Our spring season here is still pretty brisk but letting that light and fresh air gives the home a good boost. That beautiful natural light and fresh air can really make a difference!

Switch up my textures -

if you don't know this about me yet, you will soon figure it out.  I don't decorate my home with a lot of colour (unlike Maddie) but I love texture! Faux fur, leather, wood, wool knits, cow hide, metal and well any texture.  But once spring is here - I tuck away my furry pillows and blankets.  I give them a wash and hide them away until the fall.  They just add a winter-like feel to my space and who needs winter all year long? Instead I have added some Stonewashed Belgian linen pillows in some different earthy tones and a few with some print.

 Встряхнуть ваш схему страна с прохладной стиле Scandi:

Maddie's favourite spring home decor ideas:-


Colour -

I love colour.  I love all colours.  One of the reasons I have a lot of white and grey in my house is so I have a lot of freedom to play with colour.  Since I have lived in my home (coming up on 3 years now) I have played with shades of aqua and blue, teal and orange and now I'm on a pink kick!  (My office has a bold and bright pink accent wall) Colour is a great way to bring spring into your space.  Take some cues from your spring flower garden, green grass, robin eggs and all that the spring season presents.  Use colour with decor items, art, and pillows.

 IKEA Rast Hack | Bliss At HomeI love a good IKEA hack! There’s something about seeing a simple wooden piece made over in to something that looks like it came out of an upscale store that makes me giddy with the possibilities! Though there aren’t any complete directions for this project, (it’s part of a competition), there are still links to the pieces used in the project which I’m loving - namely Pretty Pegs which does amazing legs and O’verlays that makes decorative wooden pieces to attach ...:

Pattern -

I also love pattern.  I feel a room without pattern is pretty much incomplete.  Every room needs some pattern.  For spring think floral pattern - you might be thinking that it's not modern enough for you or it's too feminine - think again! There are so many options for floral pattern, I love and have some of these Bluebellgray pillows at my place.  I have it mixed with some other more geometric prints and my bold abstract art. I love the bold colours mixed with an abstract watercolour print against my gray sectional. If florals aren't for you, try adding a bold pop of colour - one colourful print item can total change up your look (and maybe inspire you to add even more to your space).

 HOW TO: Style a Sofa with Caitlin Wilson Textiles | Rue

Spring is such a great time to refresh your home decor - many of the new collections are out in stores at the end of winter and that's when we have a ton of choices - colour, texture, print and pattern - you don't need a lot to make an impact ...just a few pieces can put a spring in your step!


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