Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Bathroom Accessories

“I’m always struggling to find accessories for my bathroom. I have no idea what a good bathroom accessory is. Any suggestions?”

Great question! Often a room that is overlooked, bathrooms should be beautiful too! Bathroom accessories are what personalize a space and are a great place to add fun colour you may not have anywhere else in your home.

Try adding colored or patterned towels to your space. There are so many great colours and options, you can choose anything! If you’re stuck, try choosing a colour out of your shower curtain and adding that. No shower curtain? Neutral with a pattern with add that visual interest you’re looking for. Of course, if your bathroom is already bright and colourful.. a clean, crisp neutral with a subtle pattern will add that extra pop!


Small fake plants are a nice touch. There are many plants that are artificial but you can even tell! Choose a plant to place on your countertop or on another surface you have such as a shelf, toilet, edge of a bathtub. 

I love candles in a bathroom. I think it gives the space a serene feel and they smell great! Beautiful candle holders, or just candles on their own are another great layer to add to the bathroom accessory list. You can have one large or a grouping of smaller ones. Choose something you love.

Art is a nice touch as well. Somewhere in the bathroom you will likely have a bit of wall space for a small piece or two. Add something that goes nicely with your previously selected colour palette. It doesn’t have to all be the same as what you have but something with a hint of consistency will blend beautifully into the space.

Small trays for jewelry and personal items are a functional and pretty option to keep on the countertop. Choose something shiny!  Maybe something that matches the handles in your bathroom such as gold, chrome or brass. The continuation of similar metals makes your space look well thought out, and very harmonious.   

The key is to repeat a colour. Having 7 different colours, patterns and textures may seem like a good idea, but it will likely just have an eclectic feel. Try to use some consistency and repeat an accent colour you have already started with.  

And for anyone looking to sell their home, don't forget about staging your bathroom it really sets the scene for buyers.  The bathroom is a hot spot that buyers look for so show it off with simple accessories.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Combinations for Colourful Spaces

Picking the right colour combination for your space can be tricky.  But here are 3 sure fire ways to combine colours.

Safe neutrals are always an easy route but nothing really brightens up a room like an injection of colour.  For inspiration you can always turn to the colour wheel.  The colour wheel plots colours in a pie chart to show the relationship between primary colours (red, yellow and blue), secondary colours (green, orange and purple) and beyond.  To create a palette you will love start with your favourite colour, for example blue, then add other colours to get a look you will love.


1 - Monochromatic.  Navy, Marine and Sky blue.  Monochromatic schemes combine several tones of the same colour and feel soothing. Add a basic or neutral like white for a visual break.

2 - Complementary. Blue and Orange.  Complementary schemes combine colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel.  The result is vivid and bold.


3-  Analogous. Blue and Green. Analogous schemes combine colours that fall next to each other on the colour wheel and produce lively yet subtle spaces.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Styling a Bookcase

So many times we go into homes where the bookcase is an eye sore, when it should be a beautiful showcase of beloved items and treasures. Many people collect books, which is wonderful, but overcrowd their shelves. A bookcase is a fantastic place to create a focal point in a room and show off beautiful accessories, photos as well as of course, books. Here are some tips on how to create a stylish bookcase.

1. Don’t overcrowd the shelves.
In some instances, floor to ceiling shelves covered in books can be a really nice a look, if the books are arranged in an orderly fashion. Most people don’t take the time to organize the books in a visually interesting way and over the years it just becomes a whole bunch of add-ons. Try de-cluttering some of the books that aren’t in great shape and tuck those away.

2. Add accessories.
Adding accessories to your bookcase is a fantastic way to add pops of colour or items you love. There are so many great accessories for bookcases: picture frames, interesting bookends, candles, decorative objects, beautiful storage boxes.. anything you want to have on display! You don’t need to add accessories to every shelf, but every other one is a nice look. Put your additional items in different spots on the shelf for a
“designer look”.

3. Arrange books in a variety of patterns
Instead of just having them standing left to right on every shelf, try stacking some on top of each other with an accessory next to it. Rotate every other shelf having them standing and stacked. The variety of the arrangement will give the bookcase more visual interest and make your accessories and beautiful books pop, where they all may have just blended together. Arranging your books by height or colour is a great organizational tool.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Chandelier Update

I need a new dining room light fixture but I don't want a fussy, traditional chandelier (which is mostly what I'm finding). What are some other options that have a modern feel and look?

Why not try a new take on the chandelier? Updating your lighting updates the whole space (any room). I like a light fixture with some visual interest so it's almost sculptural.  Lighting fixtures that are prominent like a dining fixture should serve more than just a practical purpose.

Take a cue from this image, the whole look of the room is a blend of contemporary furniture with some traditional accents with a modern light fixture with brass accent and round bulbs. It pulls the whole room together and makes the whole space look very up-to-date.

When it comes to choosing a light fixture in the dining room, choose a fixture that is at least 2/3 the width of our table.  when your fixture is being installed, walk around the table and eyeball the height to make sure it does not interrupt the sight lines in the room.  Typically the bottom of the fixture should be 32" to 36" from the top of the table.

Other light fixture options:

Galieo, available at Mikaza Home,  adds some great metallic shine but with simple lines

Atelier - Mezzo - Sputnik 12-glass-globe ceiling lamp

Mezzo Sputnik, available at Bouclair adds some great light but also visual interest to a dining room you could pair this with ghost chairs, reclaimed wood table or clean upholstered chairs with a clean line table.

Meurice, by Robert Abbey, available at, comes in 3 finishes but the brass finish adds a real pop of glamour

Viola, available at Mikaza Home, adds an industrial edge to the space would look great paired with Eiffel chairs in a more casual dining space

Astra chandelier, available at Anthropologie, adds a great brass accent, the spikes combined with the round bulbs add real visual interest to any space

 Perugia, available at Zone Maison, this light fixture is where traditional glamour meets industrial.

Atelier - Sputnik 24-glass-globe ceiling lamp
 Sputnik, available at Bouclair, comes in many finishes and adds some real modern yet industrial feel.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Design and Decor Trends: What's Hot for 2015

Every January, Style at Home readers look forward to discovering the trends that will dominate the homes of Canadians through the following year. From fabrics to paint colours to lighting and everything in between, homeowners are keen to hear what their favourite retailers will be stocking and which direction to take their next big decorating project. 

This year, they reached out to Toronto designer, Meredith Heron to share what is going to be big in decorating and design for 2015. Meredith Heron, owner and head designer at Meredith Heron Design, let us in on what homeowners should be investing in this upcoming year, touching on everything from jewel tones to layered patterns.

“My one golden rule for 2015 is that you must love one major item for your space,” says Meredith. “And falling in love with the price is not an option – you never want to decorate your room or your home around a mistake.”

So with that in mind, click here for Meredith’s five trend-driven design investments to make in 2015.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Mixing Metallics

“I love the look of mixing metallic accents together such as gold and silver. What are some suggestions to add metals into my home without overhauling my décor?”

Mixing metallics is bound to be a huge trend in 2015. We saw Copper emerge in a big way in the past year in many different areas of the home. Gold and silver have always been classic design choices, but the trend of mixing metals has become more prominent in the past few years.


Adding metallic accents is a fantastic way to freshen up your space for 2015 without breaking the bank. There are many ways to do so, in various spaces in your home.


In the dining room, try adding both gold and silver dinnerware. Maybe a gold charger with a silver rimmed plate and a silver napkin mixed in with an accent colour? Adding gold and silver candles or centerpieces is a fabulous way to add these colours as well. The addition of the decorative accents such as placemats, napkins, table runners, centerpieces, napkin rings etc. are typically inexpensive and versatile pieces to have on hand.

In your living room, try adding some accent pillows with gold and silver. Throw pillows and blankets are an excellent way to freshen décor without changing out large furniture pieces. Gold and silver accessories such as decorative pieces, book ends, candles, vases, picture frames and more are easy personal touches that will add a new dimension to your space, not to mention even the newest additions often make a big difference!  The same suggestions apply in your bedrooms. Adding gold or silver table lamps are another fantastic option for a quickie update.


In your kitchen and bathrooms, try changing your faucets or hardware. As previously mentioned copper was a huge trend in 2014 and remains a trend. Check out our blog on how to use copper in your home for more great tips!