Saturday, July 26, 2014

Update with Paint!

The smartest, quickest, and most convenient way to give any room a new look is through the use of color. The ‘right color’ can instantly revitalize an interior, camouflage cosmetic imperfections, and minimize architectural flaws. Paint can dramatically change the ambiance of a room, create harmony within a décor, build illusion, and accent an interior with personal taste.
In this week’s blog post, we would like to share our 16 favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors. From the best whites, grey, taupes, yellows, reds and more!
Now, why Benjamin Moore? Some of you may like other brands that are affordable but we personally prefer BM paints. It’s what we normally use for our clients and believes that they are a good investment.
Here are our top picks:

#1 Chantily Lace

chantilly lace ben moore Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors  
image source:
This white has a light hint of grey. It is crisp, clean and bright. It looks fresh against grey and is perfect for trim and cabinets.

# 2 White Dove

white dove Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors  
image source:
White dove has a faint yellow undertone and works so well with traditional furniture and gives off a beautiful gloss for trim. The warm and soft color is perfect for the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bath.

#3 Linen White

linen white Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors  
image source:
Linen white can make a room feel so clean yet cozy. It has a bit of warmness to it and not overly crisp. So classic!

#4 Edgecomb Gray

image source:
This soft, barely there type of grey is perfect for any room with lots of natural light. It compliments everything and works well with almost any color.

#5 Coventry Grey

coventry gray Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors   
image source:

Coventry Gray can be used as a shy neutral or for a pop of color. It has blue undertones and the atmosphere it creates is incredibly relaxing. It is so modern and fresh.
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#6 Yarmouth Blue

yarmouth blue Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors   
image source:
Yarmouth blue is one of the best light blues out there. Paint your bathroom with it for that extra calming effect.

#7 Mannequin Cream

mannequin cream Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors   
image source:
This light, creamy yellow is ideal for spring. It’s not too yellow nor too pale to our liking. It feels so inviting and comforting.

#8 Mesquite

mesquite Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors  
image source:
Mesquite is a gray green color that works well in a country bedroom or modern when paired with darker shades of green or gray.

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#9 Narragansett Green

narragansett green Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

 image source:
This is a color we are so in love with. Look how beautiful that cottage is! Nothing is more perfect than Narragansett Green for that lakeside cottage.

#10 Clay Beige

clay beige Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

image source:
This neutral beige has green and red undertones to it. Clay Beige looks perfect with browns and blues.

#11 Greenbrier Beige

greenbrier beige Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

image source:
If you want to work on a room with dark, wooden floor, try Greenbrier beige. We just love the warmth and gorgeousness it creates.

#12 Soft Marigold

soft marigold Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors
image source:

Orange doesn’t have to be ‘popsicle orange’. Soft Marigold is that type of orange that can make any room looks romantic and sexy.

#13 Exotic Red

exotic red Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

image source:
This is a deep, saturated red. Paint your kitchen chairs and cabinet with it for a playful vibe.

#14 Million Dollar Red

million dollar red e1403083826662 Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors
  image source:
Another rich red variant that we adore is Million Dollar Red. It brings a sharp, sophisticated look and exudes a bold and a million-dollar-look to any room, hence the name.

#15 Razzle Dazzle

razzle dazzle Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

image source:
Oh, we love pink! And Razzle Dazzle is a show stopper. It can make any room fabulous, flirty and feminine.

#16 Blushing Bride

blushing pink Top 16 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors
image source:
This Ben Moore pink, on the other hand, is so subtle and so soft on the eyes. Perfect for your crafts room, home office or nursery.
Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial for Benjamin Moore paint products.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Modern Twist on Historical Chairs

Looking for the perfect chair to add to your home? We chose four chairs have stood the test of time and are versatile options for any décor and any room in your home. These chairs have lots of history without looking like something from Grandma's house. These clean-lined and sleek chair options are not only practical for your home, they’re also a classic choice with a modern twist!
The Louis Ghost Chair by Phillippe Starck (2002)
This modern take on the classic Louis XV chair is a fabulous addition to any interior. This chair can be used in so many different ways, it can be used as a dining chair, or as an accent chair in a living room or bedroom. Below is a photo of the ghost chair as a seat for a make-up table. The options are endless, as are the colours! The Ghost Chair is a fantastic neutral, which makes decorating with colour and pattern much easier (and more fun!). They also come in kids sizes as well. Try this chair against a wall with a bold wallpaper, or with a patterned throw pillow!
The Panton Chair by Verner Panton (1960)
Verner Panton's stacking chair was the first single-material and single-form chair to be made. It is a timeless chair and striking sculptural piece that is used frequently in modern interior design. It is a durable, statement chair that comes in many colours and complements a variety of different décor. This chair is incredibly low maintenance. The Panton chair can be used in a bedroom at a makeup table, or in a dining room! This chair would make a fantastic addition to any contemporary room and can be used in many ways.

The Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen (1958)

This Scandinavian style chair originated in the 1950’s and is a staple in modern design. The Egg chair is a simple, yet colourful addition to any design. It is versatile enough to be placed in a variety of different décor. If you need a pop of colour in your home, this chair is comfortable and classic! Egg chair comes in many different colours and can be used in many different spaces including: a living room, bedroom or office space. (It's also been seen in tons of movies!) This is another example of classic design standing the test of time, it will never go out of style!
magenta egg chair in the corner pops out proudly in this contemporary bedroom Inspiration Hollywood: 28 Contemporary Interiors With The Iconic Egg Chair By Arne Jacobsen interior design
kids playroom with a couple of egg chairs that fit right in Inspiration Hollywood: 28 Contemporary Interiors With The Iconic Egg Chair By Arne Jacobsen interior design
The Barcelona Chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1929)
The classic simplicity of the Barcelona chair is one of the many reasons that this is such a staple in interior decorating. The Barcelona chair has been around for decades and is still a super popular seller in many stores around the world. This chair is a great option for many different areas of your home. The clean lines and leather with chrome base make the Barcelona chair a go-to for modern and contemporary interior design but the sleek lines make it an option for many different décor styles. It also plays well with others! So don’t be afraid to mix and match this chair with your existing design!
Noguchi Coffee Table; Isamu Noguchi design



Monday, July 21, 2014

Selling the family home when a marriage ends....

Recent studies of the marriage and family structure in Canada have shown that divorce rates across the country are on a slight decline. Still, separation and divorce are parts of life that many of us will continue to deal with. About 40% of marriages end in divorce before the 30th year. This is a reality for many homeowners, and the effects of divorce extend beyond the emotional adjustment to both the physical and financial transitions as well.

The legal proceedings for divorce would involve a decision on which of the couple would get the home. In many cases, newly-divorced homeowners would find that revamping the space, doing major renovations and upgrades, or even moving to a completely new home would assist in one’s healing process, transitioning to a new life and adjusting to life post-marriage. Many elements of your current home could remind you of difficult or challenging memories from the relationship that just ended, and selling your home or a home makeover could be therapeutic and also be the much-needed breath of fresh air that your home needs after years of the same look and feel.


Take your time

After the divorce, you may be very eager to just throw everything out, buy new furniture altogether, and transform the entire home. Before you spend exorbitant amounts of money on things, however, you should also pause and make sure that you are thinking clearly and planning correctly for the future. Emotions could be running high and you might end up selling your home or making purchases based only on impulsive feelings but without a clear direction or purpose for the entire effort.

 Ease the family in

If you have children and they are living with you after the marriage ends, you also have to keep them in mind as you change up the home design and décor. In this difficult period, children are able to adjust better if there are elements of home that remain constant and familiar to them. If you are planning to move to a new house, try to bring some of the old furniture pieces with you, especially from their bedroom space. You can try to include your children in the planning and designing of their new bedroom as much as possible, so they also have a sense of control and security especially after the divorce, when feelings of overwhelming change and insecurity could be prevalent.

Time to express yourself

Treat this time of home refurbishing and upgrades as a way for you to regain control over decisions or choices you may not have had when you were still married. Those mementos from your childhood that your spouse did not want displayed? Now you can fish them out of the attic or storage and perhaps add them to your wall décor. Remember to also move forward and make your home a reminder to yourself that this is your step towards finding yourself and being whole again.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to make any room look Bigger

Smaller spaces tend to have a cozier feel about them and they are less intimidating plus you don't need to spend as much on furniture. But to fit in everything you need can be a big challenge and you definitely don't want to feel cramped, so what can you do?

There are some great tips and tricks out there beyond light and mirrors that can help.
And if you are thinking of putting your home or condo on the resale market, these ideas will really help you maximize the space for buyers to see.

1 - When space is at a premium, rooms should serve double duty. And nothing wastes space more than a living room that's used only for company. So go ahead — put a TV in there. Here a prominent wall arrangement steals focus away from the TV, so it doesn't dominate the space.

2 -  You can also hide the TV in a cabinet or piece of furniture. In this room the TV is sequestered behind a pair of doors over the fireplace — much nicer than looking at a big, black screen 24/7.

3 -  When space is tight, always ask yourself: How can I use this room for two purposes instead of one? Here a dining room doubles as a library. It saves space, and nothing warms up a room like a wall of books. Plus it's is practical storage and to make it more decorative you can add some pieces in the bookcase

Friday, July 18, 2014

Furniture Distressing = No Stress at all!

Looking for a quick DIY to spice up your décor? So many times there are budget friendly jobs we can do ourselves at a low cost and with minimal work without even realizing it! Here is an EASY paint do-it-yourself project that will make a difference in any home. 

A very popular paint technique we are seeing a lot of these days in magazines and on home décor websites is “Distressed Edging”. This is a technique that creates an aged look using paint and glaze, without any sanding required. Talk about easy DIY! The glazing softens the colours producing an aged/distressed finish. Since no sanding is required, this means that there is no dust and no mess! There are many wooden surfaces in your home that could work with this technique such as a dining room table, kitchen cabinets, headboard, chairs or stools, coffee or end tables, doors and window trim, and that’s just naming a few!
There are only a couple basic tools you will need and no mess to clean up afterwards:
-Basecoat (only needed if you are starting from scratch and painting an entire piece of furniture.)
-Paint/Glaze for your “distressing” (the colour which would be showing through “underneath”)
-Flat Edge Foam Brush (for distressing the surface, this will be the only brush you need.)
-Plastic containers to hold paint & glaze mixtures.
-Soft cloths for wiping (in case of paint running or applying too much at a time.)
-Spray bottle with water for cloths
-Sealer or varnish for final protective coat once distressing is complete.


Here’s how it works: Paint the surface in the desired colour or use an already painted item or surface. Where you want the surface to look worn and distressed, paint another colour that would represent the colour underneath, this is where the paint and glaze comes into play. Make sure to use small amounts at once. The paint/glaze will likely be a fast drying product. It is much easier to apply less than you need than to try do it all at once, on the off chance you apply to much and cannot fix it. For example, you want to paint your kitchen cabinets yellow, you could chose a medium brown tone to “distress” with. This would look as though the original wood was beginning to show through the paint. This would give the illusion that the previous colour is coming through from normal wear and tear, when in actual fact, this colour is painted on top! Easy! Depending on the extent of the paint job you’re doing, you may want to seal or varnish the surface upon completion. Check with your local paint store for the product they would recommend.
Make sure you record your recipe. When the product is finished and your admiring the fabulous job you did – you want to be sure you remember how such perfection happened!