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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

We Answer Wednesday - Farmhouse style

"I see this farmhouse style everywhere - I really like it! How can I get this look in my home without buying all new furniture?"

You are right!  The farmhouse look does seem to be everywhere!  The great news about this style is two fold.

One - when it comes to the farmhouse look there are many options, levels and directions you can choose.

Two - it is a cozy and timeless look, so you don't have to worry about being trendy.

 We also love the versatility of this style.  The farmhouse look blends easily with the industrial look and also a rustic look.  But you can easily blend farmhouse with some traditional pieces and some modern elements too.

 This Pin was discovered by  Seeking Lavender Lane. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.:

So how can you get this look (on a budget)  at home?

You are in luck - to get this look you don't need to spend a lot.  You can achieve this look with adding a few elements and pieces.

Here are some of our suggestions:

Farmhouse Art - art, photography and  even country inspired signs are an easy addition to your space to help you get that farmhouse look.

 Take a tour of a farmhouse decorated for fall.  Plenty of easy, inexpensive decorating ideas.

Chalkboard - the ease and casual look of chalkboard gives a space a warmth of a country farmhouse.  It's relaxed and simple - we love chalk board paint - it's easy to use and apply.

Chip and Joanna Gaines help a California couple, looking to settle in Waco, create a distinctive home with lots of space, light and a cottage vibe.:

Galvanized metal -  easy pieces like buckets, chairs, even light fixtures in this material add to that country feel.  Be sure to have a dull finish and even a few dings is totally OK.

Pre-Order Set of 2 Galvanized Metal Wire Back Wall Planters This item is schedule to arrive around 1/24/17 . Pre order Now! Large: 18½" x 6" x 9". Small: 15" x 5" x 8". Each mounts to the wall with ke:

Ladder displays - add another rustic touch plus they are a eat way to store blankets and even books and magazines.  They are great in bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. We love this ladder display with framed family photos!

 Here is a great makeover with yet again a very dated piece!  See how Kim from Hunt and Host turned a little beat up…dated organizer into just what she wanted!  Every piece has inner potential : ) . . Now this post is all about a ladder and how you should never leave one at …:

Layer textured rugs - again keeping a very casual look and mixing up textures adds another element to the laid back farmhouse style.  We love to mix a cowhide with a natural fiber like sisal or even seagrass.

Layered Rugs:

Lighting - simple lighting fixtures in a metallic and dull finish add a farmhouse character to a space.  Look for pendants with simple and clean lines with a rustic feel.

A gorgeous modern farmhouse style home in Washington                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

Textiles - in pillows, drapery and blankets are another easy way to get this farmhouse look.   Look for knits, flannel, plaids and soft stone washed fabrics.  Mix them up - farmhouse is a very simple and laid back look. Layer them and don't get caught up in symmetry.

A beautiful farmhouse bedroom decorated with simple touches of fall!:

Add 'practical' pieces - so decorate with items like laundry wash boards, old farm tools, bowls, baskets, pickle jars and mason jars.  These rustic pieces play into the farmhouse feel.

 Retro Washboard Shelf from Olive and Sage:

Wood - the farmhouse look is really focused on texture.  Wood is a texture that is closely connected with farms and the outdoors.  Add some wood elements to your space like bowls, boxes, trays, shelving and even a fireplace mantle.  Opt for reclaimed pieces with lots of character.

 Charming Farmhouse Kitchen DIYs - One Crazy House:

With this farmhouse style you can 'dial it up' or 'dial it down' as much as you like.  You can go very literal with farm pieces like signage and wire baskets OR you can take some influence from this style and play with the different textures and add the farmhouse essence into your space.


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