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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Best of IDS 2017

One of my favourite weekends of the year is the weekend of the Interior Design Show in Toronto. This year, after a quick last minute decision to go, I was on my way Friday morning to IDS Trade Day.
Compared to last year – I thought the show was fantastic. That’s not to knock last year, but this year was beautiful. So much colour and pattern and new textures… I couldn’t wait to take it all in!

I noticed some new trends for 2017 that I instantly fell in love with and of course, snapped tons of pictures of!
Colour was everywhere! Faucets, rugs, light fixtures, pillows – you name it! It was everywhere! I loved it. There were so many companies that bright colours were prominent, Weavers Art Rugs, Grohe Faucets, Urban Barn's Spring Collection (coloured chandeliers – amazing!)

Flooring is getting lighter again. The past few years we’ve been seen a lot of darker flooring, whether it be black, darker greys or a classic dark brown. This year – light was everywhere! Light flooring with wider planks, in a herringbone pattern, with a grey wash. I LOVED IT. I love the lighter floors, its such a fresh contemporary look that goes well with so many different colour palettes.

Lighting is always such a hit with me. I love the beautiful, interesting fixtures with all the interesting shapes, colours, textures and everything in between! This year, a new lighting retailer was there from Minnesota and I just couldn’t stop staring! They carried such amazing products, I immediately added to my ‘must have’ list.  

Cambria is always one of my favourite booths to visit. For the past few years they have brought in slabs of their newest product before its even available to the public. This year – the new products didn’t even have names yet (so fresh and exciting!!!) Last years ‘feature’ was back again, and I loved it just as much as I did last year. Cambria had built there booth desk out of it and it was like looking at art. I cant imagine if that was in my kitchen – I’d never want to use it, it would only be for show!! 

Here are some more photos of some of my favourite products…

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