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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We Answer Wednesday - What is Ship lap?

"I have been hearing this term a lot lately and I don't know what it is ....what is shiplap?"

You are right!  This is a term that we have been hearing a lot these days especially if you are someone who watches a lot of Home design and Decor shows on TV or reading magazines. 

So what is it - you ask, well there is a little bit of debate on what some TV hosts are calling shiplap. 
 shiplap is essentially a style of wood paneling - no, not that 70's style that you may have lived with at some point in your life - this is different....

Shiplap Fireplace Wall with Slate Tile Surround:

Shiplap are long and smooth plain wood boards that are installed on a wall adding a slight texture, a visual interest and with the spacing between the boards you get a strip effect. We are definitely seeing this in the design shows especially the ones that have a slight country influence.

The debate in really on the install of these long and smooth wood panel boards.

In some cases we see these long wood straight panels that are nailed to the wall adding a slight bit of texture and a stripe effect in a room.  These boards are often painted in almost a chalk paint consistency.  We are seeing this a lot in homes that want a bit of a country or farmhouse look (this can also work with a home that is after a nautical feel). 

 286 Pine Needle Way, WaterColor, FL |  Borges Brooks Builders:

Now 'actual' shiplap looks very similar (which I would say is why the term is being used) but the install is different.  This shiplap is like a tongue and groove system giving the boards self-spacing - to get that striped look. the idea with this installation was to get a water tight 'seal'.

If you didn't see the install of the wood panels you likely wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Shiplap is a great way to add some texture to a space.  It looks great painted in any tone (the paint colour choice can really help determine the style you want in the room).  You can opt for a flat finish paint in a warm white, soft grey or even a light blue for a country look but if you chose a darker paint like a charcoal or even a deep navy you could get a bit of an industrial feel.  Of course the items like accessories, textile and lighting will also help with the overall look.

 Adding shiplap and painting navy would make a beautiful powder room and make a…:

Shiplap can also be used as a great feature wall in a family room or even a bedroom.  It's a wonderful way to make an impact without over whelming the entire room.  For those of you that feel reclaimed wood walls are just a bit too much this is a good alternative. 

If you are looking for some subtle texture and visual interest, consider shiplap.

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