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Friday, July 26, 2013

Hotel Chic

My husband and I went on a trip to Atlanta recently - one of our favourite cities!

We stayed at the W Atlanta Buckhead and for me what an inspiring place to stay!

It's a very cool hotel with a hip vibe but absolutely everyone is welcome.  The staff is warm and so friendly and the decor is comfortable and chic.

Lots of texture, seating options, fabulous art and great display arrangements, colour and pattern and the lighting is a showstopper.  The rooms were so comfortable and well designed.

I've stayed at a few of the trendier hotel in North America and some have a tendency to feel cool and unfriendly. 

I found the rooms were so well layed out, lots of space for everything without feeling cramped or cluttered

You really feel like you are staying in a cool condo with great amenities and people.

I loved how the designer, Thom Filicia, used colour, pattern, different seating options and antler light fixtures and blended it all together to get a this hip and warm look and feel.

This stay has inspired me for my next staging jobs and home styling jobs.  And for anyone looking to find a way to re-purpose some older items and give them a current twist, I'm sure these images will inspire you!

We are headed back to Atlanta again this August with the kids and we will be returning to the W Atlanta Buckhead - can't wait!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cottage Life At Home

The hot sunny weather is finally here!  I know everyone is complaining about the heat but I love it! And, really we only have it for so long, so enjoy it before the snow arrives :)

If you are lucky enough to have a cottage or summer home, I'm sure this weather is perfect but for those of us that don't (but wish we did), here are some great ideas to get that cottage look at home so you can kick back and relax cottage style but right at home.

1.  Think about colour.  What are the colours of summer? Light and fresh tones like blue, yellow, white and green are my favourites and they blend nicely with classic neutrals like grey, navy and khaki.  Try adding some summer colour in floral arrangements, pillows, art, candles, bathroom towels and other easy decor pieces.  You can re-use these items every summer season.

2.  Think easy fabrics.  Summer is all about casual entertaining and relaxing, so keep it simple.  Add some slipcovers to existing sofas and chairs to give them a new look but keep it simple with great basics like denim and canvas.  These fabrics are so easy to care for just wash and wear (or sit) and they get softer with every washing.  Again so simple to tuck away for the winter months and re-use when the summer season returns.

3.  Think texture.  When I think of summer I think about the outdoors - I'm not a cold weather person so I hibernate in the winter months.  In summer, I like to swim, walk, hike and take my kids to the park to play.  So bring the textures and beauty of the outdoor indoors!  Floral arrangements are an easy way to do just that but think about more creative ways like wicker furniture with comfy and cozy pillows and throws, bowls or fruit and veggies from the garden, an herb garden, hurricane lights with decorative sand and simple candles, or a soothing water feature wall from the local garden centre - so zen!

4.  Think outdoor furniture.  Not all of your time outdoors will be active so think about seating, lighting and entertaining outdoors.  Over sized candles in large lanterns is a great look with a large group setting or just for yourself.  Tiki torches are fun and festive plus they can keep the bugs away too.  Rocking chairs are great for reading, easy conversation or just soaking in the sunset.  A porch swing, a hammock so soothing...also outdoor fabrics are great for screened in porches, decks and sunrooms - they wash well, don't fade, easy to care for, too...Comfortable seating is a must - outdoor 'sofas' and even 'outdoor' bean bags are great and easy options that are perfect for lounging.  Don't want to spend a fortune on furniture that can't be used all year round??  Summer is the perfect time to fins deals and if you are a DIY guy or gal, try yard saling or thrift stores- it's amazing what deals you can find and what a can (or two) or spray paint can do...

5.  Think lighting.  In the summer the sun is so bright there's no real need for day time lighting but in the evening keep it low key and low energy with soft candle light and for reading be sure to have proper light but why not have some light fixtures with a more rustic, nautical or nature inspired look

6.  Think family.  One of my favourite childhood memory's is going to my cousin's cottage with the whole family.  We had some much fun - swimming, sunning, listening to music, BBQ's, playing cards and other board games, telling stories relive and record those moments by hosting family game night and host friends and family over for snacks and games be sure to take lots of photos of those memories, too!  And find a way to display your memories like with a photo gallery wall, photo album out and available for friends to view or scrapbook.  Surrounding yourself with things and the people you love will make your space more enjoyable for everyone!!

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