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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Traditional art in a contemporary space

" My decor style is contemporary.  I like the clean lines, simple colour palette and minimal accessories but I have inherited some art that I would like to incorporate in my decor scheme - how can I do that ... the art pieces are pretty traditional looking and I don't want to change my style.  Is there a way to use these family heirlooms?"

This is a great question and we complete understand why this is stumping you.  It can be very tricky to combine styles like contemporary and traditional and get it just right.  It's all about finding that balance.  We love that you want to keep these beautiful art pieces in the family, it is so special to hold on and display meaningful items like art. 

 How To Lean Art (Without It Looking Like You Forgot to Hang It. François Halard's New York Apartment from Domino via Savvy Home:

You can absolutely use these pieces in your decor.  Depending on the look or display style you choose, you may need to spend some money on frames and matting but there are often some great sales on custom framing so you can definitely save a bit. Just re-framing and matting with something clean and simple can completely transform the look of your piece and make it fit in with your decor without comprising the art itself.

Take a look at the art pieces you have.  Are any of them from the same collection? If so, it would be great to keep those together in a wall display. The image below is a great example of clean frames and matting and letting the art stand out.  It looks modern in this arrangement and makes a statement above the sofa. Plus it still works with the contemporary look.

Entu Side Table in Coffee Tables & Side Tables | Crate and Barrel  $349 22.85"Wx16.6"Dx16.75"H:

If you have larger pieces on hand, again opt for a clean and simple frame - in white or black with an over sized matte.  This will be an instant update to your piece.   This would be perfect above a sofa in a living room, dining room or bedroom.  Over sized art looks modern no matter the style of art. This is a timeless look so you won't tire of it quickly. In the image below the white matte and frame almost disappear against the light wall colour and the art stands out more

3 Statement Pieces That Can Transform a Room #theeverygirl:

Some times just the arrangement itself can  be modern.  We love a gallery wall and why not show off all of your pieces and their interesting frames in a gallery wall? It's a more modern way to display your art. This arrangement is basically an accent wall.  We love the mix of frames and pieces with and without frames plus look at the heights of the pieces.  The one constant here is that the pieces that do have matting have white matting - you want to make sure to have a common thread.  So in this case, we have a mix of frames, colours and sizes but there is one constant.  This look is a bit more eclectic but it is definitely not traditional and it really allows to show off a lot of art pieces.

A wall full of art makes any room better.:

Another way to display your art in a more modern way is layering it on your mantle.  We love how casual and cool this look is and it is so easy.  Try a large piece at the back - art or even a mirror is perfect and in front you can layer some smaller art pieces even photography and a few knick knacks - it looks so chic.  You can try mixing modern art with some old family photos as well - it's up to you.  this look also works on  floating shelves or even bedside tables.

very chic ...a moroccan beni ourain   carpet with a black & white abstract painting  over the marble fireplace:

Our advise when it comes to art is to always follow your instinct.  Don't get caught up in style, size, colour etc...if you love it there will always be room for it in your home.  Don't worry about matching - art is a creative form of expression so displaying it should be too!

love the abstract/graphic black and white piece, and I love the contrast of the soft pink against the black.:

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Favourite Florals

Who doesn't love a beautiful floral arrangement??? We absolutely love florals - they add such freshness and life to a space (any space).  The colour, the texture, the placement, and the mixture - a floral arrangement is a beautiful piece of art. We love florals any time of year but this time of year when the skies are grey and a bit gloomy, the leaves have fallen and the grass is starting to turn...can be a bit drab -so add a little life in your home with some fabulous florals

Designer glass vase filled with beautiful blooms like garden rose, vanda orchids

We love expressing our personal style with home decor and floral arrangements are another creative way to do just that! There is a floral arrangement for every style from traditional to modern. 

Some of our favourite rooms for florals - well, just about every room but here are some of our top picks for placing florals.

Living room: we love a small arrangement on a coffee table - styled on a tray with some books and other decor pieces.  We love styling a coffee table with multiple items at a lower height, this really allows for great conversations. When it comes to colour - the choice is really up to you, but we suggest thinking about the season (maybe opt for deep orange tones with a touch of deep purple during the fall months and who doesn't love red for Christmas)

Rooms In Bloom: 14 Fabulous Floral Arrangements from Our House Tours | Apartment Therapy:

 Front Foyer/Entry: what a wonderful and welcoming way to invite guests to your home.  A stunning floral arrangement at your front entry really sets a tone.  When it comes to selecting the right arrangement for your entry - take a close look at your furniture piece (do you have a narrow console table? Or a larger round table? This can be very helpful when thinking about size). Also take a look at your ceiling height -high ceilings can really open up your options for some arrangements with height. We love this taller arrangement - the colours are just vibrant and so bold yet the arrangement is so streamlined and simple.

Great standout centerpiece for the food tables:

Dining room: this is typically where we find beautiful floral centerpieces but it really is another wonderful way to welcome your guests and for a dinner party, it dresses up the table.  We personally love a lower arrangement as it really allows for fluid dinner conversation instead of blocking it.  But one of our favourite floral looks is multiple arrangement on one table. Let the size of table (and number of dinner guests help determine how many arrangements you need).  We love a set of seasonal arrangements like the image below - so simple and clean but still very festive!

Why pay a fortune to a florist when you can create your own beautiful centrepieces. Also a great gift to take to someone that will be truly impressed with your creative side.

 Bedroom/Guest Bedroom: floral arrangements make any room feel special and the bedroom is no exception.  A beautiful bouquet can really add a romantic element to your room.  Having house guests for the holidays? Try a bouquet in their bedroom - it is just another welcoming touch to make their stay even more special.

Hydrangea Vase

Kitchen:  So this is not the typical room we find florals in but why not? We often spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether at home preparing day-to-day meals or entertaining - the kitchen is a hot spot, so why not add a little special touch! Since we love displaying florals where food is being served, the kitchen island is perfect!

101 Interior Design Ideas:

Gift: OK, you're right not a room but we had to add this to out list! A gorgeous arrangement is such a kind gesture for anyone hosting during the holiday season.  It isn't something one usually buys for themselves so that really makes it extra special.  The host/hostess can place it where ever they wish. 

This wonderful arrangement of calla lilies, roses, and tulips is a delightful

You can never go wrong with florals - they are Mother Nature's ART!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - decorating with the colour of the year

“I’m so excited about this years colour of the year! I love following home décor trends.
What are some great places to add Rose Quartz into my home?”

Great question!
We’re super excited about this years colour of the year! Soft shades of pinks have been in home décor for the past few seasons and it’s a colour that pairs beautifully with so many other colours. We love mixing metals in with this gorgeous shade of Rose! This is a very versatile shade that can be used in so many places in your home. I don’t think theres a room this wouldn’t work in! Here's a few suggestions for the most prominent places to show it off in your décor.

 Pantone Colour of the Year 2016  Rose Quartz Throw Pillow:

A fabulous spot for this colour is in your bedroom! So many people are using soft, serene tones in bedrooms, and this is the perfect colour for implementing this in your home. Adding an art piece with rose tones, or lamps would be a great refresher for your space. Another easy place to add this colour is in throw pillows and blankets. Adding just a few touches to your bedroom will make your space feel transformed and very on-trend!

 Rose and quartz bedroom | Decorating with country colours | PHOTO GALLERY | Country Homes & Interiors |

Adding Rose Quartz to your living room is another fabulous idea. The great thing about this too is that the living room is a more common area for you to show off these trendy new additions. (your friends will be jealous at how ‘on trend’ you are this season!!) As in the bedroom, adding a Rose Quartz throw pillow or blanket will be a great addition to your space. Combining this beautiful tone with golds and rose golds is a beautiful pairing. Even with chrome!!

 House Beautiful: Pale Pink Elegance | ZsaZsa Bellagio - Like No Other

 We will be seeing lots of accessories with these soft pink hues, so if lamps and pillows are too big of a commitment for you, try adding various accessories! Candle, candle holders, trays, floral arrangements and vases are great spots for this pop of colour!

floral favorite: peonies | bright and beautiful

Adding Rose Quartz accents to your bathroom is another great spot to be ‘trendy’. Pink towels, art or soaps will give your space a modern refresh!

 Rose quartz, often used to symbolize love, peace, or happiness, is believed to stimulate the imagination.:

This is a fabulous shade to mix and match your colour palettes. Rose Quartz is such a soft hue, its practically a neutral! Pair with reds, blues, white, grey, beige, metallics, various textures and so much more! Be creative!

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Is GREY still in? Here's What We Think....

We are often asked about trends in home decor and design.  Just the other day at a neighbourhood Christmas party, one of the questions asked was 'Is grey still in?'

Here's what we have to say.
I like this bathroom because the floor tile moves right into the side of the tub and up the shower wall. The actual shower floor is different. I know your blueprint is not exactly like this, but this creates a beautiful cohesive flow. -Mary

Grey is a neutral so it is never really out.  But what we will say is the cooler greys (so think grey with a blue-purple under tone) is on it's way out.  We are seeing a lean toward the warmer greys.  This is a tone that we love for many reasons.

We love it because it is warm. Who doesn't want a space that feel inviting?

With tones as varied as driftwood gray and creamy latte, neutrals are anything but boring. Browse's top neutral paint color picks to find the right hue for your rooms. Plus, learn the best tricks for decorating in neutrals.:

We love it because it works beautifully with neutrals like navy, white and charcoal but also just as well with bolds like yellow and hot pink and even with softer hues like mint and lavender.  It is so versatile!

We love it because it works with all styles of decor.  You can have a warm grey farmhouse kitchen full of reclaimed wood and ages copper touches and an apron sink but you could also have a warm grey living room in a modern minimalist space with open windows, concrete floors and soaring ceilings.  It works with either of these styles plus anything in between.

 Grey loft - Arketipo catalogue #grey #interiordesign - Carefully selected by @Gorgonia

We love it because it is great transitional tone.  So if your home was very warm beige and you want to move into a grey tone for a change, a warm grey is perfect for you - it means you won't have to adjust all of your furniture, it will still work because of the warmth in the new grey tone.

warm grey bedroom:

We love it in paint, flooring, furniture, tiles, cabinetry, textiles and more.

 white Kitchen Backsplash. Like the cabinet color too, warmer than white but still light and neutral:

So to answer the question, yes, grey is still in! Thinking of making a change to grey? Stick to warmer greys that work with your current palette.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

We answer Wednesday - Mirror Image

"I know everyone says mirrors are a great way to make rooms look bigger.  What are some creative ways to use mirrors in my space?"

Mirrors are a 'magic' piece that really can make rooms look bigger and brighter.  They allow light to bounce around a room so it give that illusion of a larger space, so be sure to have light in the room with that mirror.

 Cleaning tips for every room:

The great thing about mirrors is that they are also beautiful (the reflected image: you) the mirror, itself is also beautiful plus there are many styles to suit many styles of decor.

We can offer you a few ideas to inspire how you can use mirrors in your space.

In the entry: it's usually a small and tight space to begin with so a mirror is going to help make it look and feel more spacious but ti's also very useful so you can do one final check before you head out for the day. This circular mirror with a wide frame looks great over the console table. 

IKEA EKBY ALEX shelving with legs for desk, vanity... Legs from Lowes!! (original post w/ how-to at via 13 Furniture Makeovers You Won't Believe Began with IKEA:

In the living room: We love that added glam that a mirror can add to a space.  Mirrors serve a function but they are also a great 'fashion' piece.  They instantly add a touch of glamour and make a room look expensive.  We love this set of 3 matching mirrors in this living room.  The dark glossy frames hanging above the sofa table make the room look so chic.

neutral living room. Designer Jacqueline Derrey Segura. House Beautiful:

Try an over sized mirror: Over sized mirrors are so stylish and we love what they can do in a room.  Try in the corner of a bedroom, the room will look instantly larger plus it another great way to check out your #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) but try and over sized mirror elsewhere, like the entry, dining room, living room...We love this entry with the over sized mirror with a silver frame and lots of tone-on-tone.

If you have room for a console, you have room for a tall mirror. Make the most out of it by layering a wall-busting mirror behind your console.  Source: Janis Nicolay Photography:

In the bedroom: We love a mirror in the bedroom but maybe not where you would expect....try matching mirrors above each bedside table.  The symmetry is classic and something the human eye is naturally drawn to. We love this scalloped edge mirror above these white and wood tone bedside tables and with the trellis wallpaper as the backdrop, perfection!

Interior Design: Creating the Perfect Guest Room — Interior Design | San Francisco Bay Area, Carmel & California

Try a 'custom' mirror in your bathroom: Often when we move into a home, there have been some updates (maybe not to our specific tastes but updates none the less) but the bathroom mirrors are usually ignored.  Try adding an instant update to your bathroom by changing out those old mirrors for something new.  It makes a huge difference in the overall look of your bathroom. You don't have to spend a fortune to make your space look rich.

Art deco inspiration! Love this for the small bathroom or under the stairs if possible for a sink!:

 Try above the fireplace: A perfect spot for a piece of art, yes but, if you can't find a piece you love a mirror is a great solution - it never goes out of style and should you find an art piece you love you can always place the mirror elsewhere.  Another look we love above the fireplace is layering.  So try a mirror (a large one) layered with some smaller art or photography.

Mirrors and Art, Courtney-Giles, Layered-Mirror-Over-Fireplace Mantle-Decoration:

Try a gallery wall: Have a gallery wall? A a mirror in your arrangement to mix it up! Lots of mirrors make a great mirror gallery wall.

Atelier for Fashion Design - Accented w/ Mirrors in Rustic Loft w/ Beautiful Brick Wall:

A few tips when it comes to  decorating with mirrors:

- like art be sure to find the right size and be sure to hang it at the right height

- find a mirror with a frame that works with your current style. the possibilities are endless, the choices are too

- don't be afraid to get creative, try matching over sized mirrors behind bedside tables - why not?

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