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Monday, December 7, 2015

Is GREY still in? Here's What We Think....

We are often asked about trends in home decor and design.  Just the other day at a neighbourhood Christmas party, one of the questions asked was 'Is grey still in?'

Here's what we have to say.
I like this bathroom because the floor tile moves right into the side of the tub and up the shower wall. The actual shower floor is different. I know your blueprint is not exactly like this, but this creates a beautiful cohesive flow. -Mary

Grey is a neutral so it is never really out.  But what we will say is the cooler greys (so think grey with a blue-purple under tone) is on it's way out.  We are seeing a lean toward the warmer greys.  This is a tone that we love for many reasons.

We love it because it is warm. Who doesn't want a space that feel inviting?

With tones as varied as driftwood gray and creamy latte, neutrals are anything but boring. Browse's top neutral paint color picks to find the right hue for your rooms. Plus, learn the best tricks for decorating in neutrals.:

We love it because it works beautifully with neutrals like navy, white and charcoal but also just as well with bolds like yellow and hot pink and even with softer hues like mint and lavender.  It is so versatile!

We love it because it works with all styles of decor.  You can have a warm grey farmhouse kitchen full of reclaimed wood and ages copper touches and an apron sink but you could also have a warm grey living room in a modern minimalist space with open windows, concrete floors and soaring ceilings.  It works with either of these styles plus anything in between.

 Grey loft - Arketipo catalogue #grey #interiordesign - Carefully selected by @Gorgonia

We love it because it is great transitional tone.  So if your home was very warm beige and you want to move into a grey tone for a change, a warm grey is perfect for you - it means you won't have to adjust all of your furniture, it will still work because of the warmth in the new grey tone.

warm grey bedroom:

We love it in paint, flooring, furniture, tiles, cabinetry, textiles and more.

 white Kitchen Backsplash. Like the cabinet color too, warmer than white but still light and neutral:

So to answer the question, yes, grey is still in! Thinking of making a change to grey? Stick to warmer greys that work with your current palette.

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