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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavia has a long heritage of beautiful home furnishings. Scandinavians are renowned for incorporating clean lines, using the color white like total pros, and emphasizing both function and form.

You might think that Scandinavian style is that famous yellow and blue store with 'assemble yourself furniture' that comes in boxes.  but Scandinavian style is more than that!

If you love a clean and minimal look that embraces natural elements, Scandinavian might be your style!

Scandinavian style includes...

1 - Light toned wood.

 On the other side of the room, we couldn't help but fall for this breakfast nook. With wooden bentwood chairs, statement lighting, a fun print, and a cozy bench, you couldn't ask for a better place to start your morning.

2 - A rug with one pop of colour

 Mid-century style with an IKEA STOCKHOLM rug | IDA Interior LifeStyle:

3 - Lots of white, and white on white

 I'm obsessed with the fire wood being stored in the wall, and that chair !:

4 - When it comes to hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms, simplicity is key.  Clean lines and minimal to no detail.

 Kitchen Design Photo by Natalie Cruz Album - sourced, kitchen nook:

5 - Invest in classics. Scandinavian style is very minimal so you will only have a few decor items, so it's worth investing in them. For example, a glass vase by designer Alvar Aalto


6 - Signature 'Scandinavian' pieces that embrace the Scandinavian style like the Tulip Table

 kitchens, kitchens, and more kitchens | BURKE DECOR:

7 - Gallery walls with a monochrome colour palette.

 Beautiful home decor! What better feeling than coming back to a beautiful and cozy home. Get inspired and try this in your home!:

8 - Pendant lighting is essential and an important decor feature in the room.  It is functional but also decorative. Plan the room around it

Nordic design / eams chair / minimalist design / simple interior / white & wood / black lamp.:

9 -  Plants.  Streamlined and clean in a simple planter or vase.  But every Scandinavian styled room has a plant.

 I love that white walls and floors! I'd use more colorful accent pieces via art, though:

10 - Wood flooring.  Think wider, lighter planks with visible knots and minimal to no gloss.

 Scandinavian. | The best scandinavian home design ideas! See more inspiring images on our boards at:

11 - Make a point of having and highlighting the fireplace.  In Scandinavian styled homes, we often see corner fireplaces and furniture plans are often designed around them.

 Scandinavian interior. Simple, natural shades. Come at peace!:

12 - Open Shelving.  For functional items like dishes in the kitchen.  It's about easy access and operating effectively.

 A Room by Room Guide to Scandinavian Style Love the tile!:

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