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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Finding my Decorating Style

"I really want to decorate my condo and have it look amazing.  But where do I start? Do I look at what's trending? Or copy what I see in magazines? I really need help and have no idea where to start!"

Decorating your home is so much fun but it can be stressful for some - we don't want you to have a negative experience, after all this is your home, your space, your sanctuary !

 A home for a mid-week touch of calm (via ):

Magazines are a great start.  Here's what we recommend: start leafing through magazines (start in a bookstore, we love Chapters, they always have a large and varied selection) - (you can also look online - try Houzz or Pinterest.) So start looking through your magazines and keep a file (yes, rip out those pages!) and take some notes on what you love about the page - post-it's are easy and perfect for this!  Collect a number of images and once you have a decent amount (10-20)- stop and review.  Look at the images, look at your you see a pattern? You probably will notice a common theme - like colour, pattern, texture, style....or perhaps something more specific like wallpaper or bold and graphic art.  This exercise is a great way to start and get a better idea of your taste and style.  Don't use words like "I'm modern or I'm traditional", images will give you a much better idea of what you are all about!

ARENT&PYKE: Dining room art - In/Out:

Another great tip for decorating, is to ask yourself "how to I want this room to feel?" Do you want a sexy or romantic bedroom? Do you want a vibrant and exciting living room?

 Romantic bedroom- My dream Bedroom:

Use your interests as decor influences. Maybe you love to travel and you want your space to remind you of your travels - "I want a room that reminds me of Italy, France, Morocco....etc....." did you collect art or other artifacts on your adventures? Use those items in your decorating.  They will give the space a sense of who you are and what your story is.

The Marrakech Collection #global #decor

Trends are great to read about but if you don't love what's '#trending' don't do it! Your space needs to reflect your story - not what someone tells the masses is cool.

Don't be afraid! If you love something you will find a spot for it.  Don't be afraid to mix patterns and colours and brands/price points, an expensive sofa paired with a re purposed/recycled thrift store find like a bench or end tables - is what personal style is all about! 

 Mistake: Poor Rug Relationships:

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