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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - How to Update My Daughter's Bedroom Decor

My 11 year old daughter really wants me to update her bedroom.  She's 'over' the Disney Princess theme.  I want to update her room, I agree with her - it's time but I would like some ideas on how to make updates that will grow with her over time instead of needing another massive makeover in about 5 years.

They grow up so quickly don't they!  When you first set up your son or daughter's room we tend to go all out with a theme (and we go all out!!) and we soon realize that they have out grown that theme but our cash flow just can;t keep up!!

Having a room that transitions well from stage to stage is the way to go.

Here are some great tips!!

1 - Themes.  Stay away from specific themes. They out grow those themes so quickly. So use your child's interests to compliment instead of dominate. Instead of a theme like Princess try a colour palette instead.

20 Bedroom Paint Ideas For Teenage Girls:

2 - Furniture.  Opt for 'adult' furniture instead of children's furniture.  It is better quality and your daughter will grow into it.  A Full size or Queen size bed, for instance, may seem too big now but when she is 16 or 17 it won't.  Also opt for neutral tones furniture - a white bed is easy to work with in the future, a bright pink bed isn't! We also love the storage space that an 'adult' size dresser offers, now it may be partially empty but that will change before you know it!

DIY Teen Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas  | Decor Ideas for Girls Room:

3 - Walls. Instead of one big bold colour like hot pink or deep purple on all of the walls, only accent one wall (ideally the wall behind the headboard).  Paint or wallpaper that one wall and keep the others neutral.  If she changes her mind about that colour or design - it's only one wall to change!

This room is one of the most popular nurseries ever uploaded in our gallery, and now it has been beautifully transformed into a big girl room.:

4 - Sections.  Make functional areas in the room, so add a workspace (we love a desk with a fun chair), think dressing area (a small corner with a full length mirror by the closet and/or armoire) perhaps a chair to lay her clothes out the night before or for reading and storage for clothing, books and more.

A pale lavender may be another option? It looks nice with white and green accents.:

5 - Art.  Instead of Disney vinyl wall decals or canvas art pieces try framed pieces instead.  They can be changed up very easily! Frame posters too - it looks so much better!

Bedroom ideas: three tips for a quick makeover | Decorazilla Design Blog:

6 - Accessories. The easiest and most affordable way to update any room! Decor pillows, lamp, chandelier, art - these small pieces make a big difference in the room and are a great way to embrace a theme without completely committing to one!

4 a teen girls bedroom that loves horses. this would be the best bed room for a country girl!!!:

7 - Personal touches.  Add some personal touches to the space - try changing out hardware on your dresser, a faux fur accent rug, a bulletin board is a great space to add photos and other memorabilia

IKEA Hemnes Dresser with Pink Knobs in a Bright Matryoshka Doll Nursery:

Remember when it comes to decorating don't be afraid to 'go outside of the box'.  Who says a girl's bedroom has to be pink, purple or floral .  You can do anything you want!

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