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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Curb Appeal

"My husband and I will be putting our home on the market but not for a few months.  By the time, it is listed for sale we will be in Sunny Florida. The interior of the home will be clean and tidy, plus it will be furnished but do we need to get regular outdoor maintenance taken care of?"

It's so great that you are planning ahead for the sale of your home.  The interior of the home being clean, tidy and staged is great but don't forget about the exterior!  Yes, everyone loves to see a beautifully manicured lawn, lush and colourful gardens and green trees in the summer months but that doesn't mean that curb appeal doesn't play a role in the other months, too.

Curb appeal isn't just a summer thing, it's important year round! The exterior of your home is the first thing buyers will see and if it is not well maintained that could be a bit of a red flag to buyers.  You also you want to make a good first impression and a welcoming one, too.  And in the winter months, not maintaining your exterior can also be a safety issue - those are equally important factors when it comes to selling your home.

The summer months are definitely the prettiest months for curb appeal but a well maintained exterior is noticeable all year long. So much of the monthly maintenance is dependent on your climate but here are some helpful tips.

 It's easy to see the classic appeal of this 1948 Cape Cod-style home now. But would you have recognized its potential as these homeowners did when it came on the market? Find out here.

In the fall months -
*sweep the porch and walkway, and driveway
*make sure all light bulbs are in working order (the days are getting shorter so lights will be very important)
*the grass is still growing so be sure to have it cut
*for some extra curb appeal some fall planters or a wreath maybe even some pumpkins to celebrate the fall season.

 Love this front door

In the winter months-
*be sure to shovel the porch,driveway and walkways,
*salt or sand those areas too
*again be sure that the light bulbs are fully functional and set to turn on at dusk, this is great for showings but also anyone driving by
*to add some extra curb appeal you can add a winter wreath!

 A wood bucket filled with logs at the front door adds a rustic, wintry touch to a home's curb appeal, saying, "Come on in; there's a warm fire blazing inside."

In the spring months-
*the grass isn't quite green yet but the flowers are starting to bloom (depending on the climate) but *give your lawn a bit of a rake to remove any winter debris,
*clear off the porch, walkways and driveways (debris, salt/sand and any garbage)
*for some extra impact bring out some colourful outdoor pillows to any bench or seating, add a spring floral wreath
*later in the spring add some planters with spring flowers to add some colour

front porch

Before you put your home on the market be sure to check that your exterior has the following:
- a clear address plate (you want buyers and agents to find your property)
- the paint on the front door isn't chipped or peeling
- the front steps are in good condition
- the mail box, grip set and door bell are in good working condition
- windows close and open easily
- the exterior materials (brick, siding etc...) are in good condition

Any buyer that comes to your home should be 'WOW'ed by it and it shouldn't matter if it is May or January.  Make that impression every time!

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