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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Best Kitchen Table Ideas

I love my kitchen but the breakfast area is very small. I would love to have a table in this space but I don’t want something intrusive. What are my best options for a small breakfast nook?”
Great question! This is a reality for so many people, especially condo living. Many homes have an area in the kitchen that’s great for a table for breakfast or kids doing homework etc. but don’t know how to use the square footage properly. There are functional and stylish options for every home – sometimes we have to be inventive and creative!
Its important to be realistic about how your going to use this space. If your not going to use this table with other people, is having 6 chairs a necessity? Probably not. If you are using this as your only dining space, maybe so. In that case, here are some suggestions for the best tables for your small kitchen. If this is your only dining space and you want it to look more formal you can still keep the size and scale proportional but look for some chairs that have a more elegant style and add a beautiful dining light fixture above the table
Those are cool chairs!  Totally *not* kid-friendly, but I like the two-tone effect.  Also, that light fixture is sweet.

For small spaces, our first recommendation is always glass. The great thing about glass is that it is clear (I mean duh, right?) but because of that, it is non-intrusive. Because it is clear, it almost camouflages to a space. The transparency is truly a great option for making a space seem larger than it is.
white cabinets with back painted glass backsplash and marble countertop
Round tables are definitely most ideal for small kitchen spaces because they promote conversation and can accommodate more seats than a rectangular table. Square tables are also a good option. There are only four sides to this so having 6 seats will be challenging. Depending how you will be using the table – 4 seats may be more than you even need anyways. Also if building in a bench (with piano hinge for additional storage) is possible it's a great space saver if you have a Bay window.  It's casual and comfy seating and it looks great with a round table.
Take a tour of this charming beach cottage with a built-in breakfast nook with bay window.
Often a smaller base is easier to cram people around, it seems more spacious than having four legs. A single pedestal is much less intrusive. Depending how large the legs are and the shape of the table will determine its functionality in terms of seating. Be mindful of that.
Pub tables are a great option for a small space. Depending on how you use this table, having a higher pub table sometimes makes a space seem larger. Having additional height often makes the room seems larger, instead of having more seating width wise, we’ve added height.
Pub table made from metal and wood for the basement from BHG Walmart.  Tips on decorating a kitchen in the basement! Light and bright for a basement.

Positioning of your table is also something that can really impact your space. Let’s face it, sometimes there just isn’t a lot of space. In a perfect world, our kitchens would have a beautiful space for a breakfast nook with a bay window and built in bench. That’s not always a reality. Sometimes your furniture placement is limited. Don’t be afraid to push the table against the wall. Or the kitchen cabinets. As long as there is a decent traffic pattern(2 feet is ideal) than use your space in a functional way.

I also like this one

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