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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Best Bookcases For Small Spaces

We love to read and we love home decor but sometimes books lead to clutter which we don't love.

Clutter is very stressful. It's messy and can be overwhelming.  When you live in a smaller space you don't often have the luxury of storage.  So what do you do? Sure, you can minimize your clutter but you can't get rid of everything.

When you live in a smaller space you need storage but you also need it to be slim and stylish for your space.

We have found some amazing space saving book storage pieces.

The Brosna Bookcase from Urban Barn.  A fun and funky piece in two colours (black or white).  We love the simplicity and clean lines.  A great way to mix up books and some accessories.

We love the industrial feel to this metal bookcase with casters from Structube


The Sapien Bookcase from DWR is perfect for just stacking books.  Clean, simple, vertical and ideal for even the smallest of corners. The bookcase once filled with books almost disappears!

 We love the metallic finish on this 'etagere'.  Perfect for mixing books and decor.  The Nook Tower from West Elm.  there are a few variations on this design, some with a more industrial edge but this look transitions well with a few different decor styles.

When it comes to book storage, get creative!  Books can add a lot of colour to your space, so why not add skinny shelving for book storage and display pieces instead of art pieces on the wall.  Also think about horizontal book storage like you see here.  Under this bench is a great spot for kids books! Easy to access and to put away!

What keeps those 4 bookcases looking light, is that they do not have a backing!  You can see the wall behind the piece so it has an airy feel.  Plus the shelves are slim so they do not add bulk to the room.  Simple, slim storage can make a huge difference in a smaller space.

A day bed, great light and ample storage = great reading space for adults and kids.

For kids, we also love bookcases flanking a headboard.

kids room

When it comes to your space and bookcases, you never want it too look and feel cramped, cluttered and heavy.  To avoid that be sure to not over stuff your bookcases and add some decor/display pieces or photo frames to the book storage - it will lighten up the look and feel.  For kids' books, some time it is easier to storage awkward shaped books in a basket instead of in the shelf.

And remember for books that you are done with and don't want to keep there are tons of used book stores, day cares, community centers and schools always looking to add to their inventory!

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