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Monday, June 29, 2015

Bedroom Makeover: Easy tips to change your space

We love a makeover! Many times small changes make a huge impact in your home. Changing some accessories, or a coat of paint can make a space feel brand new. Many people hesitate when redecorating because they think it is going to cost a lot. There are so many simple changes that can make a difference in your space.
Here is an example of a bedroom we recently made some changes too. For a minimal budget, we were able to overhaul this room into a more contemporary space with a few different accent colours and accessories.
Beiges and warm tones weren't really the style we were looking for anymore. By changing the wall colour and removing the red, the look is more contemporary and fresh.
Changing the paint on the walls to a pure white and adding an abstract art piece in cooler tones really make the space feel lighter. The addition of new drapery and a few pillows in complementary colours adds some depth. The lamp is an interesting shape and in a colour found in the art. These small changes make a huge impact!

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