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Friday, May 29, 2015

How To Pick The Right Paint Colour

So you've decided to paint!  That's the easy part.  Picking the right paint colour is the next step and there's a lot to consider.  Sure, you could walk into a store, grab a paint chip you like, buy the paint and go home will likely end up with a colour that just doesn't work in your space.

So....if you are looking to paint - ask yourself these 10 questions BEFORE committing to a colour.

1.  Where am I in the decorating process?
If you are totally starting from scratch - so no floors, furniture, tiles etc...then you do have a lot of options.  Have a colour in mind, say grey tones, when it comes to make those selections and bring the paint fan with you so you can find a colour that works with everything. But if you have fixtures in place - flooring, sofa, other furniture, window dressings, wall paper etc... you will need to work with those items (unless you are doing a total room over haul).  So once the items you want to keep are in place start fanning through different colour options.

 painting fruniture - also I think most of us are a little overweight, so I am sharing this... I saw this on TV and I have lost 26 pounds so far pretty quickly too

2.  How do I know if it is a colour I love?
In order to know for sure if you are going to absolutely love a paint colour - you do need to see it on the walls.  When it comes to narrowing down your choice - trust your gut!  Don't let others tell you what to do - an opinion is fine as long as they have you and your taste in mind.  If you like deep colour or bold colour - go for it, it's only paint!

 Suzanne Kasler bedroom in Newburyport Blue

3.  Am I rushing into this?
Take a breathe and take your time selecting your colour or colours.  Sit in your space and think about the mood you want and how you want it to feel for yourself and others.  Then look toward colours that support that mood. Take the time to test colours and look at them day and night.

 Find ideas to bring patterns, prints, colors, textures, and more design elements together to create the ultimate living room.

4.  Have I looked at paint chips?
Going to a decorating store or a hardware store and seeing the walls of paint chips can be very intimidating - there is so much to look at.  Trying leafing through magazines before going to look at chips, and look at decorated rooms - that would help you focus on not only a decor style but a colour palette, too.  That way you have some direction and can easily weed out what you don't want.

 It all starts with the paint swatch

5.  Have I tried any samples?
Still uncertain? but narrowed down to a few options? Don't rely on just the chip - get yourself some samples.  Buy a quart or pint of paint and paint swatches on your walls - don't worry they will cover up when you actually start painting.   

 According to Martha, these are 18 go-with-everything, paint-anything, put-anywhere hues and projects that will work in any room.

6.  Have I looked at the sample more than once?
Now that you have painted a few swatches on your walls.  Keep the swatches up for a few days before totally committing.  For some, this new paint (especially if it is very different from the old paint) can take a while for the shock to wear down. Be sure to look at the swatches throughout the day as the light changes, the colour may appear different, too.  Make sure you like the colour day and night.

 Aubusson Blue  The colour is named and designed after the beautiful deep grey blue found on the classic 18th and 19th century Aubusson rugs from France. It is an elegant colour that works well with many colours as it is a dark neutral but in particular it works with Paris Grey . It is also a colour found in Scandinavian painted furniture

7.    What other colours am I using?
Likely your paint colour won't be the only colour in the room.  Be sure that the wall paint colour will work harmoniously with the other colours in the room such as flooring, furniture, and textiles, even wallpaper. 

 Personalize a bathroom or powder room with these creative ideas for mixing and matching your favorite colors.

8.  Have I considered the room?
Before you choose the paint colour, pay attention to the room.  How much light does it have? In south facing rooms, colours run very true.  North facing rooms tend to be darker so the colours will look different.  And, in east facing rooms, the colour looks a little blue. Do you have high ceilings? With high ceilings you can get away with going bolder and deeper than with standard ceiling height.

 Color Confidence: 10 Easy-to-Live-With Living Room Paint Colors | Apartment Therapy

9.  What's my sheen of choice?
So the sheen is very important - it affects how the light is either absorbed or reflected by the wall colour.  Higher sheen like a semi gloss or gloss will reflect more light from the surface so the colour will be deep and rich.  A flat or eggshell will absorb light creating a dryer looking colour.  If your walls aren't perfect, opt for a flat finish to disguise the imperfections. 

 Benjamin Moore Color..."copley gray." A warm-toned gray in the greige family. Popular color. Beautiful.

10.  Am I too hesitant?
Painting a room should take about a weekend of your time.  Compared to other projects it's straightforward and cost effective.  Plus it makes a huge impact and when you tire of the colour - it's an easy update!

These turquoise walls are the perfect shade for a serene bedroom & it  coordinates well with all of the natural wood in the room.

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