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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Home Staging Tips for the Kitchen

We all know the importance of the kitchen.  It is the heart of the home and when it comes to the real estate market it is a hot spot.  Meaning it is one of the top areas that buyers are looking at when it comes to shopping for a new home. So when it comes to prepping your home for the resale market do not over look the kitchen.  In fact really focus on highlighting it's features and making it look it's best!

Here are some ideas

1.  Add some colour.  Yes, you need to declutter those counter tops but add a few splashes of colour here and there.  it will add warmth to the room and photograph well. When we stage a property, we use kitchen accessories like cookbook, small plants and fruit.

Pretty kitchen vignette

2.  Bring attention to the features like an island.  Have matching stools at your island, enough that they fit comfortably (approx 2 feet per stool) and be sure that the stools aren't overly bulky for the island either.  Also play with some colour with flowers so maybe even place settings

Kitchen with transitional style

3.  Set the scene.  If you have a dining or eat-in area in the kitchen space - show it off!  Set the table or add a simple centerpiece to bring focus to the area.  Be sure that the furniture fits nicely in the space - not too big, not too small.

The kitchen tends to be the heart of a home. It also tends to be a place where potential buyers will spend the most time. Whether you are thinking of selling, are in the process of selling, or in need of some ideas to get your kitchen in tip-top shape, here are five little secrets that are going to ensure your kitchen looks amazing! #staging #organizing

4.  Need some updates on a tight budget? Try smaller budget updates that make an impact like new hardware - an easy install and easy to find in a hardware store.  Update lighting too - over the island, in the eat in area and in the kitchen. The faucet may also benefit from an upgrade too

Small kitchen remodel advice for turning dated into Contemporary Chic -better home and gardens

5.  Keep it clean and clutter free.  Remove notes and flyers, magnets, coupons etc...from your fridge surface it looks messy and cluttered.  Plus it takes away from the rest of the kitchen - it's distracting

7 Tips to sell your home faster to a younger buyer | Fox News

 6.  Lighten and brighten.  A dark, dreary kitchen is never a turn-on so keep it light and bright.  Be sure your lighting is on full working order - no broken fixtures or burnt out bulbs but think about paint!  A fresh coat of paint is an instant facelift and in a kitchen it's a pretty easy project.  Stick to light neutral tones and it will add instant life to your kitchen

 White Kitchen Love the look of this kitchen, but don't think I want all white.  Can't keep the one clean I've got now.

7.  Counter top upgrade.  Many buyers are looking for stone counter tops.  Granite and quartz are items that will help sell your home faster. Consider installing granite or quartz but if you can't afford it, try getting a quote for buyers - your agent can pass it along to those who are interested.

HATE my kitchen cabinets.  Would love to convert some to glass.  This DIY method seems easy enough, but I'm totally chicken.

8.  Install a simple back splash.  If your home doesn't have a back splash - consider installing one.  Again, stick with something neutral and timeless, subway tile is an affordable option and it is a classic plus it works with every style.  a back splash can set you apart from the competition, too, many newly built town homes in suburban communities a back splash is an 'extra' so many buyers don't get one.  Stand out from the crowd!

open shelving in the kitchen. Gray glass tile. lovely! I have open shelving... unfortunately all apartments are sorta already made. So I brought my shelving outside the kitchen :)

9. Show off functionality.  Small kitchens can still be functional it's all about storage and set up.  If you are lacking in storage or surface space try adding a furniture piece that can offer both.  In this image - this 'mobile' island offers a great prep or serving space (add a chair) plus it has a lower shelf that has some storage.  This piece is perfect because it doesn't add bulk and the reflective surface adds some brightness too

Small industrial island for a small kitchen.  Wheels and narrow size to accomodate movement required.  Like it.

When it comes to staging your home from the resale market - turn that kitchen into a dream kitchen !  Be sure to include a good clean and fixing any small repairs like shipped doors, squeaky hinges, loose knobs, leaky faucet and more....

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