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Saturday, April 18, 2015

What to do with that awkward space above the kitchen cabinets.....

In some kitchens you will notice that there is an awkward open space between the ceiling and the top of the kitchen cabinets. Other than building in a bulkhead to meet the top of the cabinets - what can you do?

Depending on your style or your situation this can be usable space.  It can be used for storage or decor, ideally both. 

If you are selling, we strongly suggest not displaying it as cluttered storage packed with various things like large Tupperware, platters and small appliances -as that sends out a message to buyers - this kitchen doesn't have enough storage (which is a negative)!!

If you are selling and staging, try painting that open space.  We recommend the same tone as the cabinets (or at least something light that works with the palette or the same wall colour as you have in the kitchen already)  That will keep an open feel in the kitchen- a bright or dark paint tone will draw attention to the awkward space and give an odd striped effect

Ideas if you are staging:

...The key is to choose a color that pops against the color of the cabinetry, the ceiling and the backsplash, for maximum impact.
Design by Laura Stein Interiors; Photography by Brandon Barre via Dering Hall

This kitchen shows a lighter tone that works with the colour palette

Ten Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to a Suburban Home by The Everyday Home
 This image shows a kitchen where the gap is painted in the same tone as the cabinets you can see how the awkward gap just disappears.

 Lots of houses have it — that awkward space between the top of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. In my house it's a favored cat hangout (no lie, my roommate's cat is quite the climber), but in most homes it just collects dust. Here are seven ideas for what to do with that awkward gap.

 Clean and uniform storage....wicker baskets are a great way to add some natural material to your space - this looks great in a rustic or country style kitchen plus these baskets hide items that maybe are not suitable for display like cooking magazines. This would work for staging as it is clean looking and practical not cluttered and junky.

Decor for your everyday living there are some easy and interesting display ideas....

Try adding some cute and fun messages like Eat, Laugh, Family.....

Looking to bring in a touch of pattern in an unexpected way? Check out The Handmade Home's tutorial on making these fabric-topped letters and create your own decor to spell out your choice of message (we prefer the cheerful "enjoy" to the timeworn "EAT"...but ultimately, whatever makes you happiest.)
Photo via The Handmade Home

Layer some decorative pieces but keep to a tight colour palette  - seen here there is a mix or shiny metallic and white - that gives a streamlined look

Displaying one tabletop collection? Fine, yes. But two, together, is twice as nice (and far more original.) This is an especially good trick for making use of a deep overhead space.
Design by Craig Schumacher; Photography by Nathan Schroder via House Beautiful

 What about wall paper? This works is you have some wall space covered in the same wall paper...

Another of our favorite twofer solutions: Wallpaper is an obvious choice for the space, but increase the oomph substantially with a similar-hued collection (and you know you can't lose with ginger jars and Ming vases.)
Design by Christina Rottman; Photography by Mikkel Vang via House Beautiful

 Take advantage of high ceilings by using the space to display bold pieces of art

Gallery walls are nice, sure, but let's go ahead and coin this the "gallery loft" and start coveting it now. If your kitchen, like this one, has such an expansive space to fill, we especially love this solution. Dealing with a shorter gap? It can still work! Just make sure to copy the best part here: The two rows in different heights.
Design by Jeffrey Grew; Photography by Pablo Enriquez via Apartment Therapy

Love that cafe look and feel? Bring it home with chalkboard paint and some fun messages, inspiring quotes, recipes and more....

The only method that easily gives you flowers one week and your calendar the next — chalkboard paint turns the awkward spot into a blank canvas in the best possible way.
Design by Shaleah Soliven via Design Mom

 Are you a collector or cookbooks? This could work for some great book storage but make sure to style the space so it doesn't look cluttered

Why should cookbooks take up precious space in your living room bookshelves when they can enjoy a designated spot in the room you actually need them. Note: This one only works if you have a step ladder so you can access them easily!
Design by Trudy Gould and Seamus McCartney; Photography by Eve Wilson via The Design Files

Get a little retro with some wire baskets that can hold practical items that will also add some pops of colour

Uniform wire baskets, that is, elegantly displayed with necessities inside. Who knew those extra coffee grounds could look stylish? 
Design by Elsie Larson; Photography by Janae Hardy via A Beautiful Mess

 Be unique - display a cool collection that symbolizes your passions - love to travel? Try this interesting yet simple display....

There's no better way to bring this much color and conversation to the kitchen with only a single, repeated, object. Long live globes — new, vintage, whatever! As long as you love 'em.
Design and photography by Ashley Ann Photography via Apartment Therapy

 But no matter what you have up there be sure to dust it regularly as it can collect a lot of dust over time.

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