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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Decor lesson: How to Mix Patterns using the Buddy System

We all grew up hearing about the Buddy system but this buddy system for home decor is a bit different.....

We love playing with colour, pattern and texture but sometimes finding the right balance can be a challenge.  Our clients often ask us how to mix patterns, mixing colors and patterns can be a snap. Use the Buddy System!

 What is the Buddy system?

Simply put, the Buddy System means that when mixing multiple textiles, make sure every fabric has a buddy, in color or pattern (and ideally both). The process works particularly well for bedding, scatter cushions on a sofa, or anywhere you might want to mix many textiles. This is a sure fire way to get a designer look in your space.  Mixing different patterns has such a sophisticated style.

1.  The purple in the floral headboard closely matches the purple in the spotted cushion.

 2. Likewise, a neutral taupe features in both the smaller spotted cushion, and the paisley print one.

 3. Speaking of, there are two spotted cushions here.

 4. The prints of the bedspread, blue striped cushion and purple spotted one all have a blurry, ikat-y feel to them.

 5. The pillows and sheet are a set, so they match in both color and pattern.

 6. It even goes beyond the textiles: the bedspread mirrors the chair in both pattern and color.

Now you have a room that looks totally personal to you but also very stylish with a designer influence.  If you want to mix patterns in your living room, just use the Buddy system with your pillows, rug and drapery (or where ever you want your pattern).  Pattern is a great way to add colour and visual interest plus it can lighten up a space - too many solids can make a room feel and look heavy, and lacking in sophistication.

You can see the Buddy system in the image below - the aqua in the sofa and the lamp add some bold colour to the room.  The navy/white tribal side chair and the navy/white stripe pillows are 'buddies', too.  The pops of pink in the floral arrangement and the art are also buddies.  The brass accents in the side tables are also a pair even though the tables are different and then the white drapes, rug, walls and lamp shade are buddies too.

The Broke Girl's Guide to Designer Decor :: Love all of this color and pattern

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