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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring's Hottest Hues at Home

Well it might be snowing but it is officially Spring!  Are you thinking it's time for a spring update with some colour ? After a fall full of neutrals (50 shades of grey and more grey) and long and cold winter - it's time to freshen up with Spring hottest hues.  Some of the colours that were seen on the Spring Fashion Runways we will also be seeing in home decor.  Here are some great and easy tips to introduce the fresh colours of Spring into your home this season.

Classic Blue - This is a touch bluer than navy but it is still very much a classic.  If you are someone who generally sticks with neutrals this won't be a huge leap for you.  Depending on how much colour you want to add to your space but this is one hue that isn't really going anywhere, it never falls out of style it's popularity just increases periodically.

Try adding throw pillows in this shade of blue.  You could paint an accent wall (we love Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy HC-154).  Opt for an area rug or drapes with hint of this colour.  It pairs beautifully with white, red and yellow for a nautical look but if you want to stay away from themes pair it with various neutrals like tan or grey tones and add something bright like orange or mint.

For a monochromatic look, layer your shades of blue (see image below).  This is another classic and timeless way to use this colour and it is so fresh and clean when paired with white (or cream)


Aquamarine - this colour has a soothing and dreamy quality.  It makes one think of the water and seaside, coastal living.  To keep this colour looking sophisticated in your space - stay away from pairing it with other pastels.  this is a beautiful colour for a bedroom or bathroom because of it's calming nature.  But it you want to embrace that casual coastal vibe this could work in any space.

Pair it with neutrals and add elements of nature like driftwood, sea grass and perhaps leather.  Using rich textures with this tone will keep it from looking unsophisticated.  Paired with white you get a crisp look and feel.  you can also try pairing it with navy for a fresh and classic look. Because this colour can be overwhelming, keep it to accessories like pillows, art, throw blankets...and play with the tones like in the image below - you will see a bold aquamarine textured throw blanket but softer/paler aquamarine in the coffee table and bookcase. 

Classic seaside colors and decor

Toasted almond - This classic nude always makes it way back into fashion.  This is more of a 'sun tanned
' nude. It works with everything just be aware of the undertones - they can be a bit on the peachy side, so just be careful what you pair it with. Because this is a neutral hue it is great for basics like a sofa, maybe drapery, wall paint colour - it certainly isn't a splashy colour but it is a warm soft neutral and it's perfect for anyone who did not hop of the grey train.

The good news with this hue is that it works well with everything!  Again be aware of it's undertones but you can use it with the classic blue and/or aquamarine or go in a whole new direction with greens.  It pairs well with other neutrals too - black, cream, greys etc...Feeling more adventurous? Try pairing it with pink

Color scheme = perfect... inviting, traditional, yet playful!

 Lucite Green - This is a soft and serene shade that offers some calmness and clarity and is perfect for the warmer months.  It still somewhere between blue and green (on the colour wheel) and it is deeper than a mint green.  It's a great accent colour so perfect for pillows, throws, art, accent or statement pieces or bathroom accents like guest towels and soaps.

It is a calming tone but it can make a big impact so use it sparingly.  What can you pair it with? Depending on the space, for a little girls room you can go bold (think candy shop) when it's paired with pink and lilac.  Looking to add just a touch of whimsy to a more neutral space? Pair this colour with navy and tan.  Looking to go retro? Pair it with white and pops of copper.  Want to be bold? Pair it with coral, yes coral!

This colour is perfect for spring and can do almost anything you like...

Really loving this mint and navy blue color palette, those stripes and all of this gorgeous texture!

Scuba Blue - better known as teal.  We are seeing a lot of this tone this spring!  This might seen to bright for many but again, use it in small amounts and you will be surprised.  Try just a small pillow here or there or maybe an art piece in your powder room.  It is a very playful colour and adds youth and energy to your space.  But it has a calming factor too as it is a bit of a coastal colour.

This colour branches off from another trend we are seeing emerge - the peacock!  Scuba blue pairs beautiful with the green and blue tones (see a peacock feather) but it looks incredible with tangerine!  It looks great with neutrals of course.  It's fresh with white and works well with shades of grey. See the image below, this is a condo suite that we just decorated - we used fresh white and grey as our neutral and added pops of scuba blue and tangerine. 

Custard - Yellow hues are usually something that people stay far way from.  But it is a beautiful colour and if you are staging your home for sale yellow photographs beautifully.  It is fresh and fun!  Custard is a mellow yellow and it has a creamy nature about it.  so if you are considering using yellow, start here.  Yellow was the smash hit at the Spring 2015 runway shows.  Try pairing it with shades or grey and blue (like navy and classic blue) but for something fresh pair it with green and don't forget the white it really makes the yellow pop. Lemon Sorbet was Benjamin Moore's Colour of the year in 2013.  This shade works well for a neutral nursery, a bedroom or really any space that you want to inject a pop of colour without going crazy! It can definitely work on a wall or just an accent with accessories.

 Fi's butter yellow room with dark wood accessories, blues & cream colors.

Marsala - the official colour of 2015!  It's a rich and robust colour inspired by Italian cooking wine.  In many ways it can be considered a neutral since it works with just about everything - it just depends on the overall feeling you want to evoke in your space.  you can pair it with your neutrals like tan and grey but if you want to be more daring and playful try pairing it with powder pink, olive, aqua, and curry yellow (think spice market).  Pairing marsala with any other those more adventurous shades will give you a completely different look and feel in your space. Personally, we love it paired with neutrals especially cream, tan and a pop of gold so classic and then pair it with some dramatic and bold abstract art.

But Marsala also works incredibly well if your decor style has a bit of a global or ethnic feel.  Think authentic wood pieces like masks or trunks and beautiful loomed pieces that add a lot of richness and depth to your space.  Other complementary accent colours like saffron and sage work beautifully

decorate with marsala-bright sofa, gray walls

Tangerine - this was the colour for 2012 but it's making a comeback (earlier than some expected).  It is a great accent colour!  It looks amazing with all shades of blue (ranging from aqua all the way to navy) and grey and white but you can get totally  tropical by pairing it with blush pink and true green - so fun!

This can be a big and bold jump for many so start of super small with a vase of orange flowers - try a monochromatic arrangement with shades of orange in a simple vase in white. Or have a bowl of oranges

We are also seeing tangerine in unexpected places like nurseries.  Orange is a great neutral and many parents are embracing this colour for babies.  It looks great with soft grey and white.  Plus tangerine can really grow with a child.  For a boy, add greens and blues and for a girl add coral and pink.

Here's a special baby nursery that is just right for a baby boy or baby girl! A bird-inspired nursery with bright colors of orange and teal make this a fun gender neutral modern baby room.  Wall paint is Eddie Bauer Java at Lowes

 Glacier Grey - certainly not as bold or bright like the above mentioned hues but still a hot shade for the season.  Glacier grey just like the name is a cool and and soft grey.  It is a great backdrop to many of the stronger and bolder colours we just mentioned.

It pairs with everything!  Personal favrouites - grey paired with citrus tones like yellow, tangerine and coral but try it with green and blues too.

where does this work - everywhere, every room....wall colour, big furniture pieces like bed frames and sofas and dining chairs...get a little more daring by adding wall paper with this hue. We like Farrow & Ball's Tourbillion

And, the hottest rooms in cool grey - kitchens and bathrooms!  This was a huge trend at the IDS show in Toronto this year,  grey kitchen especially - so chic, soft, soothing and also warm and inviting!

This idea seen in various sizes of modules in the new 2014 IKEA catalog.  "Upper" wall cabinets hung in grids on available/dead wall at whatever handy height. HAKURUM wall cabinets.

And don't forget about pattern!  Pattern and print add depth and dimension to your space - chevron, Ikat, trellis, stripes, polka dots, florals, checks, gingham....the list goes on and on....prints make a room more sophisticated so think about colour and print in your space.  Area rugs, pillows and drapes

When it comes to playing with colour in your space remember to use what you love and not what's #trending

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