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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Rental Decor

I live in an apartment where the landlord does not allow tenants to paint the walls. My question is how can I give the illusion that my wall(s) are painted but I'm on a small budget and it would have to be an inexpensive way to do so.

 A Renter's Life: A Dozen Posts To Make The Most of Your Rental — Best of 2014 | Apartment Therapy

There are many renters in your position and just because you don't own the property doesn't mean that you should skimp on style.

You do have options and budget friendly ones too, that won't terrify your property manager or landlord. 

A. Disguise the wall colour (most rentals have a pretty neutral wall tone like cream, beige or white) but if you are handy in the DIY department you could try: fabric or wall paper panels.

 Simply Ciani: 7 ways to make your rental feel like a "home"

You get the boldness of an impact wall without all of the repair work and a stressed out landlord.

 How to Make a Hanging Headboard

You can do this project in a few different can put your wall paper directly on a canvas that you can purchase at any art store.  It would be just like hanging any art piece.  Or you could basically create a 'headboard' (using batting, fabric, staple gun and wood panels) for your piece.  what's so great about this is the possibilities are endless...there are so many fabrics and wall papers to choose from this could work with any style! 

Hang Wallpaper    Create a wall hanging from wallpaper scraps. Use dowel rods from a crafts store for a smooth look. Roll the top and bottom of the paper over the rods and attach with glue and a staples. Tie a decorative cord to top rod and hang from a hook on the wall.

B. Wall Decals or Wall Vinyls.  This is a sure fire way to make a big impact without damaging your walls in anyway.  Wall decals were often viewed as child like but there are tons of 'adult' friendly options, too.

 de Gournay- Japanese & Korean Collection wallpaper. This would be really nice with cat shelves built into it and/or other art enhancing it.

C. Temporary Wall paper.  This is really perfect for anyone who is afraid of commitment.  It's a peel and stick wall paper that doesn't damage the walls (the walls underneath need to be clean and primed/painted) and you can remove easily and when ever you want.  Unsure about wallpaper - the work and damage that's involved can be daunting but this eliminates all of that.  You get a homey feeling with style and impact without any worry!

Jazz up your bare walls with this geometric Pattern Self Adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper D045 by Livettes, $34.00

 D. Art.  Get creative with a gallery wall to display a variety of art and photographs and even other decor items.  Or opt for an over sized piece.  Either way the art will be the focus in the space and the wall colour will just be quietly in the back ground.  There are so many options when it comes to gallery walls - you will definitely find one that suits your style

Danish modern sofa with Ikea rug and gallery wall.

E. Forget about the color of the walls. Try creating a new focal point. You can do this in many different ways:

  1. Add an area rug to the floor and when you have guests over their eyes will naturally be drawn to the floor. It is like creating art on the floor
  2. Purchase colorful pillows to add to the sofa or chairs
  3. Try hanging colorful drapery or patterned drapery panels on the windows.
 Eclectic Glam: Go Glam with Accessories

By doing any of the above, the color of the walls will be insignificant

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