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Saturday, March 28, 2015

5 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Home

After spending such a long and cold winter indoors, you might be looking at your space and think… well, this space looks little tired. A little dated or a little worn? Here's 5 great ways to breathe a little life into your rooms and they are all quite easy and won’t break the bank!. Nothing drastic! Just a few thing you can change up or add to any room that will be a breath of fresh decor air!

1- PILLOWS.   Can we talk about pillows. They are decor magic!! Pillows can brighten up any space! They are an easy, cheery face lift for sofas and chairs. Just think of all the options! Even think about changing pillows with the seasons and holidays. To see a tutorial about arranging and styling pillows HERE. Don’t be afraid to get a little bold with pillows. A pop of color or fun is a very good way to freshen a room up!

 ikea day bed BRIMNES $249 does not include mattress.

 2- SOMETHING ORGANIC. A big vase or container of flowers will certainly make a room come alive!!! Even a grocery store bunch of flowers looks amazing with a little extra care and arranging! But, don’t overlook indoor plants. I feel they have gone out of vogue lately.  Add a little pot of ivy or a fluffy pot of herbs and they will literally give life to a room. If you don’t like to care for plants then go faux… but look for great fakes! You don’t want to add any tacky looking fakes to a room! Even try adding elements like drift wood, looks great as a centerpiece or on a coffee table.  Antlers are also a big trend right now. Organic pieces can work with any decor style and they add a great texture element to any room.

Double Color Palette

 3 - WINDOW TREATMENTS. This can be expensive especially if you go the custom route but if you go out and purchase curtain panels that are pre-made, it can make a huge impact in your space.  Just be sure to hang them property!  By hanging them properly you can make the windows and the room look bigger and brighter. Even if you have a great view that you love don't forget, a window treatment frames the window and softens it and calls attention to what lies beyond. There are so many great, inexpensive curtains that are fun and sassy and updated and will give your room a real upscale look!

 Here is a no fail neutral combination: cream upholstery with exposed wood legs, woven shades, and patterned window panels. The set up is timeless and all you need to do to add a pop of color is change out the accent pillows with the seasons, add fresh flowers or a throw blanket, it works every time!

4- ART.  Art is such a personal thing. Some people like every wall covered with all sorts of pictures and things. And some don’t. I fall somewhere in the middle, like most of us. Art is a broad term that can cover so many wall decor pieces - like hanging old windows on a wall, a plate wall, wall decals, photographs, big clocks and more..... Look at your art… and look at your walls. Can you do a little updating? Here’s where you can get very creative!

 15 Rooms That Prove You Need a Shag Rug | StyleCaster

This is probably my very favorite way to add interest to my home. Not only can we feel texture with our hands… we can also feel it with our eyes.  A room can seem flat and even a little boring if we don’t fill it with lots of different textures! Soft, smooth, nubby, shiny… are examples of what textures should be in every room!  If you love a neutral space, play with texture to get a 'designer' look and feel. And when we layer those textures it is pure magic! To see a DIY about layering decor, click HERE. Keep things interesting with textures and layers!

 The Best Styled Living Room: This cream living room is proof that every home needs layers. Amazing chandelier aside, we fell in love with the fabrics, colors, and textures that create an effortlessly styled space.

Now, head on over to the room you think needs a little decor love and ask yourself, “HOW CAN I BREATHE NEW LIFE IN HERE”? Use these 5 tips to breathe new life into your room!

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