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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Missing Mudroom

I am a busy mom with 3 busy kids.  I love my home but it is missing a mudroom - it is a space I desperately need but moving is not an option, neither is a costly renovation.  I really need a space for their school stuff, sport equipment and items for other activities and even a spot for the dogs leash. Any suggestions on what I can do? Please help me!!

No need to stress - life with kids is very busy and do they ever come with a lot of stuff!

But you definitely have options.  It just depends on the layout of your home.

If you have a garage entry door into the home you could try using some of your garage space for a 'mud room'  without renovating.

Try this....

Right in the garage add some hooks, shelf and baskets for kids coats, mitts, hats etc....Add an affordable shoe rack for shoes (outdoor and indoor) and in the spring months add an umbrella holder.  To keep organized add a bulletin board for notices, calendars etc....Plus add a few art pieces to keep it decorative and looking like a part of the home.  Need even more storage? Try adding a slim bench like the Kallax from IKEA and add baskets to various items plus you can sit on it to put on shoes and boots and the surface space can be used to 'hold' other items like back backs and other items you need to grab and go

This is supposed to be for kids org but would like it under our windows in the bathroom

Many great tips for organizing a garage. IHeart Organizing: Getting Our Groove On in the Garage!

Additional shelving, hooks and a bench for seating makes for a simple and functional 'mudroom' in the garage and don't forget boot trays and a hook for the dog!

This is very easy and affordable - you could do this in a weekend! And if you are ever selling your home this is a great way to show life without a mudroom

Another option.....

door off of kitchen - across from bench - hooks for backpacks - calendars - kleenex box - clock - mail basket - organizer for keys

So this is an example of what you could do in the entry. Hooks for bags and coats, calendars, a clock and some shelving.  These plastic shoe mats with a slight lip are great for catching (and keeping slush and dirt).  A small chair or a slim bench could also be added to this arrangement to offer up some seating.

Another option, if you have a small entry ...try the hallway

Chores  backpacks - great idea! Also cute to pin report cards and other achievements, artwork etc. #entryway #backpackstation

These simple frames bulletin boards for each child is a way to keep papers and schedules organized plus a hook for the back packs. we would suggest additional hooks for coats.  This could be set up in a hallway near the bedrooms or a high traffic area like the kitchen

Just remember to think bout what you need and incorporate that into your 'mudroom' set up and it will be useful and because these solutions are easy and affordable, you can make adjustments as your needs change.

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