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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Selling Your Home? 9 Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you are considering selling your home in the near future - start prepping now! Don't leave it to the last get your home in tip top shape that buyers are looking for - is a lot of work! It really is best to get a head start so that there isn't as much to do closer to the time when you want to list your property.

It can be confusing to know where to spend you money, time and energy but here are the top tips to increase to value of your home

1 - Fix ALL repairs.  not sure what's wrong with your home? Perhaps hire a home inspector to inspect your home and take a look at his report.  Leaky pipes, the roof, electrical panels etc...are the types of repairs that scare of buyers.  But be sure to take acre of cosmetic repairs too like cracked tiles.

2 - Add a fresh coat of paint.  It's worth it.  The cost of pain is minimal and it makes every space look clean and bright.  Stick to neutrals and a white trim

 Love the colored batten walls that go nearly to the ceiling. The cohesive look between the rooms is delicious too!

3 - Replace carpet.  If you have old wall to wall carpet remove it.  Carpet is a big turn off for a lot of buyers as it get dusty and an old carpet doesn't usually show well.  Opt for hardwood or laminate (perfect for a family home).  this improvement is what most buyers are looking for and it improves the quality of the air and it's low maintenance

4 - Low maintenance landscaping.  Add some plants and perhaps some shrubs/trees.  It improves the curb appeal and again, it is something that the buyer won't have to do.  If you want top dollar for your home, you need to do the work! Plus pull out that patio furniture (make sure to clean it) and set the scene -

 Dress Up Your Walkway

5 - Enhance those kitchens and bathrooms.  You don't need a total overhaul necessarily but pay attention to updating the bathroom.  Make sure it's clean, has white fixtures like tuns, toilets and sinks and chrome or brushed nickel accents.  A simple and neutral bathroom always presents better than a dated one.  for the kitchen, small updates like a new back splash in a neutral tile, updated hardware and lighting - make a huge differences.  If you have older appliances that you can't afford to replace make sure they are in good working condition and clean

6 - Other upgrades.  Lighting is huge - look for simple chrome or brushed nickel finishes.  And make sure you are using maximum wattage so the home looks bright! If you can upgrade your cabinets- do it, remember light and neutral, you want mass appeal.

 possibility of incorporating the kitchen into the dining room with cabinets

7 - Don't forget the exterior - does your front door need a fresh coat of paint? How about those lights and mailbox, have they seen better days? Do you have an address plate? Does your grip set (door handle and key slot) work smoothly? - Don't let real estate agents get frustrated by trying to enter your home for showings, not a good first impression!

8 - Let there be light!  Are there dark rooms in your home? Consider hiring an electrician to add some overhead lighting in darker rooms. In older homes, we don't often see overhead lighting in family rooms, secondary bedrooms and living rooms - so stand out from the crowd.

9 - Stage your home.  even if you are still living in the space with your furniture and accessories, hire a stager for a consultation.  They can help you will ideas to be present your home, and they can give you some great tips to appeal to buyers. A home staging team can help you in the beginning too - buy selecting the right paint colours, lighting, hardware and other updates to improve the look and value of your home.  they are a great resource for knowing what's trending in the eyes of the buyer.

 AMAZING before and after pictures of well-staged homes.  Don't brush it off when your REALTOR suggests staging!

You want your home to look it's best especially when it is up for sale.  Start the process of prepping your home for the real sale market in advance to save your self some time, energy and stick to a budget.

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