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Monday, April 13, 2015

Home Styling Tips and Tricks

Have you ever visited a furniture store show room or model home and thought - wow, why doesn't my home look like this?

Well it can!  Follow these home styling tips and tricks and your home will instantly look chic and polished.  The details really do matter....

A New Home and a Fresh Beginning for a Texas Mom | HGTV's Fixer Upper With Chip and Joanna Gaines | HGTV

1 -  Always use odd numbers in your displays – they are more visually appealing.  The photo above illustrates 3 items used in the display.  The books (one item) all count as one object visually as that is how your eye will read the grouping. Also note coordinating colours, different textures and height - not necessary as it really depends on the style but for this shabby country chic space the texture and tones work.

Benchwright Square Coffee Table - Rustic Mahogany | Pottery Barn

2 - Items do not have to be centered on the coffee table.  If you are planning on using it, put your feet up or set down a glass, move your display off center to a corner.  It will still look great. Style and function can work hand in hand

Hammary Transitions Rectangular Cocktail Table  | The best coffee tables home design ideas! See more inspiring images on our boards at:

3- Do not place anything too high on the coffee table – people should be able to see each other across the space. A little height is nice like a beautiful orchid for instance, just don't have anything bulky and tall

pictures of rugs under sectionals | We suggest starting with the Darien Rug under your sectional. This rug ...

4- The edge of the rug in your living room should start just under the front legs of your couch and chairs.  A 5 x 8 rug works perfectly in most spaces but you can go larger depending on the size of your room.

 white parsons sofa table with rattan stools

5 -  A console table in the back of the couch should never be higher than the back of the couch (otherwise you will most likely bang your head on it when you flop down on the couch at the end of a long day).

 One way to achieve a glam look in a small space is with mirrored pieces. They look fabulous and also reflect light - making the space appear more open!

 6-  End tables should be the same height as the arms of the couch or chair.  Too low and a guest will be likely to drop their drink and too high they will bump the side of the table with the glass.

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7-  Use pillow inserts and covers so you can change the decor out seasonally.  It will save you money and allow you to constantly refresh your space.

 books! How to Style a Coffee Table

8 -  Mix and match textures and shapes for interest.  Notice the different textures in the photo above and the throw - that also counts as a layer. Plus they add great visual interest to a room and are any easy fix when you want something new and fresh

Disguise a worn-out sofa and cover up everyday stains with a velvety throw. Improve the impression with layers of soft, graphic pillows. You may do this on an unmade bed, too. Simply throw a fluffy comforter over it. If you don't have a throw, take a thick blanket and fold it lengthwise, then in half, and then tuck it into the cushions for an effortlessly polished look.

9- When layering your pillows, start with the 20 x 20 in the back then go progressively smaller.  Use more pillows in the corner of a sectional to provide more back support.

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