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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Bedroom decor: mixing and matching items

“I just moved into a new home and will need to purchase new furniture. I wonder about piecing different things together and worry it will look too ‘eclectic’. Whats the trick to making all my selections work together?” – Cathleen in Calgary

We know how easy it is to go to IKEA and buy the entire room in one trip and just like that – a decorated bedroom! Now, of course there’s nothing wrong with that… but with a tiny bit more time spent, you can personalize your bedroom and make it unique and stylish with just a few extra steps. Don’t worry about ‘eclectic’, there are many tricks to adding pieces harmoniously in your space! Mixing and matching the right pieces and décor items will make your home feel luxurious and professionally decorated. We know that having an interior decorator isn’t a reality for everyone so here are some tips to get that designer bedroom look easy!

Try not to get the bed, night stand and dresser all in the same colour and material.
As easy as it may be, try to refrain! You’ll thank us in the end. For a simple solution, try mixing light and dark pieces. Its an easy way to get that designer look. Having a white dresser mixed with a glass end table and a dark headboard would give the room interest. Or choose whatever combination speaks to you.  The mixture light and dark pieces gives the room the balance it needs. Having all dark wood pieces makes a space feel dark and masculine, and often having all light pieces doesn’t add the personality a space needs. Incorporating a variety of textures and tones makes a space feel personalized. 

 Bedroom decorating

Colours and Patterns
Choose a common theme, even if its subtle
You don’t have to have everything in your room in the exact same shade of red, but having some commonality will pull the space together.
Perhaps adding red lamps to your night stands and then a patterned pillow with some red in it as well. This is visually pleasing and without being too matchy-matchy. We’re all about mixing colours and patterns. Some people are intimidated by the idea of this but we say bring it on! Of course, we recommend colours that are complementary to one another, nothing too crazy! There are many colour combinations that suit one another.. If you are stuck on what goes 

with what, we recommend checking out our blog on choosing ‘combinations for colourful spaces’ …

Bedroom decorating

Bring in beautiful!
Create a focal point for your space.

Decorate with things that are beautiful and make you happy. Having a focal point in a bedroom is important. Whether it’s a stunning headboard, or a beautiful art piece or bold bedding, decide what you want the show stopper to be and build around that. This is often a great starting point for your bedroom. Having that first piece that you love is a fantastic way to pull your room together.

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Add Accessories
But not too many! We don’t want to encourage clutter.

Having lamps is a must have, provided you have the space.. Either floor or table lamps add a layer of lighting, as well as being pretty!
Incorporating fun touches add personality. The options are endless, and accessories are a great place to add colour. Choosing fun throw pillows in various colours, patterns and textures make a space unique.
Mirrors are another great accessory that really add another dimension to your room. There are so many great shapes, styles and colours available for a variety of price points… you’re practically obligated to choose a fabulous mirror for your room! Area rugs are great in bedrooms as well, everyone loves cozy toes in the morning, and depending on the size of your room, the type of rug could be anything! We love the look of small shag rugs these days – they’re a super hot trend!

 Whether draped over furniture or gracing the floors, shearling’s lush pile mixed with a serene color palette may result in an almost dangerously cozy space.

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