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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Home For Sale? Open House Tips

If your home is up for sale on the market - this is a busy and possibly stressful time for you.
On top of your everyday responsibilities you also have to deal with the showings and open houses at your home. You have your next property in mind and you have prepped and staged this house for sale.  Getting ready for every showing is work!

You want to sell your house and you know in order to do that buyers need to see it but prepping for a viewing can be very stressful and a bit hectic - so much to do!  You want your home to look it's best -  Here is what you don't want to happen. A showing is suddenly scheduled for that evening and you realize you have zero clean towels in your house. So now, not only do you have to pick up, wipe down surfaces, etc -- you also have a load of laundry to do as well.

 Open House Checklist. Ready, Set, Go! | DIY Home Staging Tips

Have an open house box!

Sounds easy, right? It is!

Here's what you need:

- a box, like a Banker's box is a perfect size and it has a lid
- a set of clean, fresh white towels (one set for each bathroom)
- small (cutlery size) baskets (one for each bathroom)
- clean tea towels
- a mason jar for counter clutter like coins, small pieces of paper, elastics etc...
- a large envelope to store papers from the counter like school news letters, mail etc...
- Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes for quick counter top cleaning

Before you begin showing your home, take an empty box and fill it with clean bath, hand and dish towels. When you have a showing scheduled, walk around to each bathroom and the kitchen grabbing all the dirty linens, and putting out the clean linens - get the kids involved and have them grab the 'dirty' towels. Just throw the dirty towels in this box to pull back out after the showing is over. So the clean towels in the Open House Box never actually get used, only shown.

Store the box in a closet that isn't a huge feature like a guest room closet - once the show is over.  Collect all of the 'showing props' like the clean towels, tea towels etc... and put it all back in the box.

So easy!

Here are some other easy tips for managing your personal items when living in the house that you are selling

1 - Containers.  Small and big are needed to just keep things tidy.  This is especially useful in the bathroom for make -up, tooth brushes, personal care items and toilet paper.  If leaving your items out, having them in containers looks much better but if you want to tuck them away, having them in containers makes it easy!

"Step 4: Embrace simplicity." Assign a home for items where they are used. Organize and store your favorite everyday makeup on the bathroom counter.

Don’t Hide the T.P.  Two conundrums you’ve probably experienced: (1) You’re in your bathroom and you realize you are out of toilet paper. (2) You’re in someone else’s bathroom and you realize they are out of toilet paper. (Do you uncomfortably search your host’s cupboards or sheepishly go interrupt her?) Skip scenario one at least and always keep ample rolls in a nearby urn, bin, or basket.

2 - Keep the office tidy with boxes for loose papers and other documents you don't want left out in the open. Keep pens and pencils in a holder too - a messy office can send the message that there isn't room for everything and leave a bad impression

 Studying the BluesA few key pieces (desk, chair, floating shelves) can transform a quiet sleeping space into an efficient work area. If space permits, try and keep the zones distinct from one another by setting the work area away from the bed. The trick is making sure all of the decorative elements (color palette, furniture finishes) play well together.

3 - Keep the lights on!  Even on a sunny day but especially for evening showings - the light will make everything look bigger and brighter

Eight tips for Renters (or for anyone) That won't break the bank! I LOOOOVE this soooo much. it looks so classy even in this small space!

4 - Big baskets are your best solution for showing a family home.  Just toss all of the toys in some baskets,try not to have too many just a few that are big enough to fit the kids' things.

5 Ways to Create a Kid-friendly Family Room

5 -  Please take the pets out!  Not everyone loves your pets and even if they are friendly, the presence of pets can be distracting and uncomfortable.  So make arrangements for your pets - maybe during the day a neighbour could help out by taking them or maybe you can take them with you while the open house is happening.

Turquoise, gray, cream. Lovely-could dash with either silver or gold accents. This could work for a beach house too...

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