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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Colour Combos with Grey

"I jumped on the grey trend last year for my new place and I do love it but I'm feeling like tone on tone shades of grey is a bit bland and bordering on depressing.  How can I spruce up my grey condo? Are there colours you would recommend?"

Grey has been a trend for a few years and is becoming more popular especially in tiles, flooring and kitchens and baths.  You are in luck! Grey is a neutral so it can pair beautifully with just about every colour.  Here are some examples of what you can do with grey in your space.  There's no wrong answer, it's all about preference

The other great thing about Grey is that is works with all styles - rustic country, sleek modern and everything in between.  But when it comes to choosing an accent colour think about the mood you would like to set.  You can have a 'moody' house with a few different accents, maybe soft purples in the bedroom and blues in the main living space

Here are some of our favourite colour palettes with greys

Yellow - This image is an example of some contemporary with an eclectic vibe using a touch of yellow.  This look has a sophisticated vibe because it has introduced some brass touches in the coffee table and the lighting (so another element of yellow) and some bold graphic elements in art and pillows. We also see splashes of a mustard tone in the rug, This classic colour combo can work in a living room, dining room, bedroom anywhere in the house.

Yoko Ono est dans la cuisine - PLANETE DECO a homes world

Pink - Add some bright, bold and girly glam to your space.  This colour combo is perfect for a bedroom. Again using bold pink accessories in the bedroom makes a statement.  But you could opt for softer and lighter pinks paired with grey for a more romantic feel to your space.

pretty, preppy bedroom. home decor and interior decorating ideas. pops of pink and orange #habitación para dos con color

Blue - any shade will do!  You can opt for soft aqua tones for a more rustic country look, bold and deep turquoise tones with shades of grey for a more modern and contemporary feel.  But for something a bit more sophisticated try deep indigo with greys and fresh white. So clean and simple.....

Grey, black, white and blue.  I would warm it up with some wood, bronze, gold, copper accents

Green - lime green is fun and bright and paired with deep greys is it beautiful and not too serious.  But a deeper truer Kelly green with soft greys is also a great match.  Like yellow it works in any space

22 Living Room Furniture Placement Ideas Creating Functional Modern Home Interiors

Orange - love orange and grey, sophisticated and a bit sporty!  It works with all shades of grey - try layering your grey and add bold pops of orange like in this bedroom.  Don't forget to play with patterns and prints in this orange tone. A great colour combo and a new classic.

NEW! Upholstered in a Feather Gray fabric, this tailored bed’s slim silhouette, angled solid wood legs and welted details along the corners give it grace and polish at a great price.

Purple -  Try pairing soft lavender and soft greys with a few pops of deeper grey and purple (like charcoal and eggplant) for a romantic room - love this combo in a bedroom.  Layering different textures will also add to a romantic space.  But if you opt for bolder, brighter and deeper tones of purple you will get a modern and edgy vibe

Nordstrom at Home 'River Pleat - Grey Silk' Collection #Nordstrom #NSale ~ Great job Nordstrom.  I just saw this and HAD to have it.  So I ordered the whole thing.

 Don't forget to add a secondary accent colour just to keep that designer look.  This image is a great example of adding a secondary accent colour for additional pop.  Here we have a basic and neutral palette with the off-white sofa, light grey carpet and dark wood stain.  Adding the lemonade yellow and the deep teal is a slight spin on a classic combo of yellow and blue.

 1950s Living Room with Yellows and Grays

By layering your shades of grey adding a bit of white and/or black and a pop of colour (or two) will have a sophisticated and designer look in your space.

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