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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Baffled by the Bristles? See our Paint Brush Lesson!

Now that the weather is finally getting nice, we’re all starting to feel ambitious again about some projects around the house. I know for me, its paint that I want to tackle. Not just walls, furniture as well. When it comes to paint, I always have the best intentions, but trying to nail down which brush is for where, and what kind of paint is best on that surface … the list goes on. Here is a more ‘simplified’ version of the paint brush aisle for you!
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The Square Cut Brush:
Best for large flat surfaces.
These brushes are most ideal for covering a large space in a short amount of time!
Sold in widths as large as 5 inches and are made with natural OR synthetic bristles.
Cost is anywhere from $8 to $16 dollars.
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Short Handle:
Best for cramped spaces!
The 2 inch handle makes navigating into tight areas much easier.
These brushes are great for painting inside cabinets, tight corners on furniture etc.
This brush will cost you around $7 dollars.
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Foam Brush:
Best for touch-ups.
I wouldn’t recommend using this brush for much more. It is a great option for covering any scuffs, but only on smaller spots. These brushes are great with any type of paint.
They are cheap option as well as a disposable option. No keeping these bad boys!
These brushes also come in a few different sizes: 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch wide.
Approximately $7 dollars for a 3 pack.
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Angled Brush:
Best for cutting in and painting along the trim.
The angled shape of this brush gives you more versatility and control than the square cut brush. This enables you to have cleaner lines along edges. (such as where the wall & ceiling meet!)
This brush comes in many widths and is made with natural OR synthetic bristles.
These brushes will cost you between $8 and $12 dollars, depending on the size.
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Finishing Brush:
Best for Lacquers and Stains.
This is a finer version of the square cut brush. It has softer bristles for applying finishes without having streaks.
This comes in natural OR synthetic bristles and will cost you about $30 dollars a brush. (make sure you clean & preserve this one!)

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