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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Kitchen Backsplash

I moved into my townhouse a year ago.  I love my kitchen!  it's white with light grey counter top and grey tile floor.  This summer I want to add a back splash but I'm not sure what to choose.  Any advice?

A white kitchen is classic and a great choice for a smaller space.  It's light and bright and in terms of resale, it has mass appeal. Adding a backsplash is a simple update that isn't disruptive to your life at home. A backsplash in a kitchen is like adding jewelry to an outfit - it really pulls it all together.  This year in tile it was all about shape, the colours were all neutral but the shapes were the focus.

For a back splash, you have lots of options.

open shelving in the kitchen. Gray glass tile. lovely! I have open shelving... unfortunately all apartments are sorta already made. So I brought my shelving outside the kitchen :)

Subway tile - this is a classic and you cannot go wrong with this option.  Seen here in a brick or staggered formation it mimics the look of brick.  A typical subway tile is 3" x 6" but there are variations in size.  In terms of colour - a soft grey is a good neutral option as is white but you could also go with a charcoal for a more dramatic look.  If you are thinking you might sell in about 3-5 years choose something with some longevity like a neutral tone.

Cheap Remodeling Ideas That Add Elegance | Remodeling on a Budget

Stainless Steel Tile - this has a bit more of an industrial edge.  This material works well in a kitchen as it's easy to clean and maintain.  You will also have a lot of shapes and sizes to choose from.  This also looks great in a kitchen that has stainless steel appliances

inspiring makeover: painted cabinets in gray & white with new glass tile backsplash

Glass mosaic tile - this option was super popular a few years ago.  This is still seen today but more tone on tone like the image here.  Various shades of grey and a mix of clear and frosted glass.  Again, a soft look with a bit of texture and shine - ideal for a smaller kitchen.

 x in the glass

Marble tile - Marble is so classic and elegant but we have been seeing it in more modern and contemporary spaces, too.  It is a material that requires a lot of maintenance when installed as a counter top but as a back splash not to so much.  The natural variation and veins make it visually interesting and it look amazing when paired with grey and white.

It’s easy to replace old countertops with these budget-friendly countertop options:

Hexagon tile - a popular shape in 2015 for backsplashes and floors.  Try this in a neutral tone and it will give even the most 'tired' kitchen a fresh look.  The shape is interesting  but not over the top.  Hexagon tiles also look incredible in bathrooms too, in a shower as an accent or on the shower floor. 

Our 40 Favorite White Kitchens | Kitchen Ideas & Design with Cabinets, Islands, Backsplashes | HGTV

Herringbone formation - still looking for something a bit different but not totally off the wall? Try a herringbone formation.  Using a subway tile, instead of staggering the tile you lay it in a 'zig zag' format.  Herringbone is a pattern we often see in menswear but we are seeing it in tiles.  Stick with a neutral colour palette and a grout that is a few shades lighter (or darker) than the tile so that the pattern shows.  This also looks great on a floor with a 12 x 24 tile.

Adding open shelving with baskets creates a nice contrast and interest to a white kitchen

Arabesque tile - this is a shape that's recently popular.  It adds an elegant touch to a kitchen.  Again, use a grout with some pigmentation so that the shape is evident.  It's lovely in white and soft grey.

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