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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Easy Ideas for Additional Seating

"My boyfriend and I live in a small home.  We love our home but we know it isn't massive.  We love to have friends and family over for movie and game night but we never seem to have enough space on the sofa.  How can we have extra seating in our small space?"

Entertaining in a small space can feel a bit cramped but if you think double-duty pieces you should be able to get a lot of mileage out of your furniture.

In a small space, you really want to maximize as much as you can.  so we always suggest the largest sofa that will fit in the space.  You will get a lot of comfy seating for guests but for yourselves, too.

 10 Must-See Small Cool Homes: Week One

So now that you have a big, comfy (yet stylish) sofa.  You can start adding some occasional or accent chairs/seating.

1.  A slim accent chair.  You have a lot of choice when it comes to selecting an accent chairs.  You could purchase an additional chair for your dining set or you could just use one from your dining set (this is a great if you are really tight on space).  The different styles for dining chairs are endless.  So You can easily find something that will work in your space.

Some of our favourite chairs are ghost chairs.  They have a bit of a traditional look but with material gives it a modern twist. These are also amazing in a dining room with a wood table.

Love pink and orange!

And when it comes to decorating smaller spaces we always recommend that you keep the same style throughout say industrial instead of changing styles from room to room - that will make the space look and feel choppy.

2.   A slipper chair.  Another great option.  A slipper chair is armless so it isn't bulky.  It has a leaner look but still comfortable.  This style of chair comes is many finishes - we love a patterned slipper chair!  It can make such an impact

 On Sutton Place Slipper Chairs from Target Some really beautiful ideas here - great vignettes

So are there options beside chairs?

3.  Stools.  Stools are maybe not the best for lounging on a movie night but we love them because they are great for a casual gathering like a cocktail party.  They don't take up a lot of room and they can easily be moved around.  Plus they can also be used as a foot stool when needed.

Pair of African stools in a living room

We love the look (and ease) of these African inspired wood stools.  They are a comfortable seat, visually they don't add bulkiness and the style works in this space.

#LivingRoom    Love this light is soooo calming and restful

If your style is a bit more glam or traditional we love these T-frame stools that are positioned in front of the fireplace.  We have used this style of stool for both home staging and with our interior decorating clients.  They are another easy seating piece and you can really get playful with colour and pattern. 

4. Poofs.  We love poofs.  Again easy seating, great look and 'portable'.  They come in so many styles too.  Another great way to add colour and texture to your space.

 The Secrets to Jillian Harris's Sweet Yet Sophisticated Style: It's no secret we're sweet on Jillian Harris's vintage femme design aesthetic.
We love how they can also be tucked under a console or coffee table.  This image is a great example of styling a small space - the light colour palette, the glass coffee table and these leather poofs.  Extra seating or footstools and so chic!

poufs/throw pillows for extra seating/coziness/color

This style of poof is a little more relaxed and casual but still cool and comfortable.  Position them where ever you like.  these are also great if you have children or ever have children visiting - they will love them!  Some poofs in this style even have removable covers - so easy to wash!

5.  Small ottomans.  Another favourite of ours. These are a little more structured than the casual/relaxed poofs but the same fashion and function and variety, too!  We love them in pairs!

Natural light is the best source of light

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