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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - 12 Best Paint colours for Selling Your Home

“I’m looking to sell my home this summer, for the first time. I feel so overwhelmed with getting my home ready to sell that I don’t even know where to start. Our realtor recommended a fresh coat of paint, but what colour is best? Is there a colour that is a go to for selling?”

Getting your home ready to put up for sale is always a large task. Between hiring a realtor and getting your home looking its absolute best, you’re under a lot of stress … and we get that!!

 sherwin williams macadamia is one of the best beige or neutral paint colours for any room.

Choosing a paint colour when you’re selling your home is easier said than done. There are so many different companies, shades, finishes, colour options and decisions to make! Let us simplify the process for you – GO WITH NEUTRALS. I know you’re thinking, neutral? That’s so plain. You’re right, it is. But with neutrals, buyers are not locked into a colour. When their viewing your home, they can see that their personal items will work in the space, there are no limitations. Also, you may love eggplant on the walls, but the person who is looking at your home may not. They may want move in ready. Neutral is great because of its versatility. The main principle behind home staging is mass appeal - by painting your home in a neutral tone you are giving the buyers a blank canvas to put their personal 'stamp' in the home. Plus one light and bright neutral throughout the home makes it looks bigger and brighter.

 I like these colors, not just for the bedroom but all over the house.  It is a lot like my house now, a nice warm neutral with fresh off white trim.  The Benjamin Moore colors are:  truffle, linen white and alabaster.

It’s also important to make sure if you have an open concept home, that you do the entire space. The money will be worth it in the end. Having brand new paint mixed with existing paint never looks as good. The older paint will be noticeably tired looking next to the fresh paint.. and it is okay to do the whole house in the same colour! Each room will have different natural light and architectural details, so the colour will look varied in each room.

The Living Room | This room is painted in Benjamin Moore's Ivory White, the go-to neutral paint color for Southern Living's former Editor in Chief Lindsay Bierman.

Here are some of our favorite paint colours from a few different paint companies….

Grey: A soft grey is beautiful on the walls, if your home is more modern/contemporary, perhaps using a light grey would be the best fit in your home.
Ice Cube Silver   2121-50  
Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Iced Cube Silver: pale gray with evident blue undertones, can look baby blue in lots of light 

 Fresh Air   6Q3-2    Beautitone from Home Hardware

The Plaza    50 GY 72/012  CIL from Home Depot

Rhinestone   SW 7656   Sherwin Williams

 My {Current} Favorite Paint Color–Rhinestone by Sherwin Williams

Beige: This is a beautiful warm beige that is a fabulous option for every room of your home.

Butter Pecan    2165-70
    Benjamin Moore

 6. Define zones with a console table.Another option for sectioning off parts of a large living room is floating your sofa in the middle of the room and placing a console table behind it.
Ivory Tusk   513-2   Beautitone from Home Hardware 

Candle Wax   40YY 79/168   CIL from Home Depot

Paperwhite   SW7105   Sherwin Williams 

Soft Taupe Gender Neutral Nursery from @Joni Lay / Lay Baby Lay

Greige: A “greige” is a fantastic option if both grey tones and beige tones work in your home.. if you can’t decide on grey or beige, we recommend meeting in the middle with this colour.

Lacey Pearl    2108-70
  Benjamin Moore

BM lacey pearl 2108-70  As lustrous as its namesake, this light and likeable off-white is charming and timeless. This colour is part of our Candice Olson Designer Picks collection. (wall color in kitchen/den?) 

 Tea  6J3-3  Beautitone from Home Hardware

Wayside Inn   00YY  72/021   CIL from Home Depot 

Pediment  SW 7634   Sherwin Williams

 sherwin williams pediment 7634 - Google Search

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