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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - 9 Gallery Wall Ideas

“I love the look of gallery walls. I’m in the process of creating one in my own home right now but I want to add more than just photos. What are some suggestions for adding other pieces to the display?”

Great question! Creating a gallery wall is a fabulous way to personalize your space to exactly what you want. Since when you are making a gallery wall, pretty well anything goes, there are really no rules!
There are lots of great options for adding unique pieces!

1. Taxidermy Heads
Such a fun addition to any space! There are so many different materials, shapes, sizes, textures and colours available for you to personalize your home with. Check out – it’s one of our absolute favorite sites!  
Loving the way that someone used The Alfred in their home!

2. Mirrors
All shapes and sizes! Do you want an antique mirror? Do you love colored framed mirrors? Chrome mirrors? Whatever you like! Adding a mirror will give a different texture and will add a new dimension to the arrangement!

 Artistic Style Get creative with your wall art displays. Add colorful mats, embellished frames, and interesting objects.

3. Letters
I don’t mean penned letters, although, an interesting thought.  Adding letters from the alphabet in various finishes and sizes, perhaps the first letter of your last name?

 Large E with framed art. Perfect arrangement for Eric!

4. Plates
Many people have beautiful collectables and are unsure how to display them, Instead of having them hidden in grandma’s old cabinet, display them as art! There are super easy ways to mount plates, and what a better way than to showcase a sentimental family heirloom!

 I love how this shelf evolves with the holidays and the blogger has used items she loves that represents her family.  Plus the frame with the clip is awesome to display kiddo master pieces.

5. Decorative Frames
You didn’t even have to fill them! Choosing interesting shaped or colored frames and leaving them open to show the wall is a great way to show off a paint colour, without adding too much clutter either!

 Una casa en Melbourne muy hollywoodiense

6. Wreath
Adding some greenery is an interesting option as well! This is a great option for a more country/rustic style space. Its unique and the variety of texture will certainly make a statement!

 Pumpkins and sheaths of wheat, backed by a display of open frames, have a decidedly fall feel with the addition of a dried artichoke wreath and family name initial. Design by Cailan Matthews

7. Clocks
Adding in an assortment of clocks is a super cool way to do something different in your space! As with many décor items – the options are truly endless! 

cute wall display with the initial letter and the clock and mirror!
8. Art
Incorporating an art piece in the midst of your family photos and arrangement is another beautiful addition. For many families, this is a way to add in children’s artwork and help their little ones showcase their special pictures! 

 Gallery wall of kids art (put in the hall where the sun won't fade the art) Love the kids' handprints with their art pieces

9. Wall Decals
This is a cost effective option for a few reasons: stickers are not overly expensive, and they don’t leave nail holes or ruin the paint when they come down! Adding quotes or phrases that have a beautiful meaning to you are a lovely touch to include in your gallery wall.

 Family Name Vinyl Wall Decal - Gallary Wall Last Name Personalized with Monogram Vinyl Wall Art Lettering Decals Stickers 1653, $19.99

Another great way to do a gallery wall is on floating shelves. All of these suggestions could be done on floating shelves, whether it is leaning against them, or hung over top. Be creative! This is your home – let your personality shine through!

 I love the floating shelves and the picture frames look so classy! This is an awesome way to use the shelves and display your favorite photos!

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