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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - 5 Headboards for the Bedroom

“I am in the process of decorating my bedroom. I don’t currently have a headboard but it’s something I’ve been looking for. I just can’t decide what style I like. What are my options?”

Great question! A head board is often a focal point in the bedroom, so we understand wanting to choose the perfect style for your space! Choosing “staple” pieces for your home can be a daunting task, there is so much to choose from and so many to love! Believe me, we get that. 

 16 DIY Headboard Projects • Tons of Ideas and Tutorials! Including this diy tufted headboard project from 'the knuths'.

The most important thing is that your new headboard suits your space. Of course mixing styles is a fabulous idea and one we definitely recommend. While it may be a contrasting style, it has to flow and be harmonious. Having a random item that doesn’t seem to go with anything else will stand out like a sore thumb. If you are starting from scratch, you have tons of choices! If you have existing décor in the space, our challenge now is to make your space beautiful and cohesive.
Headboards come in all shapes, sizes, colours, textures, materials and with varying detail work. Narrow down what you like. Do you like button tufting? Great! We have a jumping off point. Are you into reclaimed wood? Fabulous! What tone and texture will complement your room?

Having a certain décor style that you like will help with this process. If your home has a country flair or if it’s contemporary, try to stay true to those styles.
Here are some suggestions for headboard styles.

Leather: this is a classic choice and will go with most décor styles. Depending on the colour you chose and the detail work, certain aspects will sway a leather headboard. A white leather headboard is typically a very modern look. Black or Brown leather is a more masculine fabric. A leather headboard is a safe option for a space. 

 manhattan bachelor pad/elizabeth bolognino interiors  via: remodeiista

Nail Head: This is a very nice touch to add to a room. A more contemporary/traditional option but can work with a more rustic décor when mixed with the right pieces. A nailhead detail is a beautiful option, the nailheads can be brass, chrome, brushed nickel or gold. Choose something that will go with the existing hardware in your room (maybe dresser pulls or door knobs?). BUT you don’t have to. We are also big fans of mixing metals. Nailhead detail works on both fabric and leather.

 Easy idea - framed fabric panels for bedside walls. #mirrored cabinet #lamp #bedhead

Button Tufting: Similar to a nailhead detail in the sense that is versatile. This is a great option with a traditional or country room. The detail is a bit more fussy than a nailhead but still a great choice! Play with colour when choosing this style! Button tufting is great on leather and fabric as well.

 Neutral colours, white faux leather bed with button detail - contrast with pattern wallpaper

Fabric: The material options are extensive. So are the colour and pattern options. Depending on your style, fabric is a fabulous way to incorporate a unique element into your room. And for the savvy DIY-er, also relatively easy to upholster an existing headboard and customize it with your own fabric and details.

 DIY Belgrave Headboard. Great Tutorial. Love the colour/pattern combos in this room

Wood: Wood is a fabulous option for a country or rustic/industrial style home. What's most interesting about this is how authentic and natural it looks. There are so many stains, washes, textures etc. with wood so you can be super creative. The various tones available are too many to count and having a natural element in your space is a great way to bring the outdoors in!

 90 year old door made into a headboard to fit both a king size and queen size bed, bedroom ideas, painted furniture, shabby chic, This headboard s new home The Decorator did a wonderful job with this color palette It looks so comfy

Play with colour! Play with height! Play with shapes! There are SO many choices, do some research and see what speaks to you. Then go from there! Recognize what your style is and then build off of that. Be creative!

 Flowers at bedside of crisp white bed and wood headboard

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