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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - How to make a kids' bathroom kid friendly but not too childish

"We are a family of 5.  My 3 kids share a bathroom in our new home - which is great! I would love some ideas to make the bathroom 'kid friendly' and fun but still stylish since it is also used for out of town guests. We have a great palette to work with - it's all white!"

What a find! A home with a full bathroom just for the kids, that can really make life easier!  Being able to make their bathroom 'kid friendly' will be fun  and easy - they will love it, too!

Since your bathroom is all white, your options are endless.  Because this bathroom is also going to be used for other guests - we highly recommend sticking with some neutral tones that will work well for all ages. So even if you were going to do a bathroom renovation, we would still suggest staying in a neutral colour palette (paint is easy enough to update but tiles and counter tops are more involved and costly). If the all white palette, is just too much white, we love the look and feel of a fresh bathroom so if you are open and considering paint - opt for soft grey tones or perhaps even light blue. To add the fun and kid friendly touches - accessories are the best way to go!  Easy updates that are affordable and not permanent!

 Bathroom in Design Tour: The Best of HGTV Dream Home, HGTV Green Home and HGTV Urban Oasis from HGTV

 Accessories can really add to a basic bathroom - bath mats, shower curtains, towels, art are all great ways to add some colour, texture and pattern to the space.

For the decor, you may want to choose a theme for the bathroom.  A theme will give you some direction when it comes to putting it all together.  Does it all have to match? No. But it is a great guideline for when you are shopping. A nautical or beach theme are both popular ones because they do translate well with kids and adults, plus they are calming and soothing.  You don't need to go over board with a theme just a few touches can set the scene. See the image below for some inspiration on how to go light with a theme. The colour palette is soft and light.  The art and the oar towel hooks are a unique nod to the theme, it's cute for kids but suitable for adults sharing the space, too.

When it comes to kids' bathrooms you need to make it accessible and organized with them in mind.
For instance, hanging towels on a hook is much easier for them.  Hang your hooks at a height that they can reach.

 Pawleys Island Posh: Coastal Nursery | the picket fence projects

We love this paddle with hooks paired with simple nautical themed art.

Towels are another great way to add some colour and/or pattern to the bathroom.  For a little extra fun and organization, we love monogrammed or personalized towels like these ones from Pottery Barn Kids


 A shower curtain is another great way to make a colourful 'splash' in the bathroom - print, texture and colour. We love to select a common thread in terms of colour in the towels and the shower curtain. Kids LOVE colour but it can get crazy, if you let them! So we suggest a great basic palette like this one with navy blue and white and then add yellow, orange, green or red to this classic colour combo, with towels, soap dispenser etc....Again, a great balance for everyone using this space.

Art in a bathroom really adds visual interest and really completes the room.  There are some great pieces for kids.  Some of our favourites are so simple and smart since they encourage daily hygiene and bathroom chores

Personalized Kids Bathroom  Rules, Superheroes Bathroom Rules, Set of 3 Prints, 8" x  10" Gallery Quality Art Print
These Superhero Bathroom Rules available on Etsy

Wall Decals are also a great addition to your bathroom walls.  Again we love the idea of 'Bathroom Rules',a great reminder for kids.

Another great find on #zulily! 'Bathroom Rules' Wall Decal #zulilyfinds

Organization is so important.  So labeled jars, bins, baskets etc...are a great way to keep the kids organized. Be sure to keep the routine simple and consistent.

These floating shelves are a great idea if you are low on counter space. Having them personalized with every day items is a great idea

 Cute Personalized Bathroom Shelves - 30 Brilliant Bathroom Organization and Storage DIY Solutions

If you do have more counter top space, try small baskets or even mason jars.

Give everyone their own jar for their toothpaste and toothbrush. | 33 Clever Ways To Organize All The Small Things

 Other accessories can really add the fun in a bathroom - soap dispensers, shower curtain hooks, hand towels, Kleenex box, trash can and more.  There are many sets in many different themes,perfect for kids!

Kids' Bathroom

The best advice when it comes to adding decor to a bathroom that is shared with adults and kids - is to not go overboard.  So if you have a kids' theme shower curtain maybe go neutral with most of the towels (the hand towels can be a bit punchy since they are small) or if you want the shower curtain and towels more basic then have fun with the art and accessories (like these Monster ones seen above).  When every element of the bathroom is a kid piece or theme, that's when it is no longer adult friendly.  But have fun - the bathroom is a perfect space to get whimsical and creative!

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