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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - How to Decorate with Glass Furniture

“I love the look of glass in my home but I’m not sure where the best areas to use it would be. What are your suggestions for using glass to its full potential?”

Great question!
We’re with you on that one! We love decorating with glass! One of the great things about glass is the versatility of it. There are lots of different ways to use glass in a space. Our advice to achieve the ‘designer look’ is to mix glass with other materials. Of course, having a glass set of tables is beautiful as well, mixing and matching with the right pieces really gives the space depth. 

 dining room

As with most rooms, its nice to have your space be cohesive. I'm not saying that everything has to match completely but everything should flow nicely. If you have a glass coffee table, the addition of another glass piece, perhaps an accessory, is a great way to make the space harmonious. Mixing textures and materials gives your space that model home look. 

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A great thing about glass is it in not intrusive. It’s a great surface when you have a small space because it just doesn’t seem bulky. It usually makes a space look larger because it almost camouflage in the space. The simplicity of glass is what makes it beautiful. Its an easy addition to any space.

 Icy blue living room with pale blue loveseat, two patterned armchairs, a graphic rug and a glass waterfall coffee table

Glass is a great surface when you have an interesting table base to showcase or a beautiful rug you don’t want to cover up. It will allow you to admire the showpiece but it will also make your space feel a lot more airy.

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A simple glass table with nothing but a clean frame and no additional details would be just perfect for the entryway hall. This area usually feels crowded, especially if there’s other furniture pieces such as coat racks, shoe racks, benches, hooks etc. It is a practical surface because it will blend into the wall while still being incredibly functional.

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Glass is a great option for a small space, especially paired with white. The combination makes the rooms feel larger because nothing is drawing your eye in directly. Your eyes will float across the room noticing how fresh it is.
Glass makes great options in many rooms of your home – just don’t over do it.
A glass dining table should be mixed in with another textured buffet and chairs. Glass side tables in a bedroom pair beautifully with a white wood dresser, or chrome accents. 

 How To Decorate Your Small Space For Fall — Tips From The Pros #refinery29  Pair Sleek Metals & Glass  "Liberally sprinkle your space with lots of glass and metallics. From sweet, little, glass occasional tables to sparkly, metallic vases, these pieces help animate a petite room."  — Abigail Ahern

Tempered glass coffee table? Pair it with a wood side table, or a garden stool in a great colour! Make sure to mix your pieces while still being mindful of the space flowing together. 

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