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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - How To Style My Bedside Tables

"My bedroom is beautiful! I love the furniture and the bedding but my night stands are cluttered and it really makes my room look messy.  I need some help with my night stands - help me make them pretty, please!"

That's a common problem for most of us.  Our bedside tables become an area for clutter - books, hand lotion, tissues, magazines, note pads, lip balm and more ....We still need these items , they are a part of our bed time routine but we don't need (or want) clutter in a space that is supposed to be relaxing and serene.

So here are some of our tips for a stylish bed side. When it comes to styling a bedside table, we keep it simple with lighting, art and accessories like a plant/flower/decor piece and possibly books.  The combinations are really endless! Be sure to find items that are in proportion with the space.  A small room may need a small end table so don't add over sized lamps - look for something slimmer or opt for a wall sconce.  Using these basic pieces you can really achieve a number of different looks, be sure to put your personality into it, after all it is your space!

How to Style a Nightstand or Bedside Table

The night stand furniture piece - so this item is a key piece.  You need to find a piece that works in the space but also one that suits your needs.  A night stand without any storage is pretty much useless and is just inviting clutter into your space.  Look for a piece with at least a drawer, so you can tuck away a few items you don't want to display. Many night stands have a top drawer and then an open space below.  That open space can get crazy and cluttered very easily.  Consider using that space to stack books (or place them vertically) and if magazines are more your style - add a basket or box to keep them in, it looks so much better! In some cases, like if you are in a room that has very limited storage you may even want a small chest of drawers that will play double duty as clothing storage and a night stand surface. Even if you can only fit one small chest of drawers it might be more functional and practical that two small night stands.

Love the pattern on this pretty pink #headboard. I love the softness mixed with the reclaimed wood

Lighting - is a must! For reading and for ambiance.  You always want to layer your lighting in order to suit your mood but also fill the room with light (when you need it).  So think table lamps - depending on the size of the table you may be able to go big and bold and make a 'decor' statement in the room.


If you are low on space, try a wall sconce!  They attach right to the walls so the surface space on your  night stand is free for other items. Wall sconces have come a long way - there are so many styles on the market now and they really create a clean and streamlined look.


Art or Mirrors - You have a number of options but these items really add to the decor of your room.  We love creating a vignette with art or a mirror above a night stand, it really pulls it together.

i love the open and closed storage option.  the piece is less bulky, the white is light and airy and pairs nicely with the bed linens and headboard

So this image has a bold head board so art above the headboard was needed or necessary to make a 'splash' instead two pieces were hung above the end table.  This is a clean and classic look but with  the choice of prints and accessories this room feel easy and comfortable but looks stylish.

Bedside table colour

This room has a very clean palette.  The layering of the art piece and the mirror give it a cool and sophisticated look.  Simple but so chic.

 This image shows a sunburst mirror centered over the night stand.  In this white room, this golden burst really makes a splash.  You could also swap this mirror out for an art piece.

Virginia-based designer Dana Gibson has a flair for far-flung motifs and fresh, vibrant color.

Love the mini gallery wall look over this night stand.  Surround yourself with what you love! It could be art or beautiful photographs.  Look for pieces that preferably are calming and soothing.

Accessories -this is really where you get really personal.  You can add just about anything to your bedside table for decor.  One tip - if you have kids who like to hop into your bed maybe stay away from glass decor!

love the reflective surface on the lamp in a square shape, the art with oversized matting and the simple decor on the white table

In this image, the look is pretty clean.  A simple dish for jewelry, a clock and some framed photos.  The drawers could be filled with magazines, books and more but they are tucked away so it looks so neat and tidy!

For the book lovers - you can keep your favourite book at your side but try not to let your book take over the surface space.  It looks cluttered and messy.  Aim for a maximum of 3 books on your night stand.  Stack them up or even try a vertical arrangement.

Interior experts talk about their favourite bedrooms and share their top decorating tips...

Anytime we stack things it just looks neater.

We love some type of foliage - flowers, plants it doesn't matter but it adds life to the room!  Small works best in most rooms but you may be able to use something with some height.

 Use decorative storage boxes to keep small items organized on a nightstand.

So once you have the items you want -start thinking about placement and arrangement.  It is a limited surface space so don't too many or items that are too large.  Start with your art and mirror first, ten add your light and from there play with the additional decor items.

Other additions to think about - candles, a small dish for eye glasses and/or jewelry, a decor item, photo frames or a small clock - are also great additions to a night stand.

When it comes to styling...
- choose items that suit your style and taste
- stick with odd numbers 3 or 5
- play around with arrangements and items and let your instincts kick in...

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