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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Small Bedrooms with Big Style

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, the possibilities are really endless.  It is your own private retreat from the rest of the world - so it really is YOUR space! This is the perfect blank canvas to express your personal style and surround yourself with what you love!

Forget the 'rules' and go for it! Colour, pattern, print, texture...all at once, why not?

Not sure what do to? Here are some ideas to get you started

1. ACCENT WALL - This can be as bold or as subtle as you like.  It's up to you.  An accent wall in the bedroom is best located where the headboard will be - for maximum impact.  Wallpaper is a great option but paint is too.  We love the softness of a understated accent wall. This is a great example of a tone on tone bedroom with a romantic touch

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors - Yellow Bedroom Ideas - Tone-on-Tone Yellow Bedroom - Paint Color Schemes:

But you can also be bold and expressive with deep or bright colours and print. this deep Sapphire blue painted accent wall adds some punch to the room

I already have Chevron in my bedroom bathroom in my accent pillows and bathroom rugs but I love this west Elm bedspread. I love it paired with the Peacock blue color too!:

Another great way to make a statement on your headboard wall is with a gallery wall.  A collection of art, photos and more is so special and personal and ideal for a bedroom. What's great about the gallery wall in this room is the mix of frames - the white frames blend in with the wall colour so you don't get a cluttered look.

2 - OVER SIZED ART - in any space adds instant luxury and make a room look and feel expensive.  Like an accent wall it can be bold or subtle and it makes impact but you don't need the commitment of paint or wallpaper.

Navy accent wall, white bedding, rug at foot of bed. Now change all camel accessories and white walls to grey.:

3 - SIMPLE YET STYLISH BEDDING - it never goes out of style so you could invest (you will notice a difference in feel and quality).  Plain white has that boutique hotel look but if that's too simple for you opt for a clean and crisp design (stripe, chevron or a clean floral). If you like a little more colour and pattern in your bedding opt for a throw blanket or quilt at the foot at the bed and some throw pillows.

guest room (minus the hats)...i love the colors:

 4 - LIGHTING - make a statement with some amazing lighting.  A chandelier over the bed is a great touch but if you don't have that ability try some sconces (perfect for reading and for smaller bedrooms) or some incredible table lamps. Even with recessed lighting you will want to bedside lighting for reading and other tasks.  Layering your light allows more light in the room.

For a touch of drama, this homeowner added black in various fabrics as well as in the plates and frames on the walls. Bold chevron stripes on the pillows mixed with a classic duvet pattern brings contemporary elements to the mix.:

5 - INCREDIBLE HEADBOARD - a headboard is another great way to make a statement and express your personal style.  We are seeing over sized, tufted, printed, leather, wing back, nailheads, reclaimed barn wood and so many more.  The headboard is a great focal point in the room and you can get so creative with it.

stylish interior design 10 Love the room, screams of the seaside but I sure would hate to reach for a magazine under the board at the foot of the bed. Reading material shoud be within easy reach with no danger of upsetting the apple cart.:

6 - FLANKING MIRRORS AND ART - this adds that instant 'designer look' to your bedroom.  By flanking either matching mirrors or coordinating art work on either side of the bed above the bedside tables, you get an elevated look. Plus it helps visually widen the room.

 Pretty with just a splash of color.:

7 - STORAGE WITH STYLE - we all need storage in our bedrooms but in a smaller bedroom storage is a must.  Since your storage pieces will be on display be sure to find attractive ones - a beautiful jewelry box, a dish for everyday jewelry pieces, hat boxes for belts and scarves, end tables with a drawer and an open space for reading materials are some great ideas. Under the bed is a great space for luggage or clear plastic bins for seasonal items - hide that area with a bed skirt.

Make the back of your closet the space to organize your outfit for the next day!

8 - ACCESSORIES - have a way of pulling a room together.  Accessories also are a great way to show off your taste, talents and interest.  You don't want to go over board but a few well placed accessories can go a long way! We love basics like plants, candles and photo frames but look for cool items that speak to you. We also love a great area rug to add some softness to the room plus you can get really creative with colour, pattern and texture.

No matter the size of your bedroom, it should be your oasis to escape from it all!

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