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Thursday, September 17, 2015

5 uses for trays and why we love them!

Trays are nothing new.  They aren't trending and they aren't usually on any one's 'must-get' list.  But we love trays.  There is something so simple and tidy about them and they can be used in so many rooms.

Trays come in different sizes, colours and materials and we love them all!  They keep items in an organized yet stylish arrangement plus when it comes to cleaning - just move the tray out of the way and clean !

When using a tray as a part of your room's decor be sure to add some decorative elements like a vase of flowers, candles something so that it just doesn't look completely functional.

1 - The living room: we love having a tray on an ottoman or even the chaise of a sectional.  they provide a flat surface for serving up snacks and drinks but they also provide a neat and tidy space for TV remotes and coasters.  But you can also use them as a display area for decor on a coffee table.

I wanted to pin this as an example of how bright a room can be with all neutral furniture - and pops of colour in throw pillows, art and accessories... PLUS, it's your ottoman!:

2 - The Kitchen:  not the usual spot for a tray but again they keep the items you need easy access to at arm's length but without the clutter.  I have one in my kitchen to hold my knife block, salt and pepper, olive oil, a tea towel and other small essentials.

Golden Rules of Kitchen Organization -- #creamofwheat #kitchen #organization:

3 - The Bathroom : a smaller tray would be needed but it saves the same purpose keeping your counter top clean and clutter free.  Depending on the look of your bathroom, you could opt for a mirrored option to add some sparkle and shine!

20 Practical And Decorative Bathroom Ideas..for when I eventually move out & get my own place :):

4 - The dresser: A tray is a great spot to group items you use everyday together.  So think lotions and potions, jewellery and scarves, make up etc...You could likely opt for a larger tray for on top of the dresser (if you have the surface space).  We also love small dishes (think tea saucers) for small jewellery items.

Dazzling Dresser - dress up a dull dresser with simple install overlays which come in a variety of shapes and designs.  Look for ones that can be painted so you can customize your look.:

5 - The Bed: Breakfast in bed!  Serving space for coffee, fruit, croissant and more...such a wonderful way to wake up someone special!  Do we need to say anything more?

How To Make the Perfect Breakfast in Bed | The Vivant:

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