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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

We answer Wednesday - Mirror Image

"I know everyone says mirrors are a great way to make rooms look bigger.  What are some creative ways to use mirrors in my space?"

Mirrors are a 'magic' piece that really can make rooms look bigger and brighter.  They allow light to bounce around a room so it give that illusion of a larger space, so be sure to have light in the room with that mirror.

 Cleaning tips for every room:

The great thing about mirrors is that they are also beautiful (the reflected image: you) the mirror, itself is also beautiful plus there are many styles to suit many styles of decor.

We can offer you a few ideas to inspire how you can use mirrors in your space.

In the entry: it's usually a small and tight space to begin with so a mirror is going to help make it look and feel more spacious but ti's also very useful so you can do one final check before you head out for the day. This circular mirror with a wide frame looks great over the console table. 

IKEA EKBY ALEX shelving with legs for desk, vanity... Legs from Lowes!! (original post w/ how-to at via 13 Furniture Makeovers You Won't Believe Began with IKEA:

In the living room: We love that added glam that a mirror can add to a space.  Mirrors serve a function but they are also a great 'fashion' piece.  They instantly add a touch of glamour and make a room look expensive.  We love this set of 3 matching mirrors in this living room.  The dark glossy frames hanging above the sofa table make the room look so chic.

neutral living room. Designer Jacqueline Derrey Segura. House Beautiful:

Try an over sized mirror: Over sized mirrors are so stylish and we love what they can do in a room.  Try in the corner of a bedroom, the room will look instantly larger plus it another great way to check out your #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) but try and over sized mirror elsewhere, like the entry, dining room, living room...We love this entry with the over sized mirror with a silver frame and lots of tone-on-tone.

If you have room for a console, you have room for a tall mirror. Make the most out of it by layering a wall-busting mirror behind your console.  Source: Janis Nicolay Photography:

In the bedroom: We love a mirror in the bedroom but maybe not where you would expect....try matching mirrors above each bedside table.  The symmetry is classic and something the human eye is naturally drawn to. We love this scalloped edge mirror above these white and wood tone bedside tables and with the trellis wallpaper as the backdrop, perfection!

Interior Design: Creating the Perfect Guest Room — Interior Design | San Francisco Bay Area, Carmel & California

Try a 'custom' mirror in your bathroom: Often when we move into a home, there have been some updates (maybe not to our specific tastes but updates none the less) but the bathroom mirrors are usually ignored.  Try adding an instant update to your bathroom by changing out those old mirrors for something new.  It makes a huge difference in the overall look of your bathroom. You don't have to spend a fortune to make your space look rich.

Art deco inspiration! Love this for the small bathroom or under the stairs if possible for a sink!:

 Try above the fireplace: A perfect spot for a piece of art, yes but, if you can't find a piece you love a mirror is a great solution - it never goes out of style and should you find an art piece you love you can always place the mirror elsewhere.  Another look we love above the fireplace is layering.  So try a mirror (a large one) layered with some smaller art or photography.

Mirrors and Art, Courtney-Giles, Layered-Mirror-Over-Fireplace Mantle-Decoration:

Try a gallery wall: Have a gallery wall? A a mirror in your arrangement to mix it up! Lots of mirrors make a great mirror gallery wall.

Atelier for Fashion Design - Accented w/ Mirrors in Rustic Loft w/ Beautiful Brick Wall:

A few tips when it comes to  decorating with mirrors:

- like art be sure to find the right size and be sure to hang it at the right height

- find a mirror with a frame that works with your current style. the possibilities are endless, the choices are too

- don't be afraid to get creative, try matching over sized mirrors behind bedside tables - why not?

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