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Sunday, November 1, 2015

7 Easy Ways to add a little Colour to your world

It's officially November and we can all see it, not just on the calendar but outside, too!  The days are shorter, the leaves have fallen off of the trees and those beautiful fall colours have turned to grey....everything is just a little dreary.  So maybe it's time for a change, a dash of colour and some fun at home.

The easiest way to make a change to your space to liven it up is with colour.  Here are some of favourite (and easy) ideas to add some pop to your decor.

1 - Florals.  This is perfect for anyone non-committal, fresh flowers don't last for after about 10 days - they will need replacing. Or try some silk flowers, these keep, they are low maintenance and you can bring them out when ever our home needs an extra boost! They look great in bedrooms, bathrooms, on coffee tables and more....

Calling all color lovers: here are 8 color inspiring centerpiece ideas perfect for your home! #HomeGoodsHappy

2 - Art.  such an easy way to add as much or as little colour as you like.  Any style of art piece can have colour from abstract to landscapes - go with what you love.  You can use the colours in that piece as an inspiration for adding even more colour in that room, so not, it's up to you!

Modern art and mid-century furniture...yummy.:

3 - Area rugs.  Think of them as art on the floor.  This is a great way to make a statement in any room.  Mixing colour and pattern can really transform a room.  The options are endless!

Neutral gray is a great base for adding colorful accessories! More ways to decorate using gray:

4 - Drapery.  A fun way to add colour, pattern and texture to your space.  This can really wake up a neutral space.  Like area rugs - the choices are plentiful...

Color, Please:: The large-scale pattern on the draperies in the living room inspired the palette of Kelly green and neutrals that was carried throughout the home. Playful colors and punchy patterns were used strategically throughout the home to create a pleasing feminine/masculine balance and to reflect the family's fun personality.:

 5 - Small furniture pieces.  Keep your main furniture pieces neutral but try adding an accent chair, side table or stool in a colour.  This is unique and it's a great way to show off your personality.  We love this kitchen with orange stools - it really adds some fun to a mostly white on white space.

Poppy is a great accent color for an all white kitchen, but we particularly love the additions of red and teal in this particular kitchen design. We love the unexpected combination and think displaying these bold colors on open shelves is a great idea. It’s an easy way to add an unintentional artistic touch to your kitchen design.:

6 - Decor pillows.  This is probably the easiest way to give your room a colourful update.  We love to mix bold colours, patterns and complimentary colours against a neutral sofa or bed.

Style At Home: Devon Dyer |

7 - Accent wall.  If you feel you need a bigger change, consider a painting accent wall in a fun colour or splashy wallpaper.

  Tangerine: The perfect orange paint color Benjamin Moore Carrot Stick 2016-30. If you aren't bold enough to try it on your walls, try one of these paint projects:

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