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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - decorating with the colour of the year

“I’m so excited about this years colour of the year! I love following home décor trends.
What are some great places to add Rose Quartz into my home?”

Great question!
We’re super excited about this years colour of the year! Soft shades of pinks have been in home décor for the past few seasons and it’s a colour that pairs beautifully with so many other colours. We love mixing metals in with this gorgeous shade of Rose! This is a very versatile shade that can be used in so many places in your home. I don’t think theres a room this wouldn’t work in! Here's a few suggestions for the most prominent places to show it off in your décor.

 Pantone Colour of the Year 2016  Rose Quartz Throw Pillow:

A fabulous spot for this colour is in your bedroom! So many people are using soft, serene tones in bedrooms, and this is the perfect colour for implementing this in your home. Adding an art piece with rose tones, or lamps would be a great refresher for your space. Another easy place to add this colour is in throw pillows and blankets. Adding just a few touches to your bedroom will make your space feel transformed and very on-trend!

 Rose and quartz bedroom | Decorating with country colours | PHOTO GALLERY | Country Homes & Interiors |

Adding Rose Quartz to your living room is another fabulous idea. The great thing about this too is that the living room is a more common area for you to show off these trendy new additions. (your friends will be jealous at how ‘on trend’ you are this season!!) As in the bedroom, adding a Rose Quartz throw pillow or blanket will be a great addition to your space. Combining this beautiful tone with golds and rose golds is a beautiful pairing. Even with chrome!!

 House Beautiful: Pale Pink Elegance | ZsaZsa Bellagio - Like No Other

 We will be seeing lots of accessories with these soft pink hues, so if lamps and pillows are too big of a commitment for you, try adding various accessories! Candle, candle holders, trays, floral arrangements and vases are great spots for this pop of colour!

floral favorite: peonies | bright and beautiful

Adding Rose Quartz accents to your bathroom is another great spot to be ‘trendy’. Pink towels, art or soaps will give your space a modern refresh!

 Rose quartz, often used to symbolize love, peace, or happiness, is believed to stimulate the imagination.:

This is a fabulous shade to mix and match your colour palettes. Rose Quartz is such a soft hue, its practically a neutral! Pair with reds, blues, white, grey, beige, metallics, various textures and so much more! Be creative!

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