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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Favourite Florals

Who doesn't love a beautiful floral arrangement??? We absolutely love florals - they add such freshness and life to a space (any space).  The colour, the texture, the placement, and the mixture - a floral arrangement is a beautiful piece of art. We love florals any time of year but this time of year when the skies are grey and a bit gloomy, the leaves have fallen and the grass is starting to turn...can be a bit drab -so add a little life in your home with some fabulous florals

Designer glass vase filled with beautiful blooms like garden rose, vanda orchids

We love expressing our personal style with home decor and floral arrangements are another creative way to do just that! There is a floral arrangement for every style from traditional to modern. 

Some of our favourite rooms for florals - well, just about every room but here are some of our top picks for placing florals.

Living room: we love a small arrangement on a coffee table - styled on a tray with some books and other decor pieces.  We love styling a coffee table with multiple items at a lower height, this really allows for great conversations. When it comes to colour - the choice is really up to you, but we suggest thinking about the season (maybe opt for deep orange tones with a touch of deep purple during the fall months and who doesn't love red for Christmas)

Rooms In Bloom: 14 Fabulous Floral Arrangements from Our House Tours | Apartment Therapy:

 Front Foyer/Entry: what a wonderful and welcoming way to invite guests to your home.  A stunning floral arrangement at your front entry really sets a tone.  When it comes to selecting the right arrangement for your entry - take a close look at your furniture piece (do you have a narrow console table? Or a larger round table? This can be very helpful when thinking about size). Also take a look at your ceiling height -high ceilings can really open up your options for some arrangements with height. We love this taller arrangement - the colours are just vibrant and so bold yet the arrangement is so streamlined and simple.

Great standout centerpiece for the food tables:

Dining room: this is typically where we find beautiful floral centerpieces but it really is another wonderful way to welcome your guests and for a dinner party, it dresses up the table.  We personally love a lower arrangement as it really allows for fluid dinner conversation instead of blocking it.  But one of our favourite floral looks is multiple arrangement on one table. Let the size of table (and number of dinner guests help determine how many arrangements you need).  We love a set of seasonal arrangements like the image below - so simple and clean but still very festive!

Why pay a fortune to a florist when you can create your own beautiful centrepieces. Also a great gift to take to someone that will be truly impressed with your creative side.

 Bedroom/Guest Bedroom: floral arrangements make any room feel special and the bedroom is no exception.  A beautiful bouquet can really add a romantic element to your room.  Having house guests for the holidays? Try a bouquet in their bedroom - it is just another welcoming touch to make their stay even more special.

Hydrangea Vase

Kitchen:  So this is not the typical room we find florals in but why not? We often spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether at home preparing day-to-day meals or entertaining - the kitchen is a hot spot, so why not add a little special touch! Since we love displaying florals where food is being served, the kitchen island is perfect!

101 Interior Design Ideas:

Gift: OK, you're right not a room but we had to add this to out list! A gorgeous arrangement is such a kind gesture for anyone hosting during the holiday season.  It isn't something one usually buys for themselves so that really makes it extra special.  The host/hostess can place it where ever they wish. 

This wonderful arrangement of calla lilies, roses, and tulips is a delightful

You can never go wrong with florals - they are Mother Nature's ART!

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