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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Traditional art in a contemporary space

" My decor style is contemporary.  I like the clean lines, simple colour palette and minimal accessories but I have inherited some art that I would like to incorporate in my decor scheme - how can I do that ... the art pieces are pretty traditional looking and I don't want to change my style.  Is there a way to use these family heirlooms?"

This is a great question and we complete understand why this is stumping you.  It can be very tricky to combine styles like contemporary and traditional and get it just right.  It's all about finding that balance.  We love that you want to keep these beautiful art pieces in the family, it is so special to hold on and display meaningful items like art. 

 How To Lean Art (Without It Looking Like You Forgot to Hang It. François Halard's New York Apartment from Domino via Savvy Home:

You can absolutely use these pieces in your decor.  Depending on the look or display style you choose, you may need to spend some money on frames and matting but there are often some great sales on custom framing so you can definitely save a bit. Just re-framing and matting with something clean and simple can completely transform the look of your piece and make it fit in with your decor without comprising the art itself.

Take a look at the art pieces you have.  Are any of them from the same collection? If so, it would be great to keep those together in a wall display. The image below is a great example of clean frames and matting and letting the art stand out.  It looks modern in this arrangement and makes a statement above the sofa. Plus it still works with the contemporary look.

Entu Side Table in Coffee Tables & Side Tables | Crate and Barrel  $349 22.85"Wx16.6"Dx16.75"H:

If you have larger pieces on hand, again opt for a clean and simple frame - in white or black with an over sized matte.  This will be an instant update to your piece.   This would be perfect above a sofa in a living room, dining room or bedroom.  Over sized art looks modern no matter the style of art. This is a timeless look so you won't tire of it quickly. In the image below the white matte and frame almost disappear against the light wall colour and the art stands out more

3 Statement Pieces That Can Transform a Room #theeverygirl:

Some times just the arrangement itself can  be modern.  We love a gallery wall and why not show off all of your pieces and their interesting frames in a gallery wall? It's a more modern way to display your art. This arrangement is basically an accent wall.  We love the mix of frames and pieces with and without frames plus look at the heights of the pieces.  The one constant here is that the pieces that do have matting have white matting - you want to make sure to have a common thread.  So in this case, we have a mix of frames, colours and sizes but there is one constant.  This look is a bit more eclectic but it is definitely not traditional and it really allows to show off a lot of art pieces.

A wall full of art makes any room better.:

Another way to display your art in a more modern way is layering it on your mantle.  We love how casual and cool this look is and it is so easy.  Try a large piece at the back - art or even a mirror is perfect and in front you can layer some smaller art pieces even photography and a few knick knacks - it looks so chic.  You can try mixing modern art with some old family photos as well - it's up to you.  this look also works on  floating shelves or even bedside tables.

very chic ...a moroccan beni ourain   carpet with a black & white abstract painting  over the marble fireplace:

Our advise when it comes to art is to always follow your instinct.  Don't get caught up in style, size, colour etc...if you love it there will always be room for it in your home.  Don't worry about matching - art is a creative form of expression so displaying it should be too!

love the abstract/graphic black and white piece, and I love the contrast of the soft pink against the black.:

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