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Friday, February 27, 2009

Top 9 decor trends for 2009

What will we be seeing in 2009?

1 -- Neutral colours. A return to calm and soothing environments. Colours are softer and neutrals make a space feel clean, open and they are versatile. As a society we are becoming less "disposable" and longevity is very important.

2 -- Texture. Add visual interest and dimension to any room. Texture can also help create a mood, it can make a space feel warm and inviting or modern and cool. We are seeing a comeback of the shag rug (although a more current style), cowhide, leather and glass. We are seeing texture in all areas - pillows, blankets, upholstery and decor pieces.

3 -- Looks. There is not one look at is in this year but a vary of looks that incorporate different tastes and styles.

a. Industrial meets organic - think stainless steel appliances meshed with a warm honey wood table with sleek modern chairs. Really modern, abstract art pieces with minimalist influence in furniture but with a coffee table that looks like it was directly removed from nature.

b. 70's inspiration. This decade is making a comeback but with some modernity. The shades of avocado green and rusty orange are softer but also placed on pillows or in artwork not appliances or kitchen cabinets. Bold, graphic patterns are used to upholster decorative chairs or couch cushions. Textures such as the shag rug are used for area rugs not wall-to-wall carpeting.

c. Hollywood glam. Clean white walls with black and white accessories such as artwork, vases and pillows. Divine and delicate accessories such as framed mirrors add sparkle just like the beautiful jewels on the red carpet. Lacquered furniture pieces add a higher level of sophistication.

d. Safari chic. In 2009 we will be seeing a lot of animal prints in all areas of fashion. This look combines soft, organic fabrics, soft nature-inspired colours and animal prints in pillows, area rugs and upholstery. Giraffe print being the print to look for. This look is more laid back and casual. Great for a family home!

4 -- Green accessories. Our approach to becoming more aware of our environment is also influencing decor. Many major furniture designers and distributors such as The Brick are introducing Eco-friendly furniture lines. Organic fabrics are becoming more readily available, fair trade items and bamboo accessories are more affordable and easier to find.

5 -- Comfort. Furniture is becoming more functional and less formal. People are looking for materials that are durable and easy to care for.
Furniture that is both beautiful and elegant yet easy to maintain.

6 -- Wallpaper. Has been making a comeback for a few years now but in 2009 we will be seeing more of it. Wallpaper is being used strategically and not all over one room. Instead of painting an accent wall in a bold colour, designers are using graphic printed wallpaper on one wall to make a statement. Wall stencils (now referred to as Wall tattoos) are also used to create a similar look. Wallpaper can be seen in large room such as a Masterbedroom suite or even smaller rooms like a powder room. Either way wallpaper is making a major impact!

7 -- The outside/inside living space. with many people downsizing into small spaces, the outdoor area has become even more important to creating a lifestyle. Patio furniture has really evolved and it is just as comfortable as your favourite couch or chair. Outdoor furniture is also very low maintenance, durable and attractive. Many people have also create outdoor spaces with fireplaces or fire pits, outdoor kitchen and hot tubs.

8 -- Glass. Glass tiles are everywhere and there is so much variety in colours, shapes and sizes - 1x1 squares, planks, pebbles, circles of various dimensions, mosaics and one tone colour. Glass sculptures and vases are also widely used.

9 -- Pattern. Mixing pattern, bold and subtle is becoming more popular. By selecting your own fabrics to cover pillows or bedding, makes your spaces specials and unique. Select a pattern that works with the look that you are trying to achieve. Ask an expert such as C&M textiles as to which types of fabrics will be best for specific areas of the house, re-upholstering a chair would need a more durable fabric than a decorative pillow. Mixing patterns that compliment each other adds a deep layering effect that adds visual interest and dimension to any room. Look for patterns that have a similar thread such as colour or weight. Mix patterns which have a different degree of boldness - one should be the star and the others the supporting cast.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's talk about decor!!

Want to know more about staging and decor trends for 2009??
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Listen to 580 CFRA and call in with your questions for Kiki Interiors!

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